Do You Believe?

December 1, 2009

With Thanksgiving out of the way and gone like most of the leftovers from the feast,it’s on to the Christmas season here in the Thinkinfyou household,and I couldn’t be more excited. Excited because I believe Christmas time is the one time of the year it’s OK to have an overactive imagination and not have to worry about being committed into a psych ward for it.

There is nothing better in my eyes than watching people young and old getting caught up in the spirit of the season ,and opening their imaginations up so that the idea of a jolly old fat man,who spends most of his time with midgets and reindeer,isn’t considered some sort of freak that they warn their children to stay away from. No, thanks to the power of imagination this jolly old fat man is revered and treasured so much that he is allowed to come into our homes in the middle of the night, eat our cookies, and drink our milk,just as long as he leaves us presents galore. Not a bad trade off if you ask me,but I’ve always LOVED the idea of Santa Claus,and it has nothing to do with my fascination with midgets either(except for the ones with big heads and short arms,they get me every time). No, for as long as I can remember I couldn’t wait till Christmas eve to lay out my cookies and extra large glass of milk for Santa along with a well written letter explaining why I hadn’t been as good as I could have been ,and going on to say that if he would forgive my minor infractions and leave me more presents than my sister, I’d promise to try harder to be better next year…it worked like a charm for years.

Even when I became an adult and had children of my own, I still found myself excited on Christmas eve helping them put out their cookies and proofreading their apology letters for Saint Nick. You see, it didn’t matter if I had to play a bigger part helping their imaginations come to life, the magic was still there. Trust me, there is nothing more awe-inspiring than a child’s face on Christmas morning.

With my children being older now,and totally against the idea of going to the mall to sit on some old man in a bad Santa suit’s lap, I was thrilled that my siblings had started families of their own so there would be young children with vivid imaginations that I could play with during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately last night when I called my older sister,(the one that I asked for more presents than)and asked her what her two beautiful six and four year old boys were asking Santa for for Christmas,she proceeded to tell me that they don’t do Santa Claus. Within those words I was crushed. WHAT?!?! NO SANTA CLAUS!! No, the holiday she said is all about Jesus and his birthday,so her boys will get three gifts just like Jesus got on his birthday,this was about the point that I started thinking, “Where the fuck can I get my hands on some myrrh?!?”
Don’t get me wrong I realize that Jesus is the reason for the season and I’ve made sure to make his birth a big part of our Christmas celebration over the years,but I never thought that Jesus would mind sharing his birthday with a jolly fat man that’s job is to bring a little joy to the people of the world. In fact, I would bet that Jesus wishes more people would be happy,give selflessly to others, and be trusting enough to take a cookie from a stranger…  you know, like Santa Claus.



  1. Your sister is what we in the business call a party pooper! Viva La Santa!

    • I know,FS. Could you imagine what Christmas as a kid would have been like without Santa!?!

  2. I never had the Santa experience as a kid (or as an adult). During the only holiday we celebrated close to Christmas we lit candles and ate potato pancakes (aka “latkes”). Oh yeah, and we got gifts. I liked the gifts. But no Santa.

    And Jesus? Who’s this Jesus fellow you’re talking about and why do you celebrate his birthday? Is he a relative?

    • LOL!WOW,Joel, you’ll have to tell me about those eight crazy nights!!

      • Those eight crazy nights were a lot like what I assume Christmas is like except:
        – there was no tree
        – there was no santa
        – there was no church service to go to
        – it usually isn’t on December 25th (Jewish holidays are based on the Jewish calendar, which is a lunar calendar, so they’re not the same day each year on our calendar.)
        – we lit candles in a “menorah”. One one candle the first night. Two on the second. Etc. (Plus there was one candle to light the others. So, in fact, there were two lit candles on the first night. Three on the second. Etc.)
        – rather than a lot of presents on one day, we usually got one big present on the first night and little presents on the other seven nights. (At least once during Hanukkah we got “gelt” which is chocolate disks wrapped in embossed gold- and silver-colored foil to look like coins.)
        – we ate latkes
        – …

        OK, come to think of it, it was absolutely nothing like Christmas.

      • Is this what made you want to become an atheist?

      • No. Actually, I still call myself Jewish, but that’s only a cultural thing, not religious in any way. I like latkes. The candles are kind of nice too. And a really good corned beef sandwich is to die for. That’s pretty much the extend of my Jewishness. Oh, and when I hear anti-Semites I become super Jewish, but it’s still only a tribal thing, not religious.

        We were never a very religious family. We went to synagogue only on the high holidays. I had the two primary male Jewish rituals. I had a bar mitzvah at age 13 years. And I assume I was the guest of honor another ceremony when I was 8 days old. Fortunately I don’t remember that one, but I see evidence of it whenever I pee. That was the extent of our religion.

        I became atheist because I never really believed in a god even as a kid and as I matured and thought about it more I became convinced that there isn’t one.

      • Do you still celebrate Hanukkah,Joel?

      • I’m coincidentally going to be taking care of a young niece on the first night of Hanukkah. It wasn’t planned for Hanukkah, it just worked out that way. And I’ll be staying with them for the first few nights of Hanukkah (they live in another city.) I’ll be bringing gifts and lighting a candle.

        My mother has retired from cooking for anyone other than herself, but I always make her invite me for a batch of latkes once during Hanukkah.

        That’s the extent of it.

      • That sounds lovely,Joel. I’m happy for you!

  3. I used to tell my mother-in-law that the real spirit of the season was drinking a bottle of Jack in honor of Jesus…and that the Holy SPirit was right next to me knockin’ em back, only you couldn’t see it cuz you know,…it’s a spirit and all..

    • I bet you are fun at holiday parties,SG! LOL!

  4. I love Christmas and the idea of Santa. I was at the mall and saw all the kids lined up to have their pics made with Santa and they were so excited.

    • Me too, Peach Tart. I just love the magical feeling that seems to fill the air!

  5. Folks like your sister is the reason I stopped going to church a long time ago. Well that on it’s position on gay marriage, euthanasia, married priests, birth control…should I stop now. Sure Christmas is commercialism personified but you hit the nail on the head when you spoke to the look on little kids faces. Aren’t we all forever young and better off – for reliving our Christmases through our kids and grandkids. Does it for me! Merry Christmas thinkinfyou! Ho,ho,ho

    • Exactly,Nonamedufus! I hope you have a Merry one too!

  6. What?! That’s child neglect and deprivation of one’s rights! Jesus isn’t funny or gay like Santa. Dumping Santa at Christmas is like inviting Jesus to a dinner in his honor. It can only lead to trouble.

    • I know, I know,RedRaider. I’ve already decided any problems that her children encounter in their youth I’m going to blame on them never experiencing Santa Claus!

  7. I bet she’s taking it out on Santa now because he always gave you more gifts.

    Oh yeah, when I was really little I always left Santa 1 cold beer (I wanted to leave a bunch but dad wouldn’t let me) because this bum I thought was Santa was always drinking in the alley behind my Grandma’s deli.

    • You might have just figured out her motives,FS. As for leaving a beer for Santa, that is so sweet. I bet Santa loved coming to your house!

  8. I love Christmas and you can take all the religion out of it and it’s still a great time for fun, family and giving out happiness. great read.

    • It is a great time,Waltsense!

  9. I can’t wait for christmas.

    The in-laws are coming over and I’m working a 12 hour day shift!


    • You must have been a bad boy this year,The Jules!

  10. I enjoyed Christmas right up until my grandmother told me there was no Santa. She wanted to make sure I knew they paid for the presents that were marked from Santa. I was six or seven.

    It’s not like she had really tried to disguise her handwriting on the gifts. I had kinda already figured it out. But the really sad thing was knowing that my grandmother had no idea or didn’t care that she was crushing my sense of wonder.

    What a drag for your sister’s kids. Queue up “Mr. Hanky, The Christmas Poo” for them, pronto! (Not really, but they’ll be coming to you soon to get let out from that oppressive Jesus-only, frankincense-loving house.)

    • Ugh! That is horrible,Kathcom. For me, it wouldn’t be worth taking credit for buying the gift, when I think the wonder that comes from believing in Santa in priceless.

  11. think surveygirl has the picture, lol
    good post I really enjoyed it 🙂

    • She normally does,Piratenamedneo!

  12. Jesus hearts Santa. I’m sure of it.

    • I think so too, Peach Tart!

  13. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. Happy Holidays to you. I’m sorry that I missed a few of your posts the last two weeks. I was traveling, but am back and trying to get caught up as we speak, girl.

    • Happy Holidays to you too,TCC!

  14. the older and more cynical I get about religion and the BS of my 18 years of Catholic schooling, I will never take it out on old Saint Nick!
    I hate scrooges and I love the celebrations of XMAS time..as long with positive reasons you stated above. You can take the religion out it and still have all positive reasons to celebrate with loved ones. Happy Holidays Girlfriend!

    • Exactly,Waltsense! Happy Holidays to you too!!!

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