HBDC Summer Camp Letters Home Day!

July 31, 2009

Well HBDC Summer Camp is wrapping up today,and for our final day ,we’ve left White Shark in charge of letters home. Now I thought about writing a letter home,but as I thought it seemed more fitting to write a little note to all the amazing campers that participated this week and tuck it into their sleeping bags so they find it when they get home.So here goes…..

Dear Nooter,Quirky,Reforming Geek,Mizzdrake,Spaz,RedRaider,Unfinished Rambler,Kathcom,WhiteShark,Ettarose,Johnny B,Nonamedufus,and FrankLeeMeiDere,Winky Twinky,

Let me just start out by saying that I have never seen a better group of campers in my life,and although this was my first experience ever going to summer camp, it doesn’t matter… I know a good camper when I see one.  The way each of you handled all the different tasks we threw your way was inspiring. Sure, maybe bribing you with Red’s liquor had a little to do with your performance,but I know deep down you would have done well without it.

Know that I will never forget those nights we all sat up around the campfire telling stories,sharing secrets ,and bursting into song. Those were some good times weren’t they? Well except the night that Spaz tried to convince everyone that his penis was a snake he found ,and then wanted everyone to pet it.Thankfully it didn’t take but one look to know that  it wasn’t a snake, hell it wasn’t big enough to be a decent size fishing worm, so defeated he put it away.

Other than that though, I think Summer Camp was a huge success and one that I feel fortunate that I was a part of .Thank you all for being such awesome campers.Spending time and hearing songs ,tips, or stories from each one of you is something I’ll never forget,even if  I tried.

So now I say good bye to you and ask that you please  try not to cry but if you do feel sad,just remember all the wonderful memories we created this week and when you get home and settled,seek out counseling to help you with them.

Your devoted Camp Director Extraordinaire ,




  1. You did a great job pulling this all together Thinkinfyou. Congratulations on a fun, and successful, week at camp. Can’t wait for next year!

    • Thank you so much,Nonamedufus. I really had a good time with this and I hope you did too!

  2. I have something to say about that liquor and the other nefarious activities you and your counselors stooped to during this week: here.

    But otherwise, I think it was a great time. 😉

    • I loved your letter,UFR! Of course I don’t feel I posted any pornographic pictures this week.

  3. Thanks for putting this together…It was an honor to participate, and every day had something new and fun! Lookin forward to the next one. 😉

    • No problem ,Winky Twinky. It was actually a lot of fun! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Glad you didn’t fall for the ‘ole wanna pet my snake trick thinkin! (That Spaz should be spanked.)

    • Yes he should,Marsha,but I don’t want to be the one to do it!

      • Yea, well I’m not volunteering either. 🙂

      • That’s probably smart,Marsha!

  5. wait! wheres everybody going?

    but we were having so much fun…

    • Awww,Nooter! You can come home with me!

      • woof!

      • Good boy!

  6. Good job! It was great fun. So what if we have few unplanned fires here and there!

    • Exactly,Reforming Geek! Thanks again for being an awesome camper!

  7. Aw, I wish I could have been there…it sounded like so much fun! 🙂

    • It really was,Zan!

  8. Every day is Letters Home day, isn’t it? 🙂

    • At a normal camp,yes,Ian. But at HBDC Summer Camp the rules were quite different.

      • Hehe. Now you know what I meant. 🙂
        BTW, selling a fossil fish on eBay would be more successful with some advance publicity, no? What to do?

      • I say put it on Ebay and trust me someone will find it and it will get a bunch of publicity!

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