Playing Favorites And WINNING!

August 28, 2009

Today,dear readers I’m going to let you in on a huge source of sadness in my life,something that has plagued me for years leaving me feeling far from whole,and always close to tears. You see,I have walked through this life never being someone’s favorite. I know, I know what you’re saying “What!?! Thinkinfyou with her sparkling wit and wholesome goodness that she exudes from her being, isn’t someone’s favorite! That’s preposterous!” Trust me I’ve said the same thing myself many of times but it doesn’t change the fact that I lived my life as an unfavorite to many. The closest I ever got to being someone’s favorite was this one time when I tried to sneak by my drunk uncle unnoticed ,he grabbed me into a huge bear hug,and mid embrace told me I’d always been his favorite,but then proceeded to call me by my older sister’s name, so I don’t know if that counts.

I really thought I would go to my grave being a unfavorite ,but  two months ago everything changed when I became a bird owner and a favorite all in the same day!bird3(2)Now I had never owned a bird before the love of my life,and I certainly wouldn’t have thought of myself as a “bird” type of person,but once she flew into my life and laid claim on me as her one and only favorite, everything changed. I now spend my days channeling my inner pirate because as soon as she gets out of her cage in the morning she wants nothing more than to perch on my shoulder and enjoy my company. She even bites anyone who tries to get near me ,and I love her for that. She would never think of biting me ,instead I’ve taught her to give me kisses,but only to me because I’m her favorite.bird 2(2)It doesn’t even matter  that she shits every two seconds, throws her bird food all over the place, has a brain the size of a small raisin,and loves to scare small children because she has impeccable taste in favorites,and that’s what’s really important.



  1. Funny you should be mentioning favorites…it just so happens that your time is up. Yep, your blog will be spoofed on mine on Fri, Aug 28th. I’m so sorry for you…

    • Thanks for apologizing early,VE. I’ll have to go see what you’ve done to me!

      • Afraid to come over, eh? I thought so…

      • I did come over, VE. You did a fantastic job on spoofing my blog. I left a comment yesterday , I guess it didn’t stick.

  2. My ex had a Cockatiel that she had taught to say a couple of words. She loved that bird. We had a cat that loved that bird also. Actually, I let it out of it’s cage with the cat in the room. The cat lunged at the bird causing it to fly straight into a ceiling fan the was spinning.
    I was not my ex’s favorite…

    • Oh that’s horrible,RedRaider,although I don’t know what is worse the bird dying or you calling your ex a squawking nuisance. LOL!

  3. P.S. I hated that squawking nuisance anyway. My ex I mean. The bird was okay.

  4. Second picture – She’s looking at the grapes.

    • She just might have been,FS.

  5. Good for you, TFY. Hey, that’s it. From now on, I’m callin’ you Taffy. Anyway, nice to see that you’re a favorite in the ornithological world. Birds of a feather, they say.

    • What are you saying,Chris,that I come off a little bird brained? I think I’ve heard that before.

  6. Aww…you’ve always been my favorite.

    • You’ve been drinking, haven’t you,Shithead!?!

  7. It’s nice to be a favorite even if it’s bird except me personally, I’m ok with throwing the food around but the pooping not so much.

    • Yeah the pooping isn’t so great,Peach Tart,but you can now buy a flight suit for a bird so you don’t get pooped on.

  8. I cannot believe you are not someone’s favorite. That is down right shocking. I used to raise parakeets and the babies are sooo much fun. They are fun to play with and they used to walk along the back of my couch and get under the hubby’s beard and go to sleep. I love em!

    • Awww that is so sweet,Ettarose. I’ve never played with a parakeet ,but I’m loving having a lovebird. She really is too sweet,and lots of fun!

  9. Too damn funny! I had a strange dream recently about a parakeet. Great pics of you…and the bird!

    • Thanks,Noe! What happened in the dream?

  10. Shits every two seconds, throws food all over the place, has a brain the size of a small raisin– are you sure you aren’t talking about an old boyfriend of mine? Sounds so familiar.

    • LOL! You’re right,Kathcom, that does sound like most men!

  11. Awe….birds are needy (to fill your need to be needed) they’re loud (to fill your need for attention)they’re messy so you won’t feel the empty nest syndrome so harshly as you would when your littlest leaves it (yes, unintended pun), and then they tell you what they really think of you when they shit all over your clean house – so whatyou’ve got is another unapolegetic cat who makes your srroundings it’s litter box. (at least you’ll save on fresh step)

    • You hit the nail right on the head,SG. My oldest just left the nest and the bird does make it a little easier!

  12. From giving us the bird, to showing us the bird… Hey, I think we’ve made some progress… 😀

    • Yes it almost seems like I’m softening ,doesn’t it,Bill. :o)

  13. Woh… Yellow smiley face… Let’s see what else this thing can do…


    • Pretty cool WordPress thing!

  14. Oh, and this…


    “I could do this all day…”

  15. Sadly, I too have experienced not being the favorite….

    **fade to squiggly lines Scooby Do-ish flashback**

    It was the year (last year, actually) that I entered my “awkward” stage. I had nobby knees and elbows, and my face still hadn’t grown into my ears.

    My only friends were a used pocket protector, and a very worn copy of How to Survive a Robot Uprising. I lived with my grandmother and I wore third generation hand me downs.

    Coincidentally, this was also the same year that I pushed that judgemental wheelchair-bound senior citizen down a flight of stairs. =D

    • I’m sure he deserved it,Static!! LOL!

  16. I used to have a cockatiel named “Big Bopper”, I’m partial to birds and cats. I like dogs too but I think you’re for the birds! hah you’re my favorite floridian,(you do live in fl right?). Its by default but still…

    • By default or not I’ll take it ,Mr. C! Thank you ,and yes, I live in FL.

  17. @Static: I think I did the samething to that old bastard 10 years after you did. Dad STILL keeps showing up at birthday parties he’s not invited too…

  18. Have no fear VPL, you are my favourite Goddess with shit on her shoulder …… by far …..

    • So that’s what the chip on my shoulder is made of. Thanks ,DP!

  19. fatten that bird up, itll make a good sandwich someday

    • Oh no, Nooter, she isn’t for eating!

  20. Hey there girl! Guess what, I’ve got something for you over at my blog. Hope ya like it!

    • Thank you, Skye. I’ll have to pop over and see!

  21. There’s a bird in that first photo?

    I’ll have to ahve another look . . .

    Nope, can’t say I’ve noticed.

    • Does she look more like a growth coming out of my shoulder then,The Jules?

  22. I feel your pain. I have never been anyone’s favorite either. I’d say I’m “the mans” favorite, but I think the horse comes in first. I’d say I’m the favored parent, but considering who the sperm donor is, that’s not saying much. Hell, even my bird turned against me and chooses my middle son if he comes in the room.. Someday, someday…enjoy your birdie love though, they are wonderful creatures.

    • I can’t believe that,Nipsy! YOU not a favorite,doesn’t make any sense. I guess some people don’t know wonderful when they see it.

      I am enjoy my lovebird though, she is really cool,and NEEDY!

  23. I just remembered we have a parakeet. Good. I hear her singing. thank goodness the kids have been taking care of her.

    • LOL! Margo,that is horrible,but funny!

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