Getting To Know You, Pet Peeve Edition

November 10, 2009

Thinkinfyou here and I’m back with the latest installment of “Getting To Know You” my lovely readers. Today’s subject is pet peeves. I believe knowing what gets under someone’s skin and pisses them off is essential in truly knowing that person,well that and their favorite sexual fetishes, but I’ll save that question for another post.fetish map

Today what I really want to know is, what makes your blood boil? Is it people who’s personal hygiene failures engulf all your senses,that you could swear that you can taste butt crack every time they pass? That use to be my #1 pet peeve,but has been replaced as of late with a much bigger personal annoyance, FAKE PEOPLE,and I’m not talking about the blow up kind that keep the surprised look on their face long  after you violated every plastic orifice you could find. I know, I know, she was asking for it.No, the kind of fake I’m referring to is the type that always act like everything is wonderful, even when it’s not. It could be raining shit on them and they’ll say something like ” Yes, I know I’m covered with shit from head to toe ,but just think how pretty the flowers will be this spring!”  I believe they call it “positive thinking” ,but I call it denial. Things can’t always be wonderful,and there is nothing wrong with calling it like it is.Hell if it is raining shit on me, I’m going to be like “fuck the flowers get this shit off me!”

The fake types I speak of also annoy the piss out of me when they throw their fakeness at others.You can be in a crowded room with Mr. or Mrs. Fake and they’ll pick out the worst dressed person there and hurl their fakeness at them by exclaiming how much they LOVE their outfit,while the real people around them look shocked almost blow up doll like.Oh,and one fake compliment is never enough for Mr. or Mrs. Fake,no. They have to go on for hours and hours throwing fake compliments much like a monkey throws it’s feces,and with the same results too. The more they throw, the more it smells.

Now, I’m not saying  be mean to the fashionable challenged,but don’t go falsely fueling their bad taste either. It’s just not right. I say,say what you feel and think. BE REAL,no matter the circumstances. Don’t spend your time being a fake  idiot because believe it or not, you’re not fooling anyone. People see through it and nine times out of ten, it really pisses them off!

OK, now that I purged my biggest peeve to you. I ask you , tell me what’s your biggest pet peeve?



  1. Well fake people are high on my list but I’d have to go with constant complainers. My Mom can be this way. Nothing is ever right. At a restaurant its too cold, not enough ice in the tea, the chicken is overcooked, etc. Shopping is the same thing. Driving same thing. There is never one activity in her life that she doesn’t have a complaint about.

    • Oh, that’s a good, bad one,Peach Tart.

  2. Like you, I can’t stand falsely peppy, positive people. I hate truly peppy, positive people even more.

    • Do they really exist,Mike? I thought truly peppy,positive people were a myth like a unicorn.

  3. I once had a fellow that my parents knew through church ask me how I liked his new shoes. I think they were alligator loafers. Anyway, I looked at him and without batting an eyelash, I said, “Are you serious?” That was it. He never spoke with me again, and I never saw those shoes again either.
    Another thing I do to this day is when an old classmate or former work associate comes up to me and says, “Hey do you remember me?” If I don’t I say, “No.” How easy is that, and the conversation is kept to a minimum.

    • I think we are two of a kind,RedRaider.

  4. People who whine, bitch, and complain without making even the smallest effort to make things better.

    • Unfortunately,the world is full of those types,Knucklehead!

  5. OK WAIT A MOMENT darlin’ – I’m peppy and upbeat and positive HOWEVER, I don’t cover stinky dog poo with a fake plastic flowered dollar store table cloth NO WAY…I’ll smile while i cheerfully ask a crowd of people who amoung them owns a red corvette – cuz its on fire – and im still smiling when I happily agree with them that YES it does suck you didnt have any insurance…So i think it depends on if someone is just trying to put on a brave face – that is understandable. Someone who announces to me by parading around their Blue Pill denial of life annoys me with their obvious cluenessless but what PISSES ME OFF are people who are stressed or pissed about one thing, but instead of owning up to whatever it is it’s easier to make someone else the target of their rage – I don’t like them very much.

    • Now that’s my kind of positive,SG! LOL!

  6. I agree, fakey people suck. But one of my biggest pet peeves is people who eat with their mouth open and/or talk with a mouthful of food with bits of it flying every which way. I have very un-fakey murderous thoughts when this occurs.

    • People like that make me want to puke,Slacker-Chick.

  7. Well, since you asked, I hate liars.

    Which is really what fake people are… big fat hairy liars.

    I will admit, it is difficult to tell the truth sometimes.

    Like when a friend is thrusting their pos-O-tively hideous newborn at you.

    You can’t just say “holy shit that’s an ugly baby.”

    Instead you say “wow, look at all that hair.”

    • Fake people sure are,Marsha. I don’t think not telling your friend that the sight of the newborn makes you puke in your mouth a little is lying. In fact I love the way instead of telling them the painful truth ,you throw a decent observation at them…priceless!!

  8. I like fake people, it makes it really easy for me not to give a flying fluck about them.

    I hate fair weather friends… The sports fans who leave a game early because their team is losing. Having been to every Bucs home game the last 11 years I’ve seen quite a bit of this, and am always the guy telling them not to come back as they file out of the stadium. The way I look at it, if I’m in a fight, and kicking serious ass, everyone wants to stand behind me and cheer, in the end it means nothing. When I get my ass kicked and I’m on the ground bloody, the people who are still there to help me up are the kind I want to associate with.

    • Sorry almost every Buc’s game

    • WOW! You love the Bucs and fat chicks….I sort of wish you were being fake!

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