Popping Off About The King Of POP!

June 27, 2009

I admit that I felt horribly saddened yesterday when I heard of the untimely passing of Michael Jackson,for his music laced through my whole childhood,but I had no desire to blog about my feelings on this matter until today when I read,heard, and saw people bashing this man as a “child molester.”  To which that I have to say , unless Michael touched YOUR pee pee,then you are just speculating. Let’s not forget he was acquitted in a court of law.

Now I know what you are saying “But he has money he just paid the people to go away” and to that I say, yeah,and  he also had the kind of money that he could have went overseas somewhere where people do sell children as sex slaves and purchased one himself, if that what he wanted. I honestly think these parents who claimed that their children were molested by him wanted his money plain and simple, I mean come on if YOUR child was molested would any amount of money make that OK in your book? I think not. Plus who in there right mind would allow their child to spend the night with a grown man? I say shame on the parents for using their children as a cash cow, something I feel is why Michael Jackson was the oddity he was.

Could you even imagine working since the age of 5,being severely abused throughout that so called “childhood?”Not to mention  having the type of fame he had for almost all his life,I don’t think it would be much fun to  not be able to go anywhere without people clawing at you to get a piece of you,and even the people that are close to you  being around to get their piece too.If it was me, I could see trying to transform myself into something unrecognizable and strange. It had to be a very lonely existence. If you look at it that way, I think it’s easy to see why you would want to be surrounded by children that have yet to be corrupted by greed at his expense.

Regardless of whether you agree with me or not on the whole child molester thing , nobody can  deny that the man was a hell of a philanthropist and even made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000 for his efforts. And then there’s his music,which speaks for itself… and will live on in my headphones forever.



  1. That was really sweet TFU and your’e right. My post didn’t touch upon the touching at all, but it was slightly more risque than yours LOL

    • I have to pop over and check it out,Surveygirl!

  2. I’m glad the freak boy is dead. P-E-R-I-O-D. I couldn’t care less whether he was a pedophile or just “pretended” to be one. One less miserable soul is among us. Better for the environment, and I’m all about the environment.

    • I would have never pictured you as a “environmentalist”,Don.You better hope nobody catches you hugging a tree….just think of what people would say!

  3. TFU, you basically said everything I’ve been feeling these past couple of days…I am still in a state of shock and I truly feel as if a part of our collective childhoods has died. I know we will grieve and move on, but it is all the more tragic because with all the money and fame, he never really found what he was looking for.

    • Exactly,Zan! I think he was the perfect case of money and fame don’t buy you happiness…just more problems!

  4. I went the whole chester the molester route, though I would hope no one took Me seriously (it would be the first time ever). Tha man never touched my weiner, but I did here from my 3rd cousin Cindy that her friends boy friends little brother recieved a major toungue bunging from MJ’s butler. So there’s that.

    I always felt the parents of the children should have had negligence charges pressed on them for leaving their children alone for a week at a time with any man or woman they really didn’t know.

    And oh, money and fame can’t buy you happiness, but they can sure as hell get you a cool ass chimp named bubbles, and a roller coaster.

    Cause I’m a smooth criminal

    • FreakSmack,I’m surprised you came out of hiding this morning. I so thought you would still be shaking under your bed waiting for the police to come….nice to see you came out ,and used my Urban Dictionary entry “tongue bunging” like a pro. You make me proud!!!

  5. Police- I wasn’t under the bed, I tried to climb in the attic to hide-out, but, I was too drunk last night and I fell.

    I can’t comment on your blog through bc so I just googled thinkinfyou, cause everything else I have takes me to your old blogspot blog. btw My website comes up before your actual blog when you google it. Why I dunno. Anyhoot looking for your blog I saw the Urban dick, I really like the muff muffled, but tougue bunging worked better.

    • Really,FreakSmack!?! I thought changing my web address would have changed that,see the content warning fucked up everything! FUCKERS!! It still pisses me off!
      Glad you like my Urban Dictionary entries,muff muffled is my favorite too!

  6. The Michael Jackson that existed from 1957-1985 or so was a genius and a humaintarian. From 86 or so on he was, at best, a circus attraction or at worst, a scheming criminal. Either way, he is a lesson in bizarre behavior.

    None of which should be interpreted as “I’m glad he’s dead.” But there was definitely a dark side to the guy that I think we only know a small part of.

    • Don’t get me wrong,Chris, I believe Michael Jackson exhibited very bizarre behavior too,but I just think it really bad Karma to make fun of someone who just died.

  7. Good post. Little by little, I am coming see you as one of those “through thick and thin” kind of friends. That’s rare. And I’m glad you’re my friend (especially with the whole farm animals in the apartment prank and all… haha). Your heart always bleeds through your humor and surprises me in the best kind of way.

    • Why thank you,Bill! I’m glad you are my friend too! I want you to know that you can trust me…to never let farm animals loose in your home!!

  8. Hehehehe, you might want to pop back over to Freaksmacks site, I ummm let the cat out of the bag so to speak…

    As for the Michael Jackson thing, you read my post on it…in my eyes he died a long time ago when he decided being himself wasn’t good enough. What a shame..

    • Ah yes ,Nipster, I did read your comment on FreakSmack,and I’ll let people think what they want.After all we don’t call you “Nipster” for nothing!!
      As for Michael, I just felt like a good part of my childhood died when he did,and believe me a good part of my childhood isn’t easy to come by!!

  9. Hello there!

    Wow a new look! LOL It’s GREAT! I sure haven’t been here in awhile.

    Thanks for the comment on my post, I emailed you the 4-1-1. Just ’cause I can.


    • Nice to see you ,Monica!
      I’m heading over to my email!

  10. As far as the pedo charges against him are concerned, he shouldn’t have put himself in that situation in the first place. Ever. Let alone twice.

    But I do agree that he was a musical genius.

    It’s usually the tortured souls that achieve those great heights though, doncha think?

    • Yes,Marsha, I believe there’s a price for everything,unfortunately.

  11. You see VPL – you’re beginning to make me think that perhaps some people use their own brains – very encouraging …… *star jump*

    • Thank you so much,DP!

  12. I too was saddened by his death. It still seems so unreal. I am glad you are sticking to your guns about him. I loved him from the very beginning, we were the same age. There will be lots of crazy things to come out about his death and I for one am sad. There are some things that should be private even in death. I know that if our lives were dissected like his the world would be shocked too. I think everyone has secrets in their private life they would not want people to know.

    • I think his life had to be hard to live,Ettarose. I’m sure there was no peace what so ever. I couldn’t even imagine,and now even in death it’s like they won’t let it rest. I just feel very sorry for his children!

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