Don’t Put The Clown Down!

August 1, 2009

Tell me something, have you ever been totally honest with people you were getting to know ,just to have it come back to bite you in the ass?Well it just happened to me.
You know how it goes when you’re sitting around getting to know people,and before you get to ask what their favorite color is, the conversation turns to sex. Don’t act like you’re shocked ,it happens to everyone ,right? Whether you’re out to lunch with friends,in an internet chat room,at a formal dinner party at your boss’  house,it doesn’t matter the subject of sex is bound to come up. So what do you do? Lie and act virginal? Ha, that act was even hard for Mary to pull off,so don’t even try it. I say be honest. Well that’s what I use to say anyways. Because the last time I was into the whole getting to know you conversation and sex came up , I waited my turn patiently until it was my time to share what gets me hot and bothered,and I was honest .I said one word, “clowns”. See it’s not that strange.  I didn’t think it was a big deal either. Hell, the other two people in the conversation revealed their fetishes of trolls and gerbil stuffing,so I thought I was safe letting my freak flag fly,but NO, days later I find out that they are planning on doing a intervention on me. A clown fetish invention on Thinkinfyou!?! I know I can’t believe it either.Stop_Clown_Porn

Personally I think I’m safe because I would bet that a lot of different people share my lust for rainbow afros and red noses,but whether they’d admit it or not is a different story. Seriously, how many times have you found yourself in front of a clown with unusually large feet ,and not wanted to ask him to give you a special balloon? I think it’s human nature.
And what about when you see a bunch of them piling themselves into one car, you can’t tell me the way they can bend and contort themselves doesn’t leave you thinking how much fun a clown orgy would be.That’s not weird,it’s a perfectly natural reaction.
Call it strange if you want…to lie.But if you’re like me and have always been attracted to people with a great sense of humor,you could be a clown luster too!  With clowns you get someone who gets paid for being funny,plus someone you can share make up tips with. If  you ask me that’s  a win win situation,and certainly not worthy of an intervention!



  1. It’s the big shoes, isn’t it? Or maybe the evilness. Either way, I wouldn’t say no to a clown.

    • You hit the nail on the head,Chowner, it is all about the big shoes! Thank you for your clown lusting honesty too!

  2. Why does your fetish of clowns not surprise me? Personally I hate clowns. I don’t wear makeup either so I don’t need them for anything but target practice. Those bright red afros do make it easier to zing ’em with a head shot. Freaks! Have fun with your new found friends…

    • You shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it,RedRaider,and for some reason I think you have and are just upset that things didn’t work out. Don’t let hate cover your hurt.

  3. I like clowns..I am one but you dont want to see that hole that has been bit in my ass!

    ps- the kid made it home- did i tell u?

    • Oh he did,Noe! So how was his week at camp?

  4. I was wondering why all these hot babes have been asking if those were really my feet.

    • People are into clowns,Doctor Faustroll,it’s a growing trend,so don’t forget to wear a rubber nose when you leave the house.

  5. I’m sorry TFU, after seeing how many of those bastards pack themselves into one vehicle, I became worried for your personal safety. You are however a grown woman and are allowed to decide what you like for yourself, but ask me to smell your damn flower one more time and Bobo dies!

    • Whatever,FS….troll lover! LOL!

  6. Oh, no. Clowns scare the bejeezus out of me.

    • Why,Zan?

  7. Honesty in a social setting? Dangerous. Scary dangerous.

    • Yes it is,The Mother. I guess I need to become a better liar!

  8. love me…

    • Just adorable,Nooter!

  9. Clowns are friggin’ terrifying. You are one demented chick.

    • Well you aren’t the first one to think that,Chris!

  10. I’ll just pop home and find my wig, make-up and size 20’s ….. hang on, I won’t be long *parp!!!!*

    • You’ve always struck me as somewhat of a clown,DP!

  11. Ok First of all, SQUEAKY is more than just a gerbil (and stuff )to me
    2ndly: You didn’t say you were in to CLOWNS…I heard you say you couldn’t put that Blue Bed Spread Dress DOWN…(DUHHHHH….remember all those photos a few posts ago?) The troll has the problem with clowns – he got passed over for the lead clown in at RingDing bros by Mr. Hankey I have NO PROBLEM with them at all…

    • Oh believe me,SG, I know The Troll is the one that tried to orchestrate the invention. I guess he doesn’t realize that troll are very closely related to clowns.

      • Whoa Whoa Whoa you’re pinning this on me?
        Fine then, I’m taking this to Jerry Springer levels. TFU – She said she’s been letting your clowns pile in her car behind your back. Apparently the gerbil’s teeth have wore down, and he just doesn’t satisfy anymore. There, the clown’s out of the bag now. Wan’t more proof? I posted a clown just for you TFU
        I put it on the website a few days ago I guess you didn’t see it. It’s on the blog now http://freaksmack.blogspot.com/2009/08/wesley-roman-was-charged-with-lewd.html

      • Bribing me with sexy dancing clowns won’t work,FS!

  12. I LOVE clowns, i am one – Even Squeaky has a little red nose (from…whatever); so we are ONE BIG HAPPY CLOWN family (who owns a troll i guess?) LOL

    • Some how I knew you were more accepting of my love of choice,SG!

  13. Are you still allowed to call them clowns? I thought it was racialist?

    My gran still calls them coloured.

    • LOL! Uh,Jules, I think you misunderstood the post!

  14. What else did you have implanted, hmmmmm? I think you were taken by the aliens or you saw “the light” when you were in surgery.

    • LOL! Maybe,Ettarose,maybe!

  15. those bastards

    • My thoughts exactly,Peach Tart!

  16. […] at the end of the night, trying to escape the sweaty greasy clutchtes of some sweaty drunken  clown  no one wants to dance with because he would try to put the “roxbury” moves on them every […]

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