The Search For Thinkinfyou

October 7, 2009

After spending the last three weeks brain fucked with no sign of a mindgasm, I was about give up on ever trying to turn out another literary masterpiece here on Thinkinfyou ever again. You see,believe it or not there is a recipe that I go by to bust out a post and well, my warped mind is the main ingredient.So living in an uncomfortable dry humped state of mind just wasn’t letting me be the artist I know I am. I thought my creativity and desire to write was gone for good,but this morning when I got on my computer and decided to go check my blog’s dashboard everything changed.

In big bold letters half way down the page was the word Search Engine Terms,and below that was a lengthy list a list of  terms that people have used to find my blog.Everything from hairy nipple girl to big ass sexer, which I have no idea what it means ,but it doesn’t matter it shows that the internet and warped people out there everywhere NEED me. So there is no way that I can stay in the state of mind I have been in. I need to get it together and write . So people who search for clown fetishes,anus problems,saggy testicles, and fingering have a place to go to get their needs met. One cannot deny their calling,and well, being a source for all the sick and twisted’s  needs I found out today is mine, the big ass sexer that I am.



  1. So you help clowns who finger their anus ’cause they have saggy testicles? I gotta get over here more often.

    • Unfortunately,Noname,that pretty much sums it up!

  2. All I ask is that you stay away from (stay away from them in blog-writing terms, what you do in real life is your business): thickest penis, world’s thickest penis, absurd sayings, thickest penis in the world, worlds longest penis, worlds thickest penis, thickest penis ever, world’s longest penis, thickest penis in world, and joel klebanoff. Believe it or not, those are my top 10 search terms and I don’t want any competition for them.

    Damn. I just put those terms in your blog. That was stupid of me.

    • Well at least your search terms must leave you feeling quite confident,Joel!

  3. God, I’m glad you’re back. I thought maybe you had run off with Tim Tebow. I need your warped, sexually oriented mind. When I read you I don’t feel the need to go out on a date or look at porn. Thanks.

    • LOL! Don, I don’t know whether to be flattered or freaked by your comment.

  4. Don’t worry hun, with your mind you’ll always find something to write, even after a brain fart.. and I always love seeing what search terms bring someone to my wacky world.. most leave me shaking my head at Google..

    • Me too,Nipster. When I read the term ” Big ass sexer” I thought of a donkey show in Mexico,and I KNOW nobody took pictures that night! LOL!

  5. I’ve missed you. I need someone in the blogosphere as naughty as me.

    • Well they don’t search for me as a big ass sexer for nothing,Peach Tart!

  6. I’ve had some weird search terms land people on my blog too. The weirdest was “Stuff found in human ears.” WTF?

    • What!?! I’ve read your blog,Marsha,and I’ve never read anything about weird ear findings.

      • I know, I can’t figure it out either.

        But out of curiosity I google’d it myself.

        Turns out that ears are not one of the orifices that people are sticking stuff in.

        Go figure.

      • There are some very brave people out there,Marsha. LOL!

  7. I MISSED YOU! I thought I committed an unforgivable sin and cyber-farted in front of you with out excusing myself, and I would never see you again….Blogblock happens to all of us; when that happens to me I just photoshop the head of whoever’s pissing me off at the time onto the body of one of FS’ fattass women, and publish it as my latest piece:)

    • I’ve missed you too,SG! I’m going to have to take your photoshopping advice and steal some of FS’ gunt lovin stash.

      • SO Welcome back girlie – PS – if you need some pics I think I found some “private ones” floating around on the internet…

      • Uh,there not of me ,are they?

  8. Well there IS that one but I’m pretty sure your’e dressed as the clown from IT; so i think you’re safe….ooopss…this wasn’t a private shouttoshout on blogcatalog was it…sorry

    • That one is one of my personal favorites!

  9. […] in this month.  (I knew wearing my underwear outside my jeans with boots was a BAD idea – THANKS FOR THE FASHION ADVICE T.F.U.!!)  Thank God i didn't wear the Granny […]

  10. I am so going to search Google for info on big ass sexer, which I presume is an occupation like chicken sexer, or rabbit sexer.

    That big ass is a . . . male.


    • Whatever it is,The Jules, I have no idea how Google would have brought them to my site. I don’t think I’ve wrote about being extremely gifted in penis or vagina spotting.

  11. You ever want to use some of the Freaks you go right ahead and use them. Wait, did you say gunt lovin? *The Gunt, as said above is a large piece of fat that hangs over the female genital area, causing the … vaginal area… to be hidden in a whirlwind of large lady lovin. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the gunt will get hungry and begin to eat the pants of the woman it belongs too.* Is that what you meant? Or was it a typo?

    • p.s. – I like to think a little part of you was inspired to write this by my new blog titled SwallowMySplooge

      • If only you had the balls to name your blog that,FS.

    • Oh you know better than to think my usage of the word “gunt” to be a typo. I just know your taste in the ladies, FS!

  12. well – I do think the fingering comment makes perfect sense. I can’t imagine why your blog would show up with that term……??????

    • Well I am pretty quick with the finger,Waltsense!

  13. Hi,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

    • Thank you so much,Black Hattitude!

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    • No,and I don’t have any desire to…I’m not her dad!

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