The Path to Peace is Paved With Needles!

February 19, 2010

So as you all know last week I went to the doctor’s office  and got a clean bill of health,but what I didn’t tell you in my last post was that I told my doctor at that appointment that I felt I was ready to get off the anti depressant she put me on for my panic disorder a year ago. I just honestly HATE the side effects these types of  drugs give me,they are sometimes worse than the panic disorder itself. I’ve experienced everything from night sweats, weight gain,weight loss, total loss of my short term memory,fatigue,bruxism, and the scariest of them all, suicidal thoughts on one anti depressant that came close to action when taking it about five years ago.

Dealing with panic disorder isn’t fun but I’ve dealt with it long enough to know when it’s time to take a different approach in treating it. When I told the doctor about my desire,she proceeded say to me, ” Well OK, but you’ve got to promise me if you kill yourself, you’ll call me before you do.”  Fuckin C U Next Tuesday! I couldn’t believe she would say this to me,and that the precise moment I KNEW I was doing the right thing getting off the anti depressant and trying a different path to peace.

Today I took my first steps down that new road when I went and had my first acupuncture treatment done. I will admit I was quite apprehensive at first thinking, who in their right mind goes in willingly to have someone treat you like a human pincushion!?!
But my fears melted soon after the first needle went into my skin. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t hurt at all,in fact it felt quite relaxing. Before long I had twelve needles embedded in my skin,and I was encompassed with a sense of calm and serenity that I haven’t felt for years.I loved it so much that I have another appointment scheduled for next week!
The office that I went to offers all different types of holistic treatments  and I’m open and excited to try some of them, except the one that they suggested I try next…..colon hydrotherapy! YIKES!!

You see ,I’m not sure I’m ready to introduce my asshole to complete strangers carrying penetration tubes….it’s not a very friendly nor social orifice,and I sort of like that about it! But if the day does come that me and my asshole decide to take the plunge, I promise to post all about it. Just be on the look out for the post titled ” And They All Said I Was Full Of Shit!”



  1. Well I’m so glad to hear that!! And good for you when knowing its time to get off that shit.. And I want all the details if you do go in and let your asshole be fondled by strangers..

    God I’m twisted!

    • And that’s what I love about you,Nipster! LOL!

  2. Explain this to me if you can – I faint at the sight of hypodermic needles and yet, when I had acupuncture for a slipped disc, I didn’t mind at all …… except that one needle wasn’t removed which I discovered rather painfully when putting my trousers back on …. “Oh” she said “I’ve never done that before.”

    • OMG! Please tell me you’re kidding,DP!?! You’re going to have me counting the needles going in and coming out from now on!!

      • True I’m afraid …… I could lie though if you want me to …….

      • WOW! I’m going to be counting!!

  3. OMG TFU, the residents of my new neighborhood have been praising the power of needles for years! I guess people don’t understand the grace of Cra..Oh acupuncture, sorry. I’ve heard that’s good too.

    How much was it? My neighbor keeps offering to do it for free – but I don’t think he’s a licensed professional..Colon Hydrotherapy operates on the premise that all diseases begin in the colon – which is why things (and people are such a pain the ass) Good for you!

    • If I do opt to have the hydrotherapy, I already asked my doctor if we could take pictures next to the tube of shit…I want to use it on my Christmas cards this year!!

  4. Colon Hydrotherapy sounds like a fancy new term for enema. Don’t trust them tfu, when they start sounding like used car sales men, sorry, “pre-owned” car salesmen, you know they’re up to no good. A wise man once said “Who needs friends when you’ve got enemas?”

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I hope the alternative methods work for you. If you start feeling overwhelmed just find someone to talk to, and everything will be alright.

    • FS, you sound a little like a commercial for a suicide hot line! LOL! Don’t worry I’ve only felt suicidal once in my life ,and that was due to a anti depressant. Trust me, that shit is scary and can make you have thoughts that aren’t your own.
      Thanks for the worry though! :o)

      • It’s because I used “overwhelmed” huh?

        Here, I’ll urban the message up a bit… YO BIZZLE… I’m glad you’re feeling like a PiMp wit a full stable, an’ I hope da inKleSs TaTTs werk fo’ ya. If ya start going all jive turkey find a Ross Perot ta holla at, an’ everything be aight. otay buh-weet

      • For some reason,FS, that statement makes me think you might need to go talk to someone! LOL!

  5. Yeah, don’t let anybody dig in your ass for now. I am not ready for that either. I had to reread “bruxism” and then click the link. I kept thinking you were misspelling “bustism”! Makes more sense anyway. Glad you’re feeling better and hopefully one day you’ll be ready to have your ass reamed out!

    • You know,Don, they say having it done will make you feel incredible. Can you just imagine how much build up is in those pipes!?! Especially with all the processed food that we all eat now. YUCK!

  6. I have heard good things about acupuncture. But that rectum rub I aint too sure about.

    • Me neither,Noe Noe!!

  7. I had a doc who asked me the same thing. I told him I couldn’t promise because I figured that if I got that bad, I wouldn’t feel like calling him, I’d just do it. He said he couldn’t continue treating me unless I promised. So I said, “You won’t treat me because I’m telling the truth? Do all your other patients promise? Because THEY’RE LYING!” He couldn’t argue with that logic so he’s still my doctor.

    Good luck with every way you choose to deal with this life. At the risk of sounding like my doc, if you’re feeling low (or like a cat on the ceiling), reach out, okay?

    • Deal,Kathcom. Thanks! :o)

  8. Here’s my favorite recent medical story. My wife had the real flu, and was a mess. I took her to the hospital, they checked her out and confirmed that it was the “flu.” The doctor comes in and says, “You have the flu. We’re giving you medicine and we’re giving you (pointing to me) medicine too.”

    So I felt fine, but walked out of there with a prescription for Tamiflu. I took my first dose and went in to work the next morning. I log on to my computer and checked MSN (daily ritual). I swear to you that the leading headline on MSN was Tamiflu causes suicidal tendancies. LOL. WTF. Just my luck.

    Glad you got that clean bill of health my dear.

    • That is really scary,TCC!

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