Bored Out of My Mind!

February 12, 2010

OK,call me a dumbass, I deserve it! I went back to the doctors today,you know the one that nasally molested me,and was so amazed with my new breasts, I swear she almost licked my nipple. Well, I went in to see her today,just for a normal check up ,and after waiting TWO HOURS in her waiting room, I got sent back into a exam room to wait for two more fucking hours!?! Needless to say,over that time period I got extremely bored. So I decided to take my medical needs into my own hands and give myself an exam.
From what I could see, my tongue looked healthy and pink. So then I tried to test my balance by standing on the doctors stool on one leg….I think Mr. Miyagi would have been proud of my skills.
At least until I hit the wall,and broke the stool!
After that I felt a little dizzy but still bored ,so I decided to make some balloons. I figured maybe if there were other balloons in the room,the doctor would not be so obsessed with the ones on my chest.
But I think I went a little too far with the balloon making too.
Overall,the visit was a successful one because besides a terminal case of doctor’s office boredom, I got a clean bill of health!



  1. Now that’s the way a visit to the doctor’s should be. I always bring a book to read because I know it’ll take so long but your approach is far more entertaining.

    • The wait is a killer, Nonamedufus. I swear if she’d have took much longer, I was going to rearrange everything in that exam room!!

  2. I’m gonna do the very same thing on my next doctors visit!

    • I wanna see pictures,Noe Noe!!!

  3. Clean bill of health…? It’s your mind I’m worried about. Not your ability to fall off of stools and play with latex.

    • Oh, my mind has never been right,Don. You just got to realize there are some things that no amount of medicine will change!

  4. Dang it! You did all the kewlio things I’ve wanted to do but have always been too reserved to attempt. Of course, I would have been much more impressed with the photographic evidence if you had been doing your antics in one of those paper backless hospital gowns. Even YOU are not that bold, I dare say.

    • For some reason,Tony, I am never offered one of those paper gown….this might be why!

  5. Wow! You sure know how to keep yourself occupied. Great ideas but I don’t think I’m as agile to balance on the stool like that … kekeke!!!

    • Oh Wenny, I’m not agile at all….I fell!!

  6. Oh btw, who was there accompanying you? He or she couldn’t have been bored at all.

    • My husband was the photographer,Wenny Yap!

  7. Sweet f*cking visit, girl. Those pics were awesome. I was very impressed with the one-leg balance on the chair. I hate waiting in the doctor’s office. So I might have to follow your lead and let loose a litte bit the next time. Awesome.

    • If you do,TCC, I wanna see pictures!!

  8. classic if the doctor came back to find you up to your mischeif


    • The sad thing of it is,Marlee, is you would have thought someone would have come running in when I hit the wall!!?!

  9. I think that was time well spent VPL ……. one should never waste a moment ….. I’m very proud of you

    • Thank you,DP! :o)

  10. Now that is hilarious! I’ve often wondered what I could do when sitting bored in an office. Usually I bring a book to read, but this sounds much more fun! 😀

    • You need to try it,Skye!

  11. You may want to ask about cholera next time – glove blowing is a little known symptom.

    Just so you know.

    • Good to know,Sinister Dan, good to know!

  12. I’m glad to see you got out of there alive, doctors kill more people in the U.S. each year then snakes, sharks, and spiders combined (true).

    This would have been a good opportunity to wear your lady gaga fire-bra for protection, that’ll teach Dr. Smells Like Cat Piss that some people’s nipps are off limits!

    • Correction, FS. It’s my Lady Gaga Roman candle bra,remember!!!

      • Remember? I’ve been waiting, and quite patiently I might ad, for the video update to your last post with the roman candle bra in action. You could even do an Austin Powers fembot remake with it.

      • How come I get the feeling you would really get off seeing me hurt myself,FS. Because once I do ,do it(which I will), I KNOW from experience I will hurt myself!!

  13. Almost a pity the speculum drawer was locked.

    • LMAO! Thankfully it was, The Jules, I could have scarred people for life!!

  14. OMG – Who did you get to take the photos TFU? I love it! When Todd goes for a prostrate exam will you bring your camera and your “lil Golden book of Boredom breakers?” I love the tongue check pole dancer leg splits you did!

    • You so need to take pictures of that ,SG! LOL! I need a good laugh at Todd’s uncomfortable expense!!

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