Putting A Dick in Addiction

April 3, 2010

Lately I have been doing something I never do…watching the news. Now, normally none of  my attention is given to any suit wearing shit spewer on the airways,but walking by the television the other day I heard one of them talking about SEX,and I can’t deny that my ears perked up a little and were filled with the biggest line of  bullshit I ever heard.

Come to find out poor Tiger Woods and Jesse James,you  know the two “stars” of late that have been caught dipping their dicks into any open hole, are not the self absorbed adulterers that you would think. NO! According to the national news, they are actually just two sad souls suffering from  “Sex Addiction”! Sniff, sniff.. Do you smell that? Smells like bullshit to me!
Let’s look at the definition for the word “Addiction.”
/əˈdɪkʃən/ Show Spelled[uh-dik-shuhn]
the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

“That its cessation causes severe trauma”,it doesn’t say who has to suffer trauma, but I’d bet my teeth the trauma isn’t suffered by the “addict”.I think it’s just shameful our society has decided to give out an excuse for bad behavior instead of  letting consequences for them to play out.
The idea that perplexes me most with this “addiction” is, how do you go about recovering from it? With drug addiction, you have to sustain from doing drugs ever again, even if you go in for a major surgery you cannot have any hard narcotics afterward, no matter the pain you’re experiencing.

So do they tell sex addicts that they can never have sex again?Like that will happen! Give me a break! Even though I have never been blessed/cursed with dangleage hanging from my body, I know that,if you have a penis, you will beat it like it owes you money whenever you can,and spend the rest of your time seeking willing holes!

It’s a fact! There is no way that you can expect any living breathing thing to not act on their sexual desires for the rest of their lives,and I’m sure there are two hundred deaf boys that would agree with me! 
Personally, I think they both just suffer from being A DICK,not  an addiction!



  1. Random thought – I wonder how Dick van Dyke used to manage …… there seems to be an oxymoron there ……..

    • Thankfully his show was around years ago,DP. Could you imagine what that show would be like today?

  2. It’s total horseshit! Any moron can stick a label on any behavior and then insurance will cover it so it becomes a menace to society and necessary to go to the doctor.
    The def says that it can’t be stopped with causing trauma? So!? It CAN be stopped though. What a bunch of fucking losers…or as we used to call them crybabies.

    • I think that term sums them up better,RedRaider!

  3. All this hiding behind a label is just so much crap. These guys just have no sense of fidelity. It’s no addiction. It’s a character flaw. These guys are careless jerks. I think your conclusion is bang on. (no pun intended)

    • LOL! Thanks,Nonamedufus!

  4. A dick is a dick is a dick! Period. I bet if cutting dicks off was punishment for cheating bastards they maybe they would think with the right head!
    Well said girlfriend!

    • Thanks,NoeNoe!

  5. I blame that damn wizard alien!

  6. This is a great post. It drove me crazy when Tiger went to rehab after his pretty pathetic public apology. And then when Jesse went, I just shook my head. Going to rehab is the new answer to everything. Spend too much – go to rehab. Have too much s*x – go to rehab. Drink too much – go to rehab. Tiger’s wife should be long-gone by now. He apparently was dipping his pen in a lot of ink. I think she’s been financially incentivized to stick around. But my guess is that he’s still sleeping in the guest room…

    • He better be,TCC! I say responsibility not rehab!!

  7. Oh for christ’s sake! If you feel good the doctor’s tell you to take a pill because you must be ill. If your family is religious and you feel good going against religion, you’re demonic and need to be “saved”. So now you’re a dick that screws around on your wife and you have a sexual addiction problem. I wonder what kind of pill they’ll come up to “cure” or “treat” this mental disease!

    • I think it would be fun if they’d create a pill that made their penis fall off,Skye!!

  8. I love it. They like to fuck around, so they get a label of “sex addict”..

    Surely this is just a case of “can’t keep it zipped up I’m a man and famous so gonna do what I want when I want”..


    • Sad,but true,Nipster!

  9. We simply need a slight modification to all existing D.A.R.E. materials (Dick Abuse Resistance Education). Nice post!

    • LOL! I love it,Michael!!

  10. So THAT’S what Michael meant by Beat it!

    • If only more people would have listened to his words of wisdom,Surveygirl!

  11. This has been making me sick, too. It seems that celebrities use rehab solely for “image rehab.”
    I hope that soon we’ll be able to go back to not watching Tiger play golf instead of his put-on remorseful face.

    And Jesse James fucked up the highest point of
    Sandra Bullock’s career with his dick and pseudo-Nazism.

    The priest who screwed those deaf kids eventually admitted it, but said he was giving the kids “sex education.”

    I hate these people.

    • Me too,Kathcom!

  12. We simply need a slight modification to all existing D.A.R.E. materials (Dick Abuse Resistance Education). Nice post!

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