Getting To Know You, First Memory Edition

September 15, 2009

After yesterday’s exhausting post, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and bring my focus back to you, the readers.Y’all have a way of always making me feel better. So today I come to you wanting to talk about memories,the kind that light the corners of your mind,even if the light has dimmed to just a shadow, I want to know what you remember as your very first memory.

Now I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but  I have a memory like an elephant? Yes,it’s true. I remember everything and oddly enough it seems like the more time that passes my memories become twice as vivid. I’m not sure whether it’s a blessing or a curse but it is something I possess and always have from a very young age.
In fact my first whole memory dates back to the year 1975. I was three years old that day and was spending it at home with my mother watching television. I recall being quite excited because within a few minutes my favorite show, “The New Zoo Revue” would be coming on ,and hell have no fury like my three year old self being deprived of a day without Henrietta Hippo,Freddie The Frog, and Charlie The Owl.

But on this certain day my mother decided that ” The Young And The Restless” her favorite show ,would be more educational for my young mind and got up and turned the channel. I recall throwing somewhat of a pint size fit,that was quelled quite easily with her peace offering of chewing gum. I took the gum ,shoved it in my mouth,and crawled back up behind her on the couch. Within seconds, my mother asked me to play with her hair while she watched her show,and being the little angel on a sugar high I was, my hands went immediately to her hair determined to coiffure her in the most amazing styles.

Ten minutes later though, I had become bored and my tiny hands were tingling with exhaustion,and I could tell that my mother was beginning to doze off,so I stopped,hoping she was in a deep enough sleep for me to slip off the couch and turn it to my show,instead of watching to see if  Nicki was going to accept Victor’s marriage proposal or not,but as soon as I made my move, my mother  woke up and told me to keep messing with her hair. I had no choice but to start again.This time I was  a little agitated knowing I was putting her to sleep with my magic hands,and missing my show for nothing.  I wondered if Henrietta ,Freddie and Charlie missed me like I was missing them, while having to stay in this hair playing hell that seemed like it would never end. I tried everything to end it from stopping,to pulling her hair a bit to hard to wake her,but everything I did would just amount to her stirring enough to tell me to start again. After about fifteen starts and stops , I did the only thing my three year old mine thought was right  to do. I took the well chewed piece of gum from my mouth and planted it on the top of her head. It just sat there like a beautiful pink crown glistening in her light brown long hair, I thought it looked amazing and added such contrast to the styles I was coiffuring . Seconds later I started thinking how much more beautiful her hair would be if I only had more gum to add to my masterpiece. So I woke my mother up and asked for another piece of gum. In a groggy voice she asked me if I had swallowed my last piece,to which I answered no, I remembered being told that if you swallowed gum it would get stuck on your insides,only to come out seven years later in your poop,and as much gum as I’d swallow since being allowed to chew it I was afraid by age ten my butt would be so chalked full of gum I would never be able to poop again.

More alarmed by my non swallowing she jumped up from the couch and started flipping the cushions over ,asking again and again where the gum was. I stood there mesmerized watching the gum holding steady on the top of her head while she went crazy looking for the sticky mess,not saying a word. I guess she must have caught my stares because moments later she stopped searching and like slow motion her hand went up to the top of her head,and simultaneously her face went from puzzled to pissed within seconds. One touch and she unleashed , roaring in my direction to get in my room and just wait till my father got home! I bolted to my room as fast as I could  and hid in my closet for the rest of the day,wondering what was going to happen when my dad came home, I had no idea but I knew that it wouldn’t be good. 

The funny thing is, that is where the memory goes blurry. I don’t remember what happened when my father got home,but I’ll never forget the beauty that was my Bubble Yum Bouffant.

Now it’s your turn ,reach as far back as you can,and tell me what you remember.



  1. Love the ‘Don’t swallow your gum’ cartoon.

    My first memory is reeeeeeeally boring. It’s a bottle of Dettol on the side of the bath. It never seemed to get used and stood there for years at the same level ……. and the other thing was, every time I was unwell my Mum encouraged me to knit a scarf for Teddy, which ended up very long, multi-coloured and VERY uneven …..

    [Drop you a line later VPL – *hugs*]

    • You must have been quite an amazing kid,DP. You were able to knit? I still can’t knit and I’m 36.
      Thanks for sharing your memories!

  2. This is a really interesting question and I’m not entirely sure of the answer because a lot of those early memories are sort of muddled together.

    But I think my earliest memory is of the day my parents brought my baby sister home from the hospital. I recall my mother spreading a yellow blanket on the foot of her bed and laying my sister on the blanket and introducing her to me.

    It’s either that, or the day we were at the dime store and my little brother, who was being carried by mom, tried to steal a mug off a rack. It fell to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces. That’s my brother.

    • That’s a beautiful memory,Mike. How old were you when your baby sister was born?

  3. I honestly can remember when I was about two years old or a bit younger. I can remember being in diapers and details of my house then as well as my dog and little friend I would play with. Weird. I cannot remember much about my college days because I was constantly listening to Jimi Hendrix or Joplin while stoned. That much I do remember!

    • I think that’s amazing,Don…..the early memories,not the stoner part,although for some reason that doesn’t surprise me!

  4. I don’t have as good a memory as yours. My first memory was earlier today, but I’m a little hazy on it.

    Plus, I’m depressed now. In 1975 I was somewhat beyond three years old. In fact, I was in my third year of university in 1975.

    Damn I’m old. Excuse me while I search for an ice flow that I can die on.

    • LOL! Joel, your memory can’t be that bad!

      • I exaggerated, but only a bit. I probably used to have a better memory, but I can’t remember. Did I mention that I’m old?

      • Oh please,Joel,you are way too hard on yourself,and you’re not that old!

  5. I can rememeber 1975. It’s the 50s I have problems with. I do remember walking to school on a cool late fall day when I was 5 or 6 years old. I’d slicked back my hair with tap water before departing and it froze. It melted, the water running down my face and neck, for about the first half-hour of school. Weird the things we remember.

    • OMG! That is horrible. Did you catch a cold from it,Noname?

  6. Bubble Gum Bouffant–I love it. But I was cringing for you all the way. I’m glad you didn’t catch a beating for it. I think you would remember if your dad had tanned your hide.

    Oddly enough, my earliest memories are framed by CBS soap operas, too. I would watch The Young and The Restless with my grandmother, go upstairs for a nap during As the World Turns, then come back down and watch Guiding Light. (This was well before 1975.)

    Whenever I would see the spinning globe, I would know that she was going to close the curtains and send me upstairs. I’ve never wondered about that until now. Closing the curtains was just a ritual. Since I wasn’t sleeping downstairs, there was no reason to block the light. Maybe she was sleeping then, too?

    BTW, did you know Guiding Light is going off the air? I tried to watch it this week for old times’ sake but I couldn’t get into it. Reba and Josh aren’t as cute a couple anymore. Nicki and Victor: now there’s a match!

    • I never watched the Guiding Light,and I haven’t watched the Young and The Restless in decades. I do see Nicki and Victor still on the cover of Soap Opera Digest every now and then though,Kathcom. Are the soaps much steamier now than way back when?

  7. Playschool, (probably 1974, when I was about three) and being jealous that one kid, presumably with a lactose intolerance) was allowed orange squash whilst we had to make do with milk. As the kid was a bit slow (possibly due to being fed nothing but dilute sugary drinks all day), I nipped in quick and guzzled it, getting mildly rebuked and then given my own milk AS WELL!

    Thus I learned that crime does pay.

    If you’re three.

    • LOL! The Jules,that is priceless!

  8. I can remember being 2 or 3 year and being babysat by my grandmother on the farm, she was picking strawberries out of the patch and I got bored. I decided to go see my uncle who had just turned 18 bought a trailer and put it on the other side of the farm. I crossed a creek and had to go through two barns and over a hill to get there. What an adventure, I can remember stopping to chase the chickens in circles, and throw some grass to the pigs. When I finally got to the trailer there was nobody there, my uncle was working. So I went back to the house where my grandmother had been losing her mind and voice searching for me, I don’t remember getting back or when she found me on my way back, but I do know to this day she says it’s the most worried she’d ever been in her life. Which means I probably got a good whuppin (well deserved as always)

    • Thank God you went back to the house after your adventure,FS! Your poor grandmother!

  9. I don’t have much for a memory, but one of my earliest is of my left hand being tied behind my back while trying to eat right handed (I think I was around 4 or 5). You see, I was born a lefty and only “Children of Satan” primarily use their left hand, so I was being rehabilitated to become right handed.

    Sorry for the depressing “first” memory!

    • WOW! Skye,that is just horrible! I am ambidextrous myself,and often wonder if I was taught to use my right hand as well. I only write with my right hand,anything else I feel much more comfortable using my left. What about you? Do you still know and feel comfortable using your left?

      • Let’s put it this way Thinkin, opposing teams don’t like it if I play baseball or hockey as I’m what is commonly referred to as a “switch hitter”. Sometimes I’ll hit as a lefty, sometimes as a righty and damn does that confuse people…lol. In a lot of ways I’m very comfortable using my left hand, I still do for eating and so forth, even cutting my food, but to use a really sharp knife to do the prep work in the kitchen where I work (for example) I use my right hand. As far as scissors are concerned, I can use either a pair for lefty’s or what’s classically refered to as normal. Does that answer your question? 😀

      • Yep! I’m glad you didn’t lose it!

  10. One of my first memories is of me watching cute “boys”. I was four and lived across from a Greek Orthodox church – they had a lot of young priests, or priests in training, all with dark wavy hair and big brown eyes, and in their black cassocks – YUM! My mom thought they were cute too – I’m surprised we didn’t convert. ;->

    • LOL! Slacker-Chick,so you have a thing for priests!?! I love it!

  11. Do you really wanna hear about the gargantuan baby-sitter, lovingly known as “Big…Annie”, that spanked me with one of those hard-back kid books because I made oopsies in my britches when I was about 2…? Naaaah. I didn’t think so… So I won’t tell you about that.

    My first really good memory was feeling quite confident I saw Santa Claus outside our patio doors one Christmas Eve…

    …or, maybe that was “Big…Annie” in a red dress coming to get some pay-back for being fired…(?) I dunno.

    I had peanut butter and jelly for lunch today. How’s that?

    • I think that seeing Santa is a very common memory,Bill. I thought I saw Santa too, a couple of times over the years. In fact , last year I got up a little too early and…..

      I hope your sandwich was fabulous!

      • …and, for the record, old “Triangle Face” has grown on me. That face has some “tude”.

      • I’ve always thought he looks like he’s in shock! LOL!

  12. I have a lot of vivid memories of when I was a child but one that sticks out in my mind is the day I learned the word, spelling and all, FIASCO. We were yet another dinner out where I was expected to eat some type of meat (my 7 year old reasoning that all meat was gross and contained hidden fat was NOT respected or taken seriously by the GU pop at the time). Knowing i had no choice, i reluctantly ordered a hamburger – when it got there and all my relatives sat there waiting for me to bite in (SADISTS!) I suddenly announced I wanted to go layinthe car, i didn’t feel good. That’s when my Father stood up, yanked me by the arm, slapped my butt and announced to the whole restaurant that “once again Lisa has managed to turn a pleasant dining event into a F I A S C O. Because I loved to learn words and when i broke this one down, it looked similar to FRESCA and I figured FRESCA must also be a FIASCO so i switched sodas to 7 up

    • LOL! SG,you poor little girl! I can’t believe you got a spank on the butt for that!

  13. I do not remember a lot, but I do remember the babysitter we had once who went through my parents dresser drawers. I can’t believe she thought we would not tell. Yeah she got fired. I also remember playing baseball in the street until dark, rollerskating up and down the sidewalk, playing hopscotch and those way cool Clackers that were all the rage. Two acrylic balls on a string that you clacked together real fast.

    • Oh, I remember clackers too,Ettarose! I loved those things!

      • I still have my original clackers! I rule!

  14. You are truly one hell of a mischevious kid back then! Possibly you are one still? A moment to be cherished coz you did it!

    • I don’t know if being mischievous in nature ever truly goes away,Wenny. You forgot to tell me what your first memory was.

  15. I remember all the way back to when God invented sound…

    • WOW,VE,you look really good for your age!

  16. OMG…you rebel you..

    My first memory is at age three. My drunken drug addicted loser who spewed me from her left me and my 1 yr old sister alone in a running car. We sat there for a long time(at least in my young mind it was a long time, it was probably 5 min). Well I got bored and decided to drive off. I put the car in gear, pressed on the gas with my hand, and floored it. We ran into a garage and out the back before the car died.

    Nice first memory heh?? Good thing my sister doesn’t remember that because I blamed it on her.

    • Holy Shit,Nipsy! Looks like you were a little rebel too!

  17. I can’t believe you didn’t take up a career in cosmetology after that.

    • Actually it’s funny you say that ,Marsha. My next post has something to do with that very subject.

  18. This is a great post idea. I remember being in nursery school and saying “everyone is invited to have milk and cookies with us” to all the parents at the Christmas event.

    • Awwww! That is so sweet,TCC!

  19. Hey, what day is your b-day woman?? Mine’s Oct 9..

    • Mine is the 14th,Nipsy! Somehow I KNEW you were a Libra like me!!!

  20. That’s just too cool!!

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