I Object!

May 31, 2009

First off, I feel the need to thank each and every one of you that had to click an extra button to get to this post. It seems someone was offended by the content of my last post and like a little bitch notified Google of their unjustifiable feelings of offense,hence the warning of objectionable content you have to click through to visit me. I want you to know the extra use of your fingers is much appreciated by me.

I’ve spent a lot of time since the warning was issued wondering what the hell someone found so objectionable about my post. Believe me, it was all written with the intentions of good clean fun. But after one scroll through my last post I came away betting my two front teeth that their feelings were derived from this picture,(that surprisingly enough I didn’t have to click an extra button to copy it off the site it originated from) and you can bet your sweet ass I’m going to post it again!See look at him, and tell me how someone can find this man’s well thought out picture to be offensive? His display of colors and confidence makes me smile every time I see it. Personally,I think the person should feel ashamed in taking offense in a picture that is obviously of someone with a severe glandular problem,and I cringe at how this poor man would be treated on the streets if he came face to face with the offended judgmental tattletale that flagged my blog. Thankfully, from the picture you can tell this man has a massive supply of self-esteem and fashion sense,and I for one think more people should take lessons from him.

Now the thought did cross my mind that maybe it wasn’t just the picture of Mr. Glands Gone Wild that prompted the warning on my blog.Maybe someone was uncomfortable with me taking on the role of Breast Quest Guru and wanting to help the world with all the questions of the mammary kind.But how could that be it either? The way I see it is that everyone, boys and girls alike are born with a set right on the front of their body that if you are hygienic enough, you have to come in contact with them daily. Boobs shouldn’t be a shocking thing to anyone. Hell, if you think about it breasts are the first thing even newborn babies are introduced to shortly after their slide out of the womb.That baby doesn’t look the least bit offended ,does it?

I just don’t get why some people are so uncomfortable talking about or even seeing nudity in a non-sexual way. The sad thing is, I think a lot of people are more comfortable seeing an act of violence than a display of the human body.It really makes me wonder what the world is coming to, and if Michelangelo had to deal with this kind of shit too?

Hmmmmm,maybe that’s why he sculpted David barefoot and not with rainbow socks on his feet. If that was the case,it makes me feel sorry for David because everyone knows that horizontal stripes make everyone look bigger…. I guess even Michelangelo could have learned a thing or two from Mr. Glands Gone Wild!



  1. From the looks of the picture, maybe it was the guy with the rack HIMSELF that complained.

    At any rate, clicking that extra button to get to your blog is, in a sense, foreplay. Kinda like that moment of anticipation when you click the “I am indeed over 18” button to get to a porn site.

    So I’ve heard.

  2. Michaelangelo’s David always looks a bit small to me …… it’s all relative I suppose …. tee hee heeeee

  3. I must say when they put the warning on my blog,Chris,it was the first time anyone has said anything I’ve done is adult like.

  4. LOL! DP, I guess size wasn’t anything to be ashamed of back then….and we think we’ve come a long way!

  5. You’re not the first woman today to thank me for the extra use of my fingers. Hey, maybe it’s your comments that got you the warning.

  6. Boobs are AWESOME! Well not man boobs but I don’t take offense.

    It’s time to move your blog to a self hosted wordpress so no little bitch can be bitch. Also, self hosted worpress blogs get more google cred and that means more visitors seeing your awesome tit filled posts!

  7. Ah fuck em if they got offended by my comments,Douglas. I want people to say whatever they want to say.What ever happened to freedom of speech!?!

  8. I don’t know much about WordPress,Spaz. Believe me I will be checking it out though. Thanks!

  9. I will always give an extra click for you.
    I saw nothing offensive, and will proudly display both middle fingers to the jerk-off that reported you
    Keep up the great stuff : )

  10. Awwww! Thank you so much,lot2learn!! I appreciate that!!

  11. Oh sure, now I have to look around while I visit your site from the day care…

  12. I think the rainbow socks add that extra special something to Michaelangelo’s David.

    Those museums get drafty.

    Yours was the second blog I ran into recently that had that interceptive warning notice. Maybe somebody out there is on a trigger-happy roll.

  13. No you don’t,VE. I’m sure those kids still see more breasts than you do!

  14. I wonder if that is the case,Jenn. I wish I knew who it was because I’d love to send them a lovely pair of rainbow socks!

  15. I wonder if that is the case,Jenn. I wish I knew who it was because I’d love to send them a lovely pair of rainbow socks!

  16. Hey, not only do I get a cookie, but I get extras. When I hit that button, I got redirected to my own blog. Apparently I had to reset my own preferences to allow me to see adult content. Hmm, considering I talk about butt monkeys, veggie love, and broken vibrators, you would think Blogger would have done it for me.

    Hehehe, pretty soon Google is gonna hit you with that same NC-17 rating I have… Welcome to the club!

  17. I think someone has to flag you for being offensive,Nipsy. Be thankful,or scared, that everyone that visits your page is either open minded ,or has partaken in some veggie lovin themselves!

  18. You should wear it like a badge of honor. All the cool kids buy CDs with the parental warning labels, why not the same with blogs?

    Actually, do cool kids even buy CDs at all anymore?

  19. I wish I had some boobs! I have balls but no boobs. Damn the bad luck!

  20. I think MP3’s are the rage right now,Shawn. I wonder if Itunes gives out warning before downloading?

  21. I say keep the balls,Noe Noe…you can always buy boobs! Having balls only comes naturally,so consider yourself blessed!

  22. So…,what do I do with these tickets to the sequel of “See With Your Eyes, Not With Your Ears”? Sell’em on e-bay? Or is the movie coming out soon? No fair leaving us hanging. Are you having labor problems with the cast, or what???

  23. Good grief! What a joke… The only person who I would think would find that pic offensive would be the dude in it! Ugh…

  24. I’m afraid you wouldn’t make any money off them,Bill. I have to be far enough away from that situation to be able to write about it. With my daughter’s graduation this weekend,and my father opting not to come….now isn’t a good time to come out with the sequel!

  25. Exactly,Don!!!

  26. I think adult content should mean stuff like car maintenance manuals, tax forms and difficult contemporary poetry, not stuff I’ve been interested in since I was 13.

  27. I like your way of thinking,The Jules!

  28. Well shit (oops, hope that doesn’t cause more trouble)… All I know is, guys LOVE boobies…maybe not man boobies, but still stands. Said complainer might be glad to know this post gained you a follower! So, rock on… 😉

  29. Thank you,thank you,thank you,Winky Twinky!!!

  30. Just fyi: After adding your blog to “My Blog List,” it shows “Blogger Content Warning” instead of your blog name.

  31. WHAT!?! You’ve gotta be kidding me,Winky Twinky! Damn Google!!!

  32. Sorry……. but I tell no lies. Bullshit a LOT… but no lies…

  33. Son. of. a. bitch. I didn’t ever want to see striped-sock-guy again. And yet I did.

    As for the extra click to get here… hey, I’d click twice if I had to. 🙂

    And surely you should know by now… there’s an asshat in every crowd. Whoever whined about your content should be spanked!

  34. Sorry about Mr. Glands Gone Wild,Marsha! I just posted it again to prove a point.

    As for the spanking for the anonymous whiner….I got a paddle ready!!!

  35. What I wouldn’t give to be labeled offensive.
    No, but it’s not that bad. I think more people may actually look because of it. It’s why I checked it out, I knew someone out there was more whacked in the head than me.

  36. thats bullshit, complete bullshit. you shouldnt have that crap coming up, your blog is awesome.

  37. That very well be true,FreakSmack! I’ll be sure to send you my mugshot!

  38. Thank you,Mr. Condescending. I just hope you weren’t being condescending!

  39. nope, 100% serious. Im only condescending in real life and on the blog posts, not to my fellow bloggers.

  40. Well thank you,Mr.Condescending. I tend to think both your blogs rock,and I admire the balls it must take to take embarrassing picture of strangers and live to tell about it!

  41. Aw your the best =)

  42. Not according to Google!LOL!

  43. I know a great plastic surgeon that could make him look even perkier. Just saying.

    Sorry you got ratted on. I don't find the picture or this post offense at all.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  44. I know one that could give him a much needed reduction,Sandee.
    Thank you for not taking offense.
    Have a great one too!

  45. Awesome post; now you should do one about the offended coming out of the closet so to speak and standing up for their right to be a shriveled prune!!!!! (it worked for the ca raisins:)

  46. I think the offended is too much of a coward to come out of anything,Surveygirl. If they weren't they would have commented instead of running to tattle to Google.

  47. Wha? I drop one little comment to Google and this is the thanks I get? 😉

  48. Fucking vaginas !!!!!

  49. Damn you,LL,damn you!!

  50. Dani,is that a general statement,or an idea for my next post?LOL!

  51. I noticed the extra button and was like, "WTF."

    People and their darn objecting. I know people who flag stuff on YouTube on purpose. But then them doing that causes me to have to log in and confirm my identity before viewing the videos.

    A blog is a blog. Instead of complaining, that chic should have just left your site for another.

    But I'll gladly click-through because I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  52. Awww,thanks so much,TCC! I happen to love your blog too!

  53. Getting gated is almost as cool as getting banned. I think I'm gonna lift David for my next insignificant penis SEO post.

    Hmmm. Now that Obama gave GM to the Saudis, the word verification is akbar?

    Bring it on, Google, you pussies!

    No offense. 🙂

  54. I love it! I need to get my blog one of those warnings!

  55. You are more than welcome to take David,Dr.Faustroll. I think he makes everyone with size issue feel better about themselves. Google just doesn't understand that,that's what I'm all about,helping the masses.

  56. Post random pictures of breasts,Hussy.That's all it takes,and trust me you'll have a warning in no time!

  57. Damn. Even my shit doesn't have that stupid fucking button. That picture seriously freaks me out by the way…

  58. Your blog doesn't have the button,ALN,because the only breasts you show are a chicken's. It's a double standard if you ask me!

  59. Excuse me while I crack up…lol @ the socks on the Michaelangelo's dude up there.

    People are like that…..I experienced the same issue because I had a somewhat semi-nude photo so I was told on my blog.
    I myself was miffed at that….but people do have a right to their opinions. Tis what makes the world go around. On the flip side of that very insightful remark…..so do you and there is no one forcing your blog on anyone.

    Tsk…Tsk…I am glad that you managed around the one offended poor soul. Think how very unhappy they must be to worry so much about that poor mans boobs:)

    I enjoy your candid sharing so please do not stop 🙂

    We bloggers are click-addicts…one more click matters not:)

    Have a very good day!

  60. You know, there's another blog I've seen not long ago that had a similar warning, it was a photographer's blog who had posted some ARTISTIC NUDE shots with black bars over the "potentially offensive" bits! Puh-leaze! Someone needs to quit getting their panties in a twist over nothing…..

    I do think Mr. GGW needs some serious liposuction, a "male breast reduction" wouldn't hurt either…to be honest when I first saw it I had a bit of an "OMG what the heck is that??" reaction. (No, it wasn't me that flagged your blog, I'm not THAT oversensitive!)

  61. Thanks so much,Dorothy!

  62. I feel the same way about Mr.GGW,Ruth. The first time I saw him I laughed and then puked a little in my mouth!

  63. That guy needs to lay off the hormone drugs.

    As for the people who tried to regulate your content, they can suck it.

  64. I didn't even think of that,Freetheunicorns. Ugh,I don't think he's going to make a very pretty woman,if that is the case.

  65. I just have to say again How UNDEAD witch hunts still are….people wear their "right to complain" like a fashion statement, which is most cases, is the only fashion they can claim…Oh well, i guess they're our tests in life (i've flunked them all so far)

  66. My feelings exactly,Surveygirl!

  67. WTH…Did EC do some crap to you now? It says "No such user"

    After going through all this, we really need to see the new girls.

  68. Shit,I don't know,DOM! I thought it was just my computer not letting me on there today. I guess I'm getting shunned by everyone!

  69. Funny!

  70. Thank you,Dwacon! At least someone gets it!

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