Bruno, Drippingly Funny

July 18, 2009

I just got back from seeing “,Bruno”and my life is complete now.Seriously, if for some reason I got struck dead at this moment I know for certain, I would die with damp panties,and a smile on my face.So if you hear that I keeled over,please tell the coroner to change my panties, but leave my face alone.happy-face-happyface-smiley-300x300 I honestly have been waiting with baited breath since I heard Sacha Baron Cohen,the mastermind behind my favorite movie “Borat” ,had made a new movie,and I must say that even though it wasn’t as good as my favorite, I still give it three orifices cleansed which is quite exceptional by my movie standards that are based on the loss of bodily fluids that the movie can make me expel from my body while watching. Hey, I know it’s not your average Siskel and Ebert rating system but it works for me,you should try it.

Now, for those of you who are not aware of the comic genius that is Sacha Baron Cohen, I say to you to go out right now and rent a copy of Borat,or spend the $7.50 and go see Bruno…now. I promise you won’t be disappointed.The way he submerses himself into these characters,and uses his make believe time to fuck with unaware people, all while sporting a straight face,is beyond me. I found myself experiencing an abundance of different  emotions,everything from shock to being scared for Sacha’s life within the hour and a half running time. Although I wouldn’t recommend you take the family to go see it,and not because you’ll see more penis than the amount that run through the minds of people attending a Cockaholic Anonymous meeting. No, the reasons you shouldn’t let your children view such a fine example of art is for one, you probably don’t want your children to bear witness to the wet spot on your pants as you leave the theater, and for two, spewing carbonated liquid out of both your nostrils hurts(believe me) and can be dangerous for people under age 18.

That being said,if you are over 18,have a decent sense of warped humor,and a love for shock and HA ,go see this movie now.Oh, and be sure to come back and let me know how many of your orifices leaked while viewing!



  1. Wow, opposite end of the spectrum. I watched about 45 minutes of Borat before deciding that Sasha Baron Cohen is mildly retarded. It was the least funny comedy I’ve ever seen that didn’t have Will Ferrell in it. I love the concept of filming a movie where most of the people in it are unaware that it’s a movie, but it could’ve been done much more effectively, in my opinion.

    To each his own, I suppose. I still like ya’, though.

    • CHRIS! I am shocked! I never laughed so hard as I did while watching Borat. I can’t believe you didn’t enjoy it. I just loved the concept and honest impressions you get from the people in the film that have no idea that it’s an act. I find the man a genius!

      • I have to say, I kinda judge all potential friends on whether or not they like SBC. If they’re fans, chances are we’ll be chugging margaritas and making crank calls together by 9 pm. If not, I don’t know if I can ever trust their sense of irony again… And yes. I form all friendships based on a keen sense of irony…

      • OK,Sorcia. I’ll bring the margaritas and my best SBC impressions with me. God, I miss making prank phone calls!

  2. For some reason I could never get into Borat. Maybe I was just in a pissy mood the day our campus screened it but I remember slamming it in ever conversation it ever came up in. Haven’t watched it since so don’t know if I would like it now.

    I went with a friend to the midnight premiere of Bruno, expecting to experience another case of hype letdown. The next day my voice was completely gone from laughter.

    I think that pretty much sums up my opinion.

    • I had my drink spew out of my nose at one part, and my urine was gone from laughter,Kendall. I love it, and it sounds like you did too!

  3. Oh dear ….. can’t stand the man I’m afraid. Mind you, I am an old fart …. mmmmmmm ….. I wonder if I could use wind as a rating system? …. a Beaufart scale perhaps ……….

    • LOL! A wind rating system is genius,DP! Now you just need to review a movie!

  4. I haven’t seen borat, but am looking forward to seeing bruno. To me he seems more appealing then a hairy man in a neon green thong. lol

    • You have to see Borat,Chica! Trust me, I’ve never been into hairy men in thongs either,but after watching Borat for the first time I was ready to make a very hair exception!

  5. Well thinkin, although there were a couple of moments in Borat that made me grin (and I’m being generous here) I couldn’t sit through the entire movie. I won’t hold it against you though.

    But hey, we still have “The Sweater Song” in common. 🙂

    • Really,Marsha!?! Gosh,everyone is making me question my sense of humor here! I love it!!!

  6. Now I must see it, I too was surprised chris didn’t like borat as much, but I’m kinda with him as far as I like the concept more than the actual movie.

    • I loved the movie,Mr. Condescending,both of them! Borat will always be my favorite though. I just love the way he talked ,and fucked with people. Plus the way it showed people’s true colors was quite cringe worthy!

  7. I loved Borat and will make it a point to see Bruno even though I’ve heard mixed reviews.

    • Well it wasn’t as good as Borat,Peach Tart,but I still enjoyed it. I tend to love shocking humor though.

  8. Hey Thinkin…I haven’t seen much tv or movies for quite a while now. I have no idea by what you and everyone is saying if I will like either of these or not, but now I’m curious. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have to give Borat a run…

    • Oh my,Winky Twinky, if you haven’t seen a movie in a long time Borat will probably shock the hell out of you! LOL! You’ll have to let me know what you think after you’re done watching!

  9. Haven’t seen it yet, but I loved Borat. What a retard! I’ll check it out though. It’s my kind of entertainment.
    Back to wet panties. What’s wrong with them? I have to work on a date to get her to have wet panties. Damn!

    • It’s my kind of entertainment too! I think you just have to be the type that doesn’t offend easily. Because he holds nothing back!
      As for wet panties, I never would have taking you as a urine seeker,RedRaider!! LOL!

  10. Nice – I heard a lot of people bashing it…but then I heard stern talk OK of it and now I get the thinking of FU girl approval – i’m game!

    • As long as you don’t offend easily and aren’t a homophobe,Walt,you should LOVE it!!

  11. I am definitely going to see that movie; i just hope that the beer bellied side kick dude that was in Borat will be running around naked with that mag of Pamela Anderson covering his weiner, again

    • Unfortunately,Surveygirl, he isn’t in this one! I was a little disappointed too!

  12. Even watching it in German with subtitles it’s not as good as Borat, but, I LIKE! The hunting and talk show scenes made the movie. Now I’m off to make a sexy time with my mother-in-law.

    NOT Black

    • LOL! FreakSmack! You’ve gotta see the movie without German subtitles. I’m sure that took a little away from it when his penis hole opened up and said his name.

  13. Howdy once again. You’ve been presented with an award over in Maugeritaville. Come see!

    • Woo HOO! Thank you,Chris! I’ll be right over to get it!!!

  14. In true Sacha spirit I’m going to buy your damp panties on Ebay after you die…

    • WOW,VE! I don’t know if I find that endearing or disturbing! Tell ya what ,I’ll will them to you!

  15. Borat was a hoot. He made me squirm. The ads for Bruno look funny. I anticipate more squirming.

    • Looks like you can see into the future,Nonamedufus! I feared for his life more than once in this movie!

  16. Go for it. 🙂

    thinkinfyou (https://thinkinfyou.wordpress.com/) has left a new comment on your post “Best Blog Award”:

    I love what you did with the award! I just might have to take your rebellious creativity and make it my own!!! If you don’t mind!

  17. Thats an all ’round incredibly written post!

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