Caught in a Bad Romance!

January 28, 2010

I’ve been channeling my inner rock star lately,and I’ve decided that if I could be anyone, I would want to be Lady Gaga. Hands Down!!

I am obsessed with her song “Bad Romance.” Every time I turn it on, I find myself dancing, mimicking the whole video. You should see me… my moves are pretty impressive!
I don’t care if my children don’t agree and  have thought a time or two that their mother was  having a seizure or something.They say I scare them,and I need to stop. But I  tell them just wait till mommy get her hands on a fire bra,then you’ll have a reason to be scared.
Until then, get used to it! Cause I’m a freak bitch baby!



  1. I agree, you would make an excellent GaGa, I love her too! I have been very impressed by her in every interview I’ve seen, especially with Barbara Walters.

    • I have yet to see the Barbara Walters interview,I’m going to have to Google it now! I just think she’s different,and she rocks!!

  2. She’s retarded and her videos are punk puke! Can’t you find someone else to emulate rather than her? Like Adam Lambert!

    • Uh,Red…I think your age is showing!!

  3. Wow, Lady Gaga, huh!?! Why do I get the impression that your kids are correct? Somehow impersonating Lady Gaga scares me. Sorry Hun, but it does.

    *shrugs shoulders and hopes no offense was taken*

    • No offense taken,Skye. Tell me if you could be a pop star,who would you want to be?

      • Hmmm, I think it would have to be Chris De Burgh or Chris Rhea. I know they’re guys, but I like their style of singing! 😀

      • It’s OK if they’re men,Skye. Hell, lots of people think Lady Gaga has a penis too!

  4. The bug eyes make you look pretty freaky, I think you could make that fire bra fairly easily with some sparklers, but you could really crank it up a notch by using roman candles.

    Don’t burn your house down.

    • I sort of like the bug eyed look,FS. I’m loving your idea about the roman candle bra…I’ll make sure to take pictures,as long as you don’t show them to my insurance company!

      • You should tape it and use it as an update for this post.

      • I just might do that!

  5. …. and I was seeing you as a Dolly Parton ….. *hides under the sofa laughing*

    • That was in another post,DP!

  6. You’re a Nut! The bug eyes help 😉

    • I don’t know if the hide my nutness,Noe Noe.

  7. I’d heard you had a hot chest, but in flames? Wow. You must go through a hell of a lot of clothes – and husbands.

    • No,Nonamedufus, I usually naked besides the bra. As for husbands, I only have one,and I make him wear flame retardant clothing!

  8. ha ha, wooooo! i will bring the weenies and skewers!

    • Don’t forget the marshmallows,Nooter!

  9. I am a huge Lady Gaga fan and have all her videos on my iPhone. Granted, I keep this little secret sin from the knowledge of my badass biker buddies but I feel safe enough with you to admit it here in this private forum. Don’t tell anybody. Oh, and the fact that you, one of my most favorite insanely entertaining and funny lady bloggers is a Lady Gaga wannabee just really trips my fantasy triggers into high gear! Woo Hoo!

    • LOL! I’m sure all your biker friends are secret fans too,Tony!! Oh, and when I get around to videoing myself in my roman candle bra singing “Bad Romance”, I’ll be sure to post it!!

  10. Lady Gaga scares me. LOL. But her songs are awesome. Happy New Year to you. I think I’ve honestly been away that long. Sorry about that!!

    • Scares you,TCC!?! I think she’s unique! I love someone who follows the beat of their own drummer!

  11. I love me some Lady Gaga too.

    • She’s wonderful!

  12. awesome. she is the new modonna – hands down talent…not my real scene but she is the real deal

    You know that I want you
    and u know I am ThinkFYou
    I want a bad romance…

    ra ra….la la la some lyrics.


    • Not bad lyrics there,Waltsense!!

  13. How do ya get the bug eyes=)

    • Go to fotoflexer.com, they have a tool there where you can make images bulge!

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