Musical Medicine

September 10, 2009

I have been in such a funk lately,not wanting to write or do anything at all really.Lots of change going on in Thinkinfyou land and I guess I’m not rolling with the changes as well as usual. Now, normally when I find myself in a mood like this I turn to music. Music to me is the best form of therapy available, and not as creepy or expensive as a lot of therapists I’ve been to. I  just turn it on,listen, and move to the beat and within the first verse I feel my spirits lifting. Lately though, I haven’t been listening to music ,just to the thoughts in my head which are nowhere near as sweet.

So I’ve decided today instead of dwelling in the hate of change ,I’m going to go back to my tried and true music remedy. I think I’ll start off with some Dave Matthews Band. I love that band and find them easier to swallow than any anti depressants I’ve ingested, plus the side effects are much better…believe it or not,I have mad dancing skills. After I OD on DMB, I don’t know what musical drug I’ll turn to next. So  if you use music as a mood alterer and don’t mind, why don’t you hook me up,and tell me what band works for you as a mental bandaid.



  1. Kelley Hunt works for me. Can’t really find her, free online, except for a grainy video on YouTube. But she has a bunch on Itunes for 99 cents each. Try Inspiration on for size. Her total genre works for me. Hope all is well in your world and keeps getting better and better. The glass is more than 1/2 full and always try to remember that.

    Love the blog and keep your spirits as high as the sky.


    • I’d never heard of Kelley Hunt before,John. I looked her up and I think I’ll give her a try! Thanks!

  2. For mellowing out, Jack Johnson is pretty good. To get the juices flowing, I like Zeppelin or Rush.

    • I own three Jack Johnson CDs,Chris. As for Zeppelin and Rush,they remind me of high school…what I can remember of high school anyways.

  3. If I had to pick 1 band and we’ll narrow it down to 1 album to get me up and back on my feet it would have to be Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits. It’s damn hard to listen to it and not feel a little better. Sorry you’re feeling blue, she’ll be home for Thanksgiving before you know it.

    • I know the exact album your talking about,FS. I love Tom Petty and so does my daughter. People say that he comes to Gainesville quite often,and that was one of her goals for moving up there, to get a education,and meet and becomes friends with Tom Petty.

      • He’s from Gainesville, my buddy’s dad was friends with him in school. I’m sure he’s probably got a house around there.

      • I know,and supposedly he frequents a coffee house around there. She’s bound and determined to become friends with him.

  4. I love dancing around to The Black Eyed Peas.

    • I love the BEPs too!

  5. DMB was my daughter’s favorite. She used to go to New Orleans a lot to see them when they played. Personally, I’ve never had trouble chillin’ with some Norah Jones. Wow, dat’s some sexy singin’!

    • She has an amazing voice,RedRaider!

  6. Depends on what I want really, if I want to get energized I’ll listen to Roxette or Blondie or some such. If I want to relax I’ll listen to Leonard Cohen, any of my Solitudes Relaxation CD’s, or perhaps something from the Four Tenors. If I want to feel silly I’ll listen to Chris De Burgh’s “Spanish Train and Other Silly Songs” album or perhaps go way back in time to “Goofy Greats Greatest Hits”. Let’s not forget feeling sexy, then I listen to Barry White. And if I just want to groove on the music, well just about anything Classical will do.

    Yep, quite the eclectic choices in music, but it all depends on the mood 🙂

    • My my my,Skye, you do have quite eclectic taste! I like it!

  7. I love me some Tragically Hip. I know, it doesn’t sound like they’d be a mood lifter. But they get my feet moving.

    And I am sorry to hear you’re feeling down thinkin. I’ve got a nice bottle of wine here if you want to get it off your well-endowed chest. 😉

    • I feel that way about The Counting Crows,Marsha. Their lyrics can be quite deep and sad,but I can move to it.
      Thanks for the offer of wine. I will be fine. There has just been wayyy to much change going on and I feel very off step right now,it’s like I can’t concentrate because too much is going on. I hope that I run and catch up soon!

      • I’m not good with change either thinkin. You’ll shake it off when you’re ready.

      • I really wish I was better with change,Marsha. I can handle little bits of it ,but when it comes in a big wave I tend to drown.

  8. As strange as it may sound, to get out of a funk, I turn to funk music. Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown always do the trick for me.

    • LOL! UF, I’ll have to try some funk!

  9. The Dylan and Neil Young catelogues do it for me. But to get me in a really happy mood Crowded House might do it. Currently listening to Neil Finn’s “7 Worlds Collide” with, of all people Eddie Vedder.

    Or hit up my music blog @ http://dufusdownbeat.blogspot.com/ particularly my Saturday “off-beat” features. On, and cheer up, girl.

    • I didn’t know you had another blog,Noname. I’ll have to check it out!

  10. I’m sorry to hear your in a funk my friend. They seem to be catching lately. I also apologize if I started this contagion..

    As for my music therapy. I turn on metal in the car as loud as my poor speakers can go. I get on the freeway, headbang and sing/scream just as loudly.

    • Nipsy, I think we need to schedule a road trip!!!!

  11. inevitable is change,
    change u shall.
    (in the words of ‘Yoda Jedi’).

    • Some how I can hear Yoda in my head now,Sfunn!

  12. At the moment, The Arctic Monkeys are doing it for me, but they sound local to my ears. Might be a bit odd for an exotic foreigner like yourself!

    • I’ve heard tons of The Arctic Monkeys,The Jules. My oldest daughter has been obsessed with them since their first album.

  13. Jimi Hendrix!

    I like all the classic stone temple pilots songs too for a good mood change. I never get sick of “interstate love song.”

    • I love both of those,Mr.C. A little Jimi always has a way of changing the mood!

  14. First of all, search You Tube for Moby’s “Look at us we’re Beautiful” his whiney sarcastic slam at stars like Jessica and Nick. Make sure you look up the one with the people dressed up as animals at a swing party. You’ll be relieved you’re not as pathetic as THAT. Then listen to anything by Alice in chains and remember that the singer OD’D fame and all (and you’re still around to make us laugh and amaze us with the superintelligence of your adopted “twins”). As a capper look up ALL GARY GLITTER videos, starting with the 72 one where he looks like he just woke up in a bar with a band behind me and all he could think of to say was HEY! (i’ll send you that one myself) Finally, if you’re in a hatin’ mood – Ugly Kid Joe – I hate everything about you, boo hoo….

    • Thanks,SG. Looks like I’ll be youtubing today!

  15. PS – i posted Mobyfor you on Aunty’s; Gary Glitter is already there:)

  16. Luna Negro gets my feet jumping big time. I also love Enigma. Hang in there honey and know my shoulder is always here if you need me. Been there, done that.

    • Thanks so much,Etta! I appreciate that!

  17. Yes isn’t music the best medicine. Love Dave Matthews Band.

    • Thanks for agreeing,Agrandar Pene.

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