I’m Here!

June 17, 2009

Hey! Whatcha think of my new place?



  1. I like it! But now I have to go and update my damn link…curse you! ps – It always turns me on when a woman flips me off too. Which reminds me…I need to start that blog where people can upload pictures of themselves flipping me off. I’m hoping the entire world will flip me off…

    • Sorry,VE.Blame the person who flagged my blog for it!

  2. Hey…what happened to my comment? Oh for Pete sakes, let me try again…

    I like it! But curse you…I have to update my link now. Ps – Women that flip me off just turn me on! Which reminds me to start that blog where people can upload photos of them flipping me off. I’m hoping the whole entire world will flip me off…

    • That’s kind of a weird kink,VE. If you do end up starting a “Finger Me” blog,I’d be more than happy to give you a couple!

  3. It’s very middle fingerish…

    • You getting the name now,Shawn?

  4. Well…weird…the comments are showing up but not reflecting that they are. I give up…I’ll send the gnomes over; I’m sure they can much things up to your satisfaction…

    • Thanks,VE. I’m new to this,so I’ll need all the help I can get!!

  5. Helping you move has made me quite hot and bothered …. can I have a shower?

    • Sure,it’s the second door to the right!

  6. Like the colors – it is much airier and seems more spacious.

    Love what you’ve done with the place and I hope you have better neighbors 🙂

    • Thanks,D! I hope the neighbors are nicer too!

  7. Looks finger-lickin’ good!

    • Oh,I wouldn’t lick that finger,Chris…you don’t know where it’s been!!

  8. Me likey! Congratulations on your new spot…I like the new layout beter…and you are so creative in your finger-giving!

    • Thanks,Zan! I think you have to get creative in your finger giving,when you do it as often as I do!

  9. Love it! Welcome to the WordPress Cult. We’re like the hopalong gang, but, you know, profane as all fuck. 🙂

    • Woo Hoo! My kind of people,Sorcia! I should fit in just fine!!

  10. Found it!

    • Hope it was easy enough to find,Valdese Blogger!

  11. Bold move, love the new place! 🙂

    • Thanks,Chica!

  12. I love it! You look SO pretty in all those….col…orss…I like the middle finger pointing to nostril IN BLUE – that one is your …well wait the side check finger shot in pink is nice. too anyway….I see you got a wordpress blog, these are easier to work with, how did you transfer all your biblical scriptiure here without Jerry Fallwells minivan? LOL

    • Thanks,Surveygirl. I wanted to show that you can put your finger anywhere and still have it saying F you to someone.Just my creative side gone wild and severely wrong!

      Actually switching over was simple,and the format here is just as simple. I think I’m going to like it here!

  13. I think i might move my blog (as you know I already have that one blog here dedicated to the holy person from Tibet:) TEll me how to move my thingys (meaning my whole blog) over to Word press when you get a chance k? I love your new color scheme and I can see by the look in your eye that you have a whole bunch of needing- to -be- offended -yet- again- by -you people who will miss being pissed off if they look for your old blog – poor jackasses.LOL

    • Yes,I’m sure I’ll be missed,Surveygirl. I’ll email ya and let you know how to switch everything over!!

  14. Um, you know I made the effort to travel all this way and how am I greeted? Thinkinfyou and the horse you rode in on! (Just kidding. Love the new place. I think you’ve really put your finger on an appropriate design.)

    • I really like “Thinkinfyou and the horse you rode in on”,Nonamedufus. Even though it doesn’t sound like a very warm greeting,but it just might work!

  15. So, is the finger for (a) anyone in particular, or (b) just sort of all of us in general, or, is that (3) a sign of affection these days (crazy kids…)? Because I think I know your heart, I’m going with option C. 😀

    So, are you still going to have the free coffee going over here? Cause, if not, we’re going to have to negotiate the rent. This is so big and spacious and there’s like a bazillion of you all around, and you know how places like this stab at my social anxiety in the worst way…

    Congrats on the new site. Mucho blessings-o.


    • The finger should be seen as a sign of affection,if you’re nice,Bill.Otherwise,it should be viewed as the universal symbol for well,ya know!

  16. And…why did I get a triangle face? What’s up with the triangle face? I don’t like the triangle face! No one else has a triangle face…! I’m NOT happy. I’m telling management. I am.

    • I don’t know why you got the triangle face.I new around here,but I tend to like the triangle face,it’s very slimming!

  17. Okay…fine. I’ll take the triangle face. BUT, ONLY because it’s slimming…

    And, I’ll be nice… If I have to. But I won’t like, I tell you.

    • Oh you don’t have to be nice,Bill. Remember the finger works either way!

  18. Wow, cool. Now I don’t have to get drunk and watch Fantasia anymore to get high. I can swig a little Jack and come here. Really cool. I noticed that you are doing the WordPress thing now. Good. Sorry Google ruined your stat there though. They suck assholes anyway. Oh, and back at ya with the flip!!!

    • Whatever works for you,Don. As for the Google thing,yeah,it did suck,but I think this might be a better fit for me anyways! With this blog at least, when you’re lost you can come here and I’ll tell ya where to go!

  19. TFU – I’ve just become “someones” LATEST ANTI-PC ENEMY, see you at wordpress girly LOL

    • You,Surveygirl? No way! Everyone should LOVE you!

  20. Wow, this is fancy, I miss the click through though.(it made me feel like I was entering a private establishment) I do like the new color scheme, and the new picks are sexy as hell!

    • Give it time,FreakSmack. I’m sure someone will find me objectionable again!

  21. Nice digs. Miss the doorman, though.

    • Thanks,Dr.Faustroll! I don’t miss the doorman at all!

      • I’ve moved as well. Got locked out of the old place, butt nekked and drunk.

      • Cool,Doctor Faustroll! I’ll have to go check your new place out! I hope you’re over your drunkeness,and have some clothes on now!

  22. Wow, a crazy posts!!

    • Thanks….I think,Mutuelle!

  23. THERE you are!! I didn’t know you’d finally found a new home…where have I been? I’m going right now to change my sidebar link… Congrats! I love it!

    • Thanks so much,Winky Twinky!

  24. Thank ! I like the post is crazy!

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