Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

August 11, 2009

Have you ever heard someone say that they thought that blogging is a very narcissistic thing to do? Well, I’ve heard those very words a couple of different times and really didn’t have much of a rebuttal especially when they went on to point out that I’ve decorated my blog with pictures of myself. OK,so they got me.Whatever! I’d like to think that there’s a little narcissist inside everyone and maybe mine just a tad bit more noticeable, kind of like a third nipple but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing does it? I see it as more for the masses to sip off  the teats.

I don’t think so but lets just say for once in my life I’m wrong and nurturing my inner narci is a bad thing. I’m not above changing it. So I’ve decided that I would start a new bit here on Thinkinfyou,I’m going to make time to get to know more about my precious few readers. I’m going to post a question and I urge each and every two of you to respond with a comment letting me know a little more about YOU.

Let’s start with something everyone has and once they mention it to someone that person knows a lot more about them with just one word. People, I want to be that person. So purge all about yourself and tell me what is your nickname? Hell, feel free to tell me how you got it too. I promise I really want to know,and not just because I have had some horrible nicknames in the past and I just want to feel better about myself. No, really this is all about YOU,and has nothing to do with walking through life being called  Scrottie(which is suppose to be short for scrotum.) I’m not even thinking about that because I’m too busy wondering about you. Really, I’m fine with my best friend’s twisted way of making fun of me,even if it did catch on to most of the people I know.And just because that one time I was walking through the grocery store and someone yelled out “SCROTTIE” and I turned around, doesn’t mean I identify with it. No,it doesn’t bother me,the only thing that does right now is the fact that I don’t know your nickname.  So tell me what it is,and if you don’t have one,don’t worry… just make some shit up,you can’t do any worse than mine.



  1. lol…oh no, I hope I’m not the first! My most prominent nick name is Deuce. Yep, that d-e-u-c-e… meaning two. Adopted by my (now ex) husband…who, being overweight himself, and being badgered to death by his co-worker asking…”is she the deuce? Does she weigh the deuce?” (he was a toothpick, btw).. anyway…he finally had to admit it… yeeeaaaahhhhh, she weighs the deuce…. damn… but it’s evolved into many forms since then… doozdy, doo-ez.. and most recently, cute. Don’t ask me to translate that last one, it just is…and I’m not arguing..lol…

    • Thank Gosh your nickname evolved into a good one,Winky Twinky. I think cute suits you!

  2. It’s not a nickname but my nom de blog, as you know, is nonamedufus. It started when I would visit a webiste for the first time and be asked for a username. I’d use my real name but it’s so common it would always be taken. Plus after several different websites had been visited I couldn’t remember where I was John13 and John34 etc. so one day out of frustration I typed nonamedufus – and I’ve used it ever since! Oh Yeah, I bought you a little something. See it here…http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_DjI1C8U5QZY/SQXh8iPFGlI/AAAAAAAAAFQ/WGuCM4WyAoI/s320/NARCISSIST.jpg

    • Awww thank you,Nonamedufus. I absolutely LOVE the Tshirt! I’ll wear it with pride!

  3. Hell, that didn’t work. Try this link http://nonamedufus.blogspot.com/2009/04/thank-you.html It’s the shirt at the top of the post.

  4. Well, uhm…I do love Mangos. I also love the island life style. I also think the name conjures up visions of a lovely bare breasted, scantily clothed, free spirited woman. Most of that is totally me. Though I don’t currently live on an island. But I have in the past.

    • Do people call you Mango Girl,Mango Girl? I love the name. It gives a great visual! I would love to live on an island. When did you live on one,and where was it?

      • Yes, they do. I have seriously considered changing my name legally. If I ever move back to the islands, I definitely will.

        I started telling the story today on my blog…stay tuned for part II.

      • Cool,Mango Girl! I’m going to hop over there right now to read it!

  5. Ha Ha Scrottie

    • OK,shut up,FS!

  6. “Quinn-Dawg”

    …because my buddy in the Navy was from West Virginia… and, well,… ‘nough said, right?… There ya go. haha Soon all 150 guys on my boat knew me only by that name. What is a “dawg”? I don’t know. I think it’s a West Virginia DOG. But even with a nickname like that, I still managed to avoid the obligatory Navy tattoo displaying such a label.

    Boring but true. :-/

    • West Virginia does explain it all,Bill. Although I think a big “QUINN DAWG” tattoo might be a hell of a conversation starter. It sure beats I ❤ MOM!

  7. well, lets see, at summer camp i was known as ‘nosejob’, at basketball camp i had the handle ‘shorty’ and at cia camp they called me ‘snitches’. nowadays around the homestead the human refers to me alternatively as ‘clown’, ‘goofball’, ‘bubba’ and ‘kitten’.

    i feel your pain

    • Oh Nooter, kitten isn’t a very nice nickname. I say you bite him the next time he calls you that!

  8. I’ve had several nicknames given to me over the ever increasing years of my life but the one that sticks out in my mind, and is the fondest of my memories is Stupid Bitch..evidentally several of my past boyfriends had heard about me before they even met me because they somehow knew my nickname before I even told it to them…LOL
    My favorite one is Random – cuz i say random shit
    My least favorite one was HUB – short for Hubbard, my maiden name…

    • LOL! SG,that was very brave of you to bring up nicknames that exes have called you,I won’t even speak of all the lovely names I’ve been called before by exes. I like the nickname Random, I think it suits you. BTW, are you related to L.Ron???

  9. My nickname is PomPom. It’s a long story but many years ago I was in Jamaica and making a purchase of their famous weed on the beach. However, I only had on a bikini so stuffed it in my bikini bottom crotch to which the seller exclaims “oh she put it in her pom pom”. My friends fell out and I’ve been called PomPom since.

    • Peach Tart, I never heard it referred to as a pom pom before,but I guess it is the greatest device to motivate the team with. It’s nice to see someone else’s nickname has to do with a private part too!

  10. I got nothing. You can’t have a nickname when everyone ignores you!

    • LOL! Oh that is horrible,Tiggy!

  11. aka: Gogo – from being a wee bit hyperactive back in the day. Daughters get a huge kick out of this whenever they’ve been around me with my old friends. I think usually people who play the “NARCI” card are projecting their own fears of being discovered as self-centered jerks. It’s a defense mechanism. But I was just a communications major, so I don’t know what the heck I’m saying.

    • Oh I like Gogo,Margo.

  12. Chowner. It’s simply my last name with an -er added on.

    I know it’s not the most exciting nickname and doesn’t have a cool story. But my friends have been calling me that since grade 3.

    BTW, scrottie. He, he.

    • WOW! Since 3 grade,Chowner,that one really stuck!

  13. Uhhhh noe noe girl. It’s all I got!

    • Noe, do you think it will ever become Noe Noe Woman?

  14. lol at scrottie! I don’t have a nickname but my grandfather used to call me “spittin sam”. I still to this day have a problem with spitting outside!

    By the way, I had your blog name misspelled on my extravaganza today I hope you didn’t think I passed you up? I didn’t know there wasn’t an O in the middle! Sneaky girl!

    • Laugh all you want at Scrottie, Spittin Sam, I’m use to it. As for the misspelling of my name I’m use to that too! Although I still love when someone finally gets my name right.

  15. Just catching up on my “reads” and as usual – you’ve got me laughing again! Love the clowns post – although, I have to say, I’m a little frightened of clowns which kind of ruins the whole fantasy thing. As for scary movies – my 14 year old can finally watch them without the fall out later – which is good because hubs is still a big wussy when it comes to those (hmm . . . maybe a movie with clowns in it for hubs)

    Anyway, as far as nicknames, I can’t believe that I really don’t have one. I’m beginning to feel pretty lame. I think that I will ask someone clever to make one up for me and get back to you on that. The best I have right now is D. I know, not really a nickname, but it’s all I’ve got unless you count FUNSUCKER, which is what my children have been calling me as of late, because they say I suck the fun out of EVERYTHING.

    Anyway, have a great week. As always loved your posts!

    • Funsucker is a great nickname,D. It almost sound like a superhero or villain if you ask me.

  16. You know, this is a good one TFY. My blogging name is a turn around for my nickname. I would have been Rosetta but it was taken. Years ago in the days when SNL was the greatest was a character called Roseanne Roseanna Danna. Remember her? Because my name is Susan my hubby started calling me Susanadana and then for some unknown reason changed it to Rose. Figure out the Etta and we will both know. At least it is better than the one I had in middle school, which was “Peanut Butter Legs” You know, soft and smooth and easy to spread. Sad because I had never even been kissed then.

    • I remember Roseanna Roseanna Danna quite well,Ettarose. I’ve always been a huge Gilda Radner fan. I love the nickname Susanadana,and yes, it’s much better than Peanut butter Legs!

  17. My nickname is lama …derived from the Dolly lama which is derived from some dude slurring my last name drunk – Daly. Pretty weak but for 20 years everyone loves to call me Lama and not by name.

    KD from team Waltsense.

    PS. Winky Twinky – Walt named his second kid Duece – but just his middle name. he had to top Danger for the first son.

    • Daly=Lama,hmmmmm, what the hell was that guy drinking,Shama Lama?

      • well….Daly slurred real bad can sound like Dolly. I know a lot of information and have wisdom like the Dailia Lama. Dolly Llama = Lama. We also were blacked out teenagers. Ah – the glory days.
        Rock on TFY!

      • How come I get the feeling,Shama lama, that you are the only one that sees your nickname that way. I think that your actually nickname is is Dolly like baby doll,and people see you this way.

      • hey TFY…you can call me anything you want baby!

      • Oh KNOW I will,Shama Lama!

      • hehe…Lama has kids named Danger and Deuce? That’s great… 😉

      • Yeah, I think they are pretty great too!

  18. I don’t have a nickname and never have! RedRaider is not about me, but my high school. If I could choose one though I’d say something like, “Fuck with me and your fucking dead!” Kinda long, but it has a certain ring to it.
    So next time you’re in a store and yell out, “Fuck with me and your fucking dead!” I’ll know that you’re thinkinfme!!!

    • You put a lot of thought into your new nickname,Red! I promise to yell it out the next time I’m in a store,as long as you promise to vouch for my sanity when I get carted off to the nuthouse for doing it!

  19. […] with this week’s installment  of “Getting  To Know YOU” my lovely readers.  Last week’s post was quite successful and left me craving to know more about you. Sure, learning your nicknames was […]

  20. I had a third nipple but it didn’t look that bad. Wait, this is all about me, isn’t it?

    • No,no,Kathcom,lots of people have third nipples!

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