The Sunshine State of Mind

June 24, 2009

I had such good intentions of posting a lot more when I moved into my new space here on WordPress,but the summer days here in sunny Florida have gotten the better of me.  I find myself waking up every morning and rushing to get everything I need to get done inside , just so I can go outside and play in the sun. I’m hooked,and  I don’t know whether it has something to do with the sun power to boost serotonin levels or  maybe somewhere deep down I realize that I’m going to hell so I’ve decided not to waste any time getting use to the heat,but I’ve become quite a worshiper and have the tan lines to prove it.

Now I’m not normally a “outdoorsy” type of girl,in fact you would never catch me hiking up a mountain unless it was made out of shoes or chocolate. But there just something about summer  that makes me want to get out into the elements,my favorite element being water. There is something just so soothing about any type of water that tends to drown all my senses in happiness.

Needless to say,I have been in good spirits lately without having to having to ingest any… just a  natural high that’s ingredients include sun,water,and a HUGE booster….summer music.Now, I don’t know about you,but I believe there are songs that are just meant for summer.For me, they always have an islandy sound and a slower beat.So I’m going to leave you today with one of my all time favorite summer songs. I would love to know what some of your summer favorites are,but I need to get going… before the sun goes down!



  1. VPL and tan lines!!! – you’ll end up looking like a ze……..bra …… *groan*

    • Oh DP,your mind amazes me!

  2. That’s a great song! My summertime songs are anything by Van Halen (reminds me of the summer of the year I graduated HS and was under the impression that life and people in general still operated on a “fair principle” GULP..i was so young!!LOL) and surprisingly enough music that I didn’t like when I was younger but like now – 1960’s and 70’s – DAMN now i wish i would’ve been old enough for Woodstock!!!

    • I love Van Halen too,Surveygirl! I think with age does come a certain respect and maybe a little nostalgia for older music!

  3. Amen! We should get together and do a “woodstock” 3..what do you think? We could get that new FREAKy band God SMACK to open:)

    • Uh,Surveygirl….I think Godsmack has been around for at least ten years! But I love them,and a Woodstock 3 would be loads of fun!!

  4. Okay, cool, I found you again. Not that I’m stalking you or anything. Really, I’m not.

    • I didn’t think you were,Chris!

  5. Please adopt me – We had 4 out of 25 days in June that the sun actually came out and it hasn’t been above 60 for at least 2/3 of month. Have I ever said I hate New England???

    • Oh you poor thing,D! I don’t know how you survive!! I NEED the sun!!

  6. The sun’s nice once the sea breeze kicks in it’s cool. My problem is the 7am 84 degrees with the 86% dew point it’s killer going out.

    • Yeah,I agree,FreakSmack! That’s why you have to have a body of water around to jump into!

  7. Hey, we finally have sun here as well!! Unfortunately it also brought the mug soup with it. Walking outside for five minutes take any bit of energy you once had right back out…But I do love my sun…

    Let me know when Woodstock 3 is…I wanna play barefoot in the puddles too!!

    • You can totally be in on Woodstock 3! Jumping in mud puddles sounds like tons of fun!

  8. I had to come check out the site that Google warns me “could be objectionable”. Pretty good rep to have. 🙂 Nice site!

    • I didn’t think so,George. That’s why I moved!!

  9. I hate wimpy men.
    Just wanted to get that out before I commented on this post. So you’re liking the sun huh? Same here. Besides doing some outdoor work, I’m actually getting back to skiing, cycling and of course lots of swimming. I don’t have a tan line though. Could explain why I always have the pool to myself…

    • Wimpy men,Don?
      Oh well, yep I’m enjoying the sun! I wish I had no tan lines,but I have some perverted neighbors,so I’ll deal with the lines!

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