Summer Camp!

July 27, 2009

This week is going to be a busy one for me. I’m heading up the Humorbloggers.com Summer Camp so keep your fingers crossed for me that it’s successful. Although I don’t know how much finger crossing will help because normally anything I come up with turns into a catastrophe and leads to mass confusion. Maybe this time will be different though, hell, with all of you crossing your fingers and me getting to partake in a virtual summer camp that will without a doubt be the only vacation I see any time in the near future,what could go wrong,right!?!

OK,so maybe I won’t pack my lighter,and just think positive thoughts and everything should be fine…..just don’t uncross your fingers,and I won’t uncross mine,OK?So Day 1 at HBDC Summer Camp is Craft Day,and is run by no other than our ultimate craft connisseur Mizzdrake. Please do drop by HBDC and check out hers and the other campers creations. I’m sure they’ll put my crafting to shame,but I’d bet I’m the only one who tried to whittle with crossed fingers. And although I almost lost a thumb at one point, I think my final creation turned out beautifully ,don’t you think!?!



  1. Wow. That…hmmm…wait a minute…is…really…something, yeah, hmmmm.

    Okay, then, well, you’re off to a great start, I see. Just hoping you don’t burn down the camp, but judging by Day 1, I’m not very confident. 😉

    I went more for a wood shop creation myself on Day 1.

    • Well I’m hoping not to burn down the camp,Unfinished Rambler. Although I did get a couple sparks when I was whittling!

      • Well, my wood shop creation will be among the first things to go up, along with the cabins. So be careful. 🙂

      • I will, I will!

  2. Oh no! I’m such a bad camper. I suck at crafts so I’m hiding in the woods until it’s over. The last thing I made was a popsicle stick napkin holder. It broke and my grandma threw it out. She never was very sentimental. So I made her a coffin of popsicle sticks. She gave me a wide berth after that.

    • I don’t know why she’d do that,Kathcom. I think a popsicle coffin is a very thoughtful gift. There’s nothing like thinking ahead!!

  3. Yes, well, maybe you should try uncrossing the fingers next time!

    • LOL! Maybe,Reforming Geek. I’m just thankful that craft day is over and tomorrow is Camp Sing Along Day. Surely, I can still try and sing with crossed fingers!

  4. OMG have fun!!

    • Oh I will,Noe!

  5. Oh dear, I’m sure it’ll all be fine – even if your woodwork creation could also be used as effective kindling…

    • Ya know,Millennium Housewife,I never looked at it that way! I just thought……nevermind!

  6. You’re quite the whittler there thinkin.

    Will you be keeping that on the coffee table next to the ashtray from ceramic class?

    • Actually I thought it was so impressive,that I’d wrap it up for a Christmas present for some lucky person!

      • haha. I’d like to see the look on the face of that recipient. You wouldn’t even have to wrap it… you could just tie a bow around it’s… ummm, it’s … oh, never mind. I don’t want to say, just in case I’m the only one that thinks it looks like a… ummm…

        a piece of whittled wood.

      • LMAO! Marsha, I hope you aren’t the only one that noticed that!!!

      • Phew. Okay. Then I’m not the only one. 😉

      • Sick minds think alike,Marsha!

  7. I just found you…I have been reading your older posts ~ thanks for the laughs!

    Nice stick…looks like a penis with gonorrhea (I think)

    • Very good observation,Mango Girl! That’s what I was going for!!!

  8. I knew you’d be good at whittling …… the new breasticals didn’t get in the way then? …. excellent

    • No actually,DP,they were what saved me from cutting off my thumb!

  9. Why’s my comment appeared somewhere random? ….. oh well

    • I think it was because you were amazed by my whittling job!

  10. I might have known where there’s wood there’s a penis involved with you Missy! Good work by the way; hope whoever you gave it too for a present didn’t get a splinter…

    • I haven’t given it to anyone just yet,Surveygirl. Although I must say, people have show a lot of interest in my whittling skills. I just might have to start mass producing!

  11. Awesome! You widdled a winky! Thank God you circumcized it.

    • Thanks for noticing,Mom! To me,circumcision is a must!

  12. […] sponsored by you, Head Counselor ThinkinFyou threatened to burn down the camp and then posted a pornographic picture on her site (we weren’t going to post the picture again, please) that has scarred the mind of our dear […]

  13. […] more Day 1 craft creations, visit ThinkinFYou (whose idea the summer camp was) and Confessions of A Reforming Geek. If you are participating in […]

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