A Dream Come True!!

November 22, 2009

I can’t even begin to describe the excitement that is coursing through my veins at this very minute. AHHHH! Tell me, have you ever had a dream that you never thought in a million years would come to fruition? You thought about it forever and tried with all your might to make it come true ,and nothing.Then one day out of the blue, you are blessed with the bounty of that treasured dream landing right in your lap and allowing you to wallow in it’s wonder for as long as you’d like. Well, today was that day for me,people, and I really think I’m walking away from it a changed woman.

Today, I got to see Danny Devito naked in all his five foot tall glory. I know, I know, I’m one lucky girl. This desire to see Danny in his beautiful natural state has been with me since his days on Taxi. I can remember watching that show and just wishing I was a little bit older,and that I wouldn’t gain any more height as I aged, just so I could one day behold this splendorous thing.
Unfortunately, over time, I grew to over five foot, Danny went on to get married,and the dream was buried somewhere deep in my subconscious willing itself to die daily. Then today  comes along,and I went out and bought myself a early Christmas present in the form of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” “A Very Sunny Christmas” DVD,and it breathed new life into that old dream.FX Networks – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Full Episodes and Exclusive Video.

Now I knew that this gift would bring me joy,considering every week I can’t miss an episode of the best show on television. Really,if you haven’t seen the show,your life is missing some much needed happiness. Make time Thursday nights at 10 EST on FX,and prepare yourself for the best 30 minutes of your life…it’s just that good.
After you have come back and thanked me for changing your life by turning you on to,” It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”,you’ll find yourself compelled to go out and buy yourself the same early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa(whatever you celebrate)present that I bought today. Once you’re done enjoying your early gift harvest a plenty,don’t be surprised if you realize that seeing Danny Devito naked is a dream come true for you too!



  1. I bet Lord Television, inventor of the television, would be pleased that it’s finally achieved what he had in mind for it when he made it.

    • I’m sure he’d be proud,The Jules,very proud!

  2. Hope you had a good mother’s day! Danny looks as good as ever, but one question – what IS that holding up his coat in the picture?

    • That not a coat,SG, those are two penguins checking out his package.

  3. God, I would love to date a girl like you. Doesn’t ask for much. Even the simplest things can entertain you, and takes very little money or effort to please you. Your husband is a lucky guy! BTW: Danny’s dong is two feet long and that’s just wrong.

    • I need to have you talk to my husband,RedRaider!

  4. It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!

    • It is,Sorcia, it is!!

  5. I’ll have to check out the show. Danny looks like he’s packing down there.

    • You really should,Peach Tart!

  6. Day man
    Fighter of the Night man
    Champion of the sun
    Youre a master of karate and friendship for everyone
    Day man
    Uhh ahhahh
    Fighter of the Night man
    Uhh ahhahh
    Champion of the sun
    Uhh ahhahh
    Master of karate and friendship for everyone
    Day man
    Uhh ahhahh
    Fighter of the Night man
    Champion of the sun

    I think you may be my movie/tv twin. Have you ever been accused of liking The Jerk too much?

    • ogh, and this is the best clip ever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYtjpIwamos&feature=related

      • LMAO! That’s one of my personal favorites,FS. I actually just bought that T-shirt for my husband for Christmas!

    • Well I was born a poor black child,FS.

      • See, I knew you were African American

      • You got me,FS. Just call me Tiffany Faith Ubuntu!

  7. Taxi. Best show EVER. Jim Ignatowski and Latka Gravas were amazing.

    Sigh. I miss those guys.

    • Uh, Christopher Lloyd isn’t dead,Knucklehead.

  8. I am now officially worried about you. And here I thought my secret wish of seeing John Travolta fully naked was bad.. I have no shame what so ever now..

    • I’m sure you’re not the only one,Nipster!

  9. Don’t get FX in Canada, damn. Loved Taxi, and DeVito was an important part of it. He’s a funny guy. So you’re saying what he lacks in the vertical he makes up for in the horizontal?

    • You can watch the show online on FX or Hulu. You’ve got to watch it,Nonamedufus!

  10. I LOVE THAT SHOW! In fact, I bought the Christmas DVD for myself and I’ve been putting off watching it because it’ll be a letdown when it’s over. I love Mac’s kitten mittens and I sometimes sing “Dayman” to myself. I can’t wait to see Mr. DeVito’s weenie!

    • Somehow I knew you would,Kathcom! I give you credit for holding off watching….I popped it in as soon as I got home!

  11. LOL. What the… Just kidding. That is a great show. I’ve heard he’s a very nice guy by the way too.

    • My husband met him once,and said the same thing,TCC.

  12. I watched this last night and only saw Danny’s butt, no full frontal. Did I get some sissy version of the DVD? I was bitching to my husband about not getting to see DeVito’s junk. He was strangely silent about my ire.

    Is it in the Special Features?

    • It might have been just my imagination,Kathcom!

      • But you have a photo of him-tastefully covered, of course–but I didn’t see him from the waist down until he turned his back. Where did you get that full frontal photo? I know it seems like an unhealthy obsession at this point but I need to know.

      • LOL! Kathcom, I think we are related!! Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I found that photo. I think I googled “Danny Devito naked.” Oh, and BTW, we aren’t alone in our quest to see Danny in full frontal glory, I get about three hits a day looking for the same search terms!

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