Fear,Loss,And Much Needed Legislation

October 31, 2009

Halloween is normally my favorite holiday of the year. I adore using my warped idea of  creativity and dressing up as the most original characters I can think up. This year my husband and I, were going to dress up as Dog The Bounty Hunter and his trashy wife Beth. I was so excited, Halloween couldn’t come quick enough.
But all my excitement turned into deep sadness this Tuesday, when our beloved chihuahua was attacked and killed by a pit bull. spotThe sight of walking out into my backyard and finding my fence ripped open and seeing my dogs right outside of the gate was enough to get me running,but as soon as I got to the opening, the horror that my eyes beheld stopped me in my tracks. This pit bull puppy had my chihuahua underneath him and when he heard me walk up, he lifted his head slightly to reveal that my dog’s neck was gone. I panicked and started screaming ,while the dog’s owner came running to the scene. I felt a sense of relief feeling that she would be able to control her dog,but that was quickly replaced by terror,when the dog picked up my dog like it was just a stick and ran with him sagging out of his mouth. Not knowing what to do,I ran inside called the cops,and went back out the front door hoping to find her and her savage beast gone,but to  my surprise ,she had caught her dog and was allowing him to feast off my dog shaking and ripping flesh from him ,right in my front yard. The sight of this was too much for my eyes and my stomach ,for I started puking right there.

I was sure this day couldn’t get any worse,but when the thought of having to tell my children that the dog that we’ve owned since they were toddlers was dead,I realized the worst was ahead of me. I decided very quickly, to just tell my children that Spotty got his head caught in the fence and he broke his neck. I couldn’t bear to let them know the truth,and in hindsight this was a smart move. Because not even a second after I uttered out that Spotty was gone, there were more tears shed than water in the ocean. Not to mention the heart breaking cries from my thirteen year old daughter who Spotty slept with every night,distraught, screaming “Please bring my baby back!” that turned into her losing her breathe and coming close to passing out. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night,from the visual of the attack that wouldn’t leave every time I closed my eyes,to having my daughter curled up in the fetal position in my arms weeping all night long. I still find myself exhausted ,and angry days later.

Angry because I don’t know why there aren’t better laws for pit bull ownership. Now, I realize that this statement will be met by some pit bull lovers that will say,blame the upbringing not the breed. To which I have to say ,I have lost all patience for such statements. You see, in the last four years I have had three different occurrences with this breed, and all have left me horrified. From having two pit bulls  make their way into my front door and bite me,then the time that I watched an old man get mauled so badly he needed reconstructive surgery to look human again,and now Spotty.  The dog that killed my dog so brutally was a four-month old puppy.Surely this dog didn’t have enough time to be potty trained,much less to be taught to kill so gruesomely.So the idea that it has to do with bad upbringing is a moot point to me.All my compassion for this breed is gone and is replaced by determination to do something about this problem. I truly believe that some sort of legislation needs to be put in place, to help the grotesque visions that have robbed me of my sleep from happening to someone else. These dogs as I have seen with my own two eyes are deadly weapons, and I believe should be treated as such. I feel that a law needs to  be put in place that declares that in order to own a pit bull, a person needs to go through training on how to handle such a breed before they are allowed to purchase one. I’ve seen too many times, some dumb ass (who without a doubt has to have a small penis) get a pit, just to walk around like they are a bad ass. It’s just fucking stupid,and an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to change!

On a lighter note, we did go out this week and got a new puppy. He’s an English Bulldog ,and his name is Clyde,or Clyderman as he has been nicknamed.Although he doesn’t take all the pain of losing Spotty away,he is helping my kids smile again. Clyde2


  1. Jesus, that’s horrific. I don’t think pit bulls should be pets. They’re weapons, and the overwhelming majority of pit bull owners treat them as just that.

    I’m sorry about your pooch. That’s just awful.

    • Thank you,Knucklehead!

  2. Damn.

    I’m Speechless here!

    cute puppy.

    • I was for quite a while too,Noe Noe. That’s why it took me until today to be able to write about it.

  3. This is so sad. I agree with you 100% that something needs to be done… And, mostly I feel for the loss and sadness you’re all experiencing, and especially for you that you had to see it as you did. Fortunately, it was you who got there first…, and handled it the way you did, protecting your kids. I would have throw-up too, just from the shock of it all I think… You’re very strong, my friend…

    • It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen,Bill. I am very thankful that my children weren’t around to witness this. Now, I just pray that they will heal soon.

  4. Todd and I read your post – again, I am SO sorry for your loss. That must have been so traumatic for you. Not to mention having to dole out the damage control later. You’re right in two respects – The laws need to be tougher AND some pit bulls just have an inbred viciousness that is genetic. We’re lucky that Fluffy is not of that catagory – maybe because he’s the more “snootier” breed of pit bull The American Stafforshire terrier (in fact, a King Charles Spaniel named Killer kicked his ass out front our driveby shack the other day..) But around CA at least, it took us FOREVER to find a place to live that would take him — now look where we are – everyone has one here for protection! LOL) I’m so glad you got the Clyderman – now you need to get rid of those pit bull owners, along with their dogs. My offer still stands. Love Lisa

    • There are bunches of pit bull owners around us,Lisa. It’s horrible!I’ve come to understand that the owners around us are just as retarded as their dogs. They don’t know how to restraint them and the attacks ensue. I also have seen many of times, that the owners idea of teaching the dog is to beat the shit out of them,hence another reason for training before owning. I’m not saying all pit bull owners are like this and maybe not all pits are deadly weapons,but enough of them are to create a law that protect everyone ,even the dogs themselves.

  5. You’re absolutely right. As we speak there are numerous people who i know, and don’t know personally, but who i’ve witnessed beating their dogs – ….you can turn any dog vicious by mistreatment but some pits have the capacity to turn that way with little effort…Clyderman looks deceptively “mellow” (just like all “first day puppy owning” has he started tearing it up yet?

    • He’s an English Bulldog and they are known to be lazy,which is a good thing. He’s living up to his breed qualities,but he is spunky in small spurts.

      • I can just smell his little puppy head…

      • I love the smell of puppies too!

  6. i am sorry to read about your nightmare but not surprised.
    you are not alone in your feelings about pit bulls.




    • Thank you,Craven Desires. I read your sites and they are quite informative.

  7. Sorry to hear about you experience there

    Pit bulls have been illegal in the UK since about 1991 under the dangerous dogs act. Interestingly, there’s a lot of grey area with similar breeds being a status symbol for those of a pikey, chavvy disposition.

    Usually called Tyson.

    By the way, we have had a couple of bulldogs in the family, and they’re pretty much good fun, and very good at guarding the fireplace. Not the house. Just their spot on the rug.

    • Thank you,The Jules.
      I realize that Clyde isn’t going to be a guard dog. Although he already shows promise in guarding the spot on the rug…so there’s hope.

  8. This is a horrid situation – but do not think legislation will ‘cure’ poor ownership and stupidity.
    Real Pit Bull advocates do not believe that their dogs should be running loose, esp not in dog parks or other offleash facilities. They know that their dogs have been bred for centuries for their aggression towards other dogs and therefore take extreme measures not to set their dogs up to fail. They also understand that it isn’t ‘all in the way they are raised’, just like with labs and goldens that have bad temperatments, there are pit bulls out there that have been bred so poorly that their only hope for salvation is to be humanely euthanized.
    But to ban a breed – you risk causing another child the pain and suffering that yours experienced when you lost your dog.
    In Denver Co, they went door to door collecting dogs that so much as resembled a pit bull and euthanizing them without so much as a temperament test. One such dog, a 10 year old certified therapy dog lived with children and was ripped from her family and killed the same night. Those kids suffered too – the SAME suffeing that your children experienced.
    There are bad dogs out there, there are bad owners out there – limit the breeding and SALE of ALL (including all breeds therof) dogs – cutting down on mills and backyard breeders and you have cut the problem by 2/3.
    I speak as having 2 of these dogs in my home, one rescued from a high kill shelter and one rescued from a humane case. My children would be devastated if you supported a legislation that would take their dogs and killed them.
    A lot of pain has been caused by knee-jerk reactions. Think long and hard about what it is you want before you fight for it.

    • There is a HUGE difference between my dog and the dog you spoke of, that dog was taken away from his family and euthanized,but at least it wasn’t killed and eaten right in front of his family.Big difference in my eyes.The idea I have I don’t think it will “cure” the problem either,Mrs. T.,but it sure will help. If you read my post you would see that I didn’t say that I thought the breed should be banned. I said that I feel that owners of such breeds should have to go through training before being able to purchase the dog,kind of like a licensing. I think it’s a very good idea to help the problem.

  9. sorry…

    • Thanks,FS.

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the pain and heartbreak of losing a beloved dog. I blame the owners of vicious dogs more than I do the breed. Large dogs should not be allowed to run loose. Most of them will attack a smaller breed if unattended. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs.

    • No they shouldn’t,Leeuna.

  11. I am so sorry – what a horrible experience – it’s bad enough to loose a pet but to actually witness it killed – I can’t even imagine. My condolences. :<

    • It was horrible,Slacker-Chick. I never want to see something like that again.

  12. Too bad about your pup. I know from experience they’re like family. As far as pit bulls go, I know that breeding does play a part in their aggressive behavior. However, just being a pit bull already puts them on my watch list. They are not only trained to be aggressive, but I believe have an inherit level of aggression at birth. Too many times have I heard of unprovoked attacks on animals and people. Even turning on their owners. Best to shoot them on sight.

    • I was told I can shoot them if they are on my property,RedRaider. Although, I don’t know if I could hurt an animal.

  13. You all ready earned points with being Halloween fans but then you dressed up as The Dog and Beth? Oh, be still my beating heart.

    On a more serious note…

    As someone who went through something similar when our chocolate lab was killed by a pit I can understand. Now we had a rottweiler throughout my high school years and I much as I love the mutt I know she would attack any smaller dog. I also remember how much my dad’s insurance spiked just owning her. I’m so sorry and I hope your new puppy helps everyone smile.

    • Thanks,Kendall.We have always enjoyed dressing up .My favorite was the year we dressed up as Sonny after he hit the tree and Cher. Tell me,did you dress up this year?

      • I spent Saturday at a theme park so Sunday threw a party dressed as Charlie Brown complete with a box of rocks.

      • That is great,Kendall!

  14. I am speechless. I can’t imagine having to witness such carnage against a dog that was a part of your family. What did the police do? Can they not take the dog? Fine the owners? I know it won’t bring your dog back but the owners should have some responsibility.

    On another note, your new puppy is adorable.

    • It was a scene that I would wish my worst enemy to witness,Peach Tart. The cops didn’t do much. Animal control did take the dog,that my asshole neighbor claimed wasn’t hers,even though she had the fucking dog at her house for a couple months.So with her saying it wasn’t hers,they had to hold the dog for a week. I talked to the officer the other day and she said nobody has shone up to claim it ,so it should be put to sleep tomorrow.
      My husband and I have decided we are going to sue the neighbor. Normally I’m not the suing type,but when my husband got home after it happened and went down to their house because the cops and animal control were still there,he walked up and when he said something about our dog being killed the girl’s mother laughed.That, and the fact that she allowed her dog to eat my dog, shows they don’t care.So we’ll hit them in the pocket book ,and if we win we’ll give the money to the humane society.

  15. That is the most fucked up thing I’ve heard in a long time, and, well, you know my life. I’m so sorry, girl. I support a group called, “Dick Implants for Pit Bull Owners” because it’s sad, you know, that people out there have such tiny dicks that they need to compensate with vicious fucking dogs in their yards. Sad. You’re just another victim of another terribly dickless person.

    • That is the truth,Sorcia. Tell me, is the group you support accepting new members?

  16. A pit bull is an April Fool’s joke from God.

    • Isn’t that the truth,Wells Wesley!

  17. OMG, I was so sorry to read about your chihuahua. What a sad story. My heart goes out to you. Losing a pet is never easy. And when there’s brutality involved, it’s certainly much worse.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what did the police say? Is there anything they can do? Could the owner of the pit bull be cited for anything (even something as minor as a local leash law). Or would it have to be a civil matter.

    I hate pit bulls.

    • Unfortunately,TCC, the police couldn’t do anything. We will be making it a civil matter.
      I hate pit bulls too!

  18. OMG Thinkin. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how horrific that had to be for you.

    I agree, something needs to be done. Pits are becoming more and more common place around here too.

    Problem is, they are being raised by assholes who aren’t as smart as the dogs are.

    If I can be of any help with your efforts on pit legislation, just say the word.

    On a brighter note… that fucking puppy is too cute for words.

    • Thank you so much ,Marsha. I really appreciate that!

  19. Dear thinkinfyou,

    I am so sorry to read about the loss of your chihuahua and the horror and grief that your dog and family suffered. No one should have to witness or experience one pit bull attack, much less three.

    Be sure to write a follow up blog post concerning the civil suit. Sock it to ’em as much as you possibly can, because as you wrote, “she had caught her dog and was allowing him to feast off my dog.”

    • Thank you,bitbypit. I will be updating.

  20. Oh you poor baby! I am so sad to read this. I hate Pit Bulls with a passion, always have. I too blame the owners because where I live they are owned by a bunch of young street kids who want to be gang bangers. It makes me sick. I agree with you, a course should have to be passed and the person should have to have a permit. Sue that bitches pants off!

    • Sounds like we like in the same neighborhood,Ettarose. It’s ridiculous,and something needs to be done. I think licensing sounds like a good idea.

  21. I can’t believe the biatch let her dog keep going! I’d be suing to make them put that beast down. It’s only a puppy now, imagine what it’ll be like when it’s full grown.

    • The dog was put down last Tuesday,Moiii!

  22. So so so sorry to hear about Spotty. I really feel sorry for you and your family. But please don’t push for legislation to take my dog away. Just because there are some bad owners out there, doesn’t mean that all pit owners are trying to walk around like “bad-asses” I certainly am not. My dog NEVER EVER leaves the house without a sturdy leash on and even if he got away he’d likely play with other dogs. I just wish all owners would keep their dogs under control.

    If any new legislation needs to be introduced its stiffer penalties for dogs leaving their owner’s property off-leash.

    Once again I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Be strong, and try not to hold this against us responsible pit owners.

    Take care of Clyde he looks awesome!

    • I’m not talking about legislation to ban pit bulls,Jason. I just feel after three different incidents with the breed of dog,with the last one resulting in the death of a “family member” of mine, I do think that people who want to purchase this breed should have to go through training and get licensed to own one. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

      • No it’s not too much to ask, and it actually makes good sense. I would have no problem taking a class even being required to pass a test with my dog to demonstrate I can keep him under control, and keep him from posing a threat to the general public.

        Anyways, take care of you and yours. Nice to find your blog, its very good reading. I’ll definitely be back. 🙂

      • Thanks,Jason. I like your blog too. I’ve never been to that area before,and the way you write makes me wanna check it out.

  23. Hi there, I wanted to say…. wow. I promise you if my dogs even show that type of behavior ( because there are warning signs ) I will NEVER let them get to that point. Ever. I hope your little bully will eventually heal the hurt in you families hearts.

    • Thank you so much,Sharlene!

  24. This rant is way to long. I browsed it for 2 minutes then read the whole thing. After reading it I was no more informed than I had been earlier. You are in need of some english comp classes.

    • Uh,Tommy, you look like you could use some grammar lessons dumb ass. First of all ,it’s not “to long,” it’s “too long”,and by rule any number under ten should be spelled out asshole. After you take your lessons, go fuck yourself!

      • Yeah Tommy, go do the deed to yourself with an English comp book (‘English’ should have also been capitalized). Dufus.

      • Thank you,Static!

  25. Thats horrile. I couldn’t imagine my dog getting mauled like that.

    • It was horrible. :o(

  26. i feel bad for your lose and i know what it feels to have a breed that dangerous around the nabourhood one chased me and my young chiwawa and just about snached my dog right out of my arms and i love my chiwawa so much he was an 11 birthday presnt and hes my bestfriend and i just about lost him forver on that day and i hope you well get a new dog to love as much as spotty

    • Thank you for your comment,Kyra. I am glad that you and your chihuahua are safe!

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