Virtual Mardi Gras A BUST!

May 20, 2009

So much for the virtual Mardi Gras that I had planned here on WQTVIMH. Through my last post I have come to the realization that a lot of my readers may be visual learners but really are just a bunch of prudes in disguise. What is the world coming to people? What happened to share and share alike? Here I was more than willing to show the fruits of my plastic surgeon’s labors,and all I asked in return was tit for tit,and only three gentlemen were kind enough to share their man mammaries with me. So to Daddy Papersurfer,LL and The Jules, I thank you for your thoughtful and selfless acts. KNOW that your six will be my favorites forever. As for the rest of you holding your boobs hostage, I want you to know that since you left it up to my imagination to decide what you look like topless,well…..this is you to me…..

And yes, be thankful that I picture you with a lovely pair of rainbow socks on… they make you look like you’re a sexy beast, with a killer sense of style…you can thank me for it later.

Now I feel a need to award my fair and faithful blog readers that shared their charitable chesticles with me… it’s only right to keep my end of the bargain. So I’ve decided to post multiple pictures of what could be pictures of my new rack and only let the three bustkateers in on my true identity. Here goes……

1.Could this be me?!? Maybe I didn’t get a breast augmentation . Maybe I took the money and decided to go on a safari in Africa instead? And while there finally got my fifteen minutes of fame when I made the cover of National Geographic? Hey, it could happen!

2.How about this one…..did the cop take pictures of my loveliness when I got pulled over last week? I am quite a vision in pink. Come on, you know you couldn’t ticket my big load of sweetness either!!

3.Or did I take the advice of Surveygirl and save money by just going for the uniboob look that she swore to me was going to be all the rage this summer? I’m still keeping my fingers crossed I made the right decision.

4.Or finally, is this angelic but bruised, bad Myspace angled picture of yours truly?
Only the three bustkateers will know for certain!



  1. TFU – We need to talk about what a UNIBOOB actually is and where it’s suposed to be located in order to obtain maximum cleavage and dy-rect the eye of the beholder to the “center or (NIP PULLL)” As Jim Carey so aptly quoted in PASSWORD during his award- wining drama The Cable Guy – Tell me the photo of YOUR uniboob is a joke PLEASE..
    A true UNIBOOB is NEVER located in the upper left region of the chest – See, the picture on this post of your UNIBOOB is actually a depiction of a “Hemi Boob”; the hemi boob is only considered attractive by 1. patrons of dating services that cater to those interested in dating bi-lateral masectomy persons (and you have to sign up on their dating service before posting)or 2. Patrons of those small villes and backwater towns in states such as Tennessee where the Bubbas and Opies who make up the male sector are grateful to see ANY boob at all.
    PS- the pic of that guy in the rainbow socks with the MOOBS? Please tell me where you found that; that was a private, for my-eyes-only pic of my exhusband. At least give me $5 for the legal use of it. At any rate, You are always the UNIBOMB(r) in my book…

  2. That guy in the striped socks made me throw up in my mouth. Hopefully yours look better. 🙂

  3. Uh… I’m going to pretend it’s number 2…, only because I feel a lot more comfortable in thinking of you (no pun intended) in that way. Call me lame… Capiche?

  4. Well, thanks to that rainbow socks picture, I’m no longer able to have children. Thanks for that.

  5. LOL!Surveygirl,NOW YOU TELL ME!! Looks like it’s back to the plastic surgeon for me!!

  6. Mincognita,how do you think it makes me feel that I have to imagine my readers that way now!

  7. Well I see you as the sock guy now,Bill….and I’m not to comfortable with that either!

  8. So you are saying that I helped all mankind then,Shawn,right?

  9. girl, I like you so much, you are fun. All these pictures are great. I vote for the last pic

  10. Ouch! Obviously I didn’t convey my thought correctly. Just meant the photo at the bottom (#4) is too hot for an old married guy like me to comment on…

    Really? ME? – the sock guy?? Wow.

    Well, anyway, Go MAGIC! 1-0! Go Lakers! 1-0!.

    By the way, SG46, I’m from Tennessee originally. But that’s cool.

  11. Well… I know #4 isn’t the real one, that’s for certain. You’re not the kind to wear a polka dot bikini…

    Now the car shot… that looks more like you had the girls lifted… 😉

    At least you posted my good pic… But dammit… now I want a pair of rainbow socks.

  12. Ok rainbow socks man chic thingamajig has bigger tits than me…what a shame !!

  13. Thank you for emailing me the real pictures of your new boobs …. I must say they look excellent …. although I might have chosen another colour myself.

    I promise to keep them under my hat which might cause the odd raised eyebrow ……..

  14. Thank you,Lazyking….but how do you know it’s not actually me in the socks!?!LOL!

  15. True, Sock boy Bill,but I still think Cleveland will go all the way!

  16. You’ll have to give me your address,LL….I’ll go ahead and mail ya some rainbow socks along with the answer.

  17. He does have an awesome rack,doesn’t he,Dani!! LOL!

  18. Don’t keep them under your hat,DP….I wouldn’t want you walking around looking like a boob head,it just wouldn’t be right!

  19. ROTF! The picture of whatever in the rainbow socks is just wrong!

  20. Yes it is,Noe Noe,yes it is! LOL!

  21. I think the FBI is now watching yo after those Google searches!! LOL!

  22. LOL!Hussy, I’m sure I’ve been on their list for awhile!!

  23. I know that you never posed for National Geographic; however, the portrait of you is beautiful. Nice boob job, but not sooooo much sun please.

  24. I know,I know,Don, I need to use sunscreen on my whole body not just my face. I’m sure it’ll even out for me soon!

  25. How much did you spend on the surgery, cos obviously the more you paid the bigger they’ll be.

    You pay for the surgeons inflation time you see.

    Also, where are my mardi gras beads?

  26. I didn’t realize that,The Jules.

    Oh,give me your address and I’ll send the beads your way!! Thanks for being one of my three Bustkateers!!!

  27. This is a trick question, right? If I say #4 then everyone is going to laugh and tease me for picking the transvestite, right? Why do you have these hard contests all the time?!?

  28. This is a trick question, right? If I say #4 then everyone is going to laugh and tease me for picking the transvestite, right? Why do you have these hard contests all the time?!?

  29. FIRST TIME on your site and I love it. I think. I almost puked and almost was turned on. good job – I’ll be back.

  30. OUCH,Tony,OUCH! BTW…there is NO tuckage in that picture!

  31. Isn’t that what it’s all about,Lamaworks? Come on back!!

  32. You said moobs.



  33. You amuse easily,don’t ya Mike?

  34. Can I play with the moobs?

  35. You’ll have to ask the guys,Static. Women don’t have moobs!

  36. And I thought DP had strange commenters……………..

  37. Yes he does,Gitwizard….I’m one of them!!

  38. @Thinkinfyou – Yes, I know. I was asking your permission if I could play with my moobs. So can I? Ah feck it..I am anyway.

  39. @Thinkinfyou – Yes, I know. I was asking your permission if I could play with my moobs. So can I? Ah feck it..I am anyway.

  40. Thanks for the visual,Static!

    • My pleasure. =)

      • Your pleasure,Static? You didn’t share!!!

  41. WOW!Margo,now that’s a huge burden to carry. I would never want breasts that big! Poor woman!!

  42. Okay, I’ve had plenty of time to reconsider my first comments about my fears of picking the wrong picture and being made fun of. I need to buck up and just put my wildest guess out there and say, um… er… Is it number four? I see no tuckage (thank you for pointing out the tell tale factor, Thinkinfyou) and I do see lots of polka dots and pink ribbons which leads me to believe that #4 is most likely (but not necessarily) the real deal. Maybe we need further and higher resolution photographic evidence on which to base such choices.

  43. Want,want,want,Tony! What makes you think it’s not 1,2 or 3? I thought I made a lovely African woman.

  44. I’m a first time reader of this blog. Rainbow socks made me feel dirty, then I vomited. Strangely I know I’ll be returning.

  45. Sorry about that,FreakSmack…..hopefully you won’t hold it against me!

  46. Sorry about that,FreakSmack…..hopefully you won’t hold it against me!

  47. I am finally speechless 🙂

  48. Oops! Sorry,Dorothy!

  49. omygod thats hysterical. that rainbow socks guy probably is sitting in some trailer still wearing them.

  50. omygod thats hysterical. that rainbow socks guy probably is sitting in some trailer still wearing them.

  51. Well wouldn’t you too,Mr. Condescending? I mean come on he looks awesome in them!

  52. I no longer want to taste the rainbow.. In fact, I will NEVER taste the rainbow..

  53. Oh come on Nipster,I’m sure his skittles are scrumptious!

  54. Congratulations!!! You have won the “content warning” award from Google. Today, I got the content warning page first and I had to agree with Google’s terms and conditions before I could enter your blog. They said your site is objectionable. Hmm… I don’t see what the fuss is about.

  55. I guess I’m moving up in the world,Carl. Google noticed me!! LOL!

  56. What a great post. I love it.

    Now I see why there was a Google warning before entering the site. LOL. SWEET!

  57. You’ve been flagged! But according to the content warning page… somebody ratted you out! Where is the moob hating bastich… I’ll sick Dani on ’em!

  58. Congratulations boob girl! Not on the boobs, the content warning. Wish I was objectional, maybe I should show you my manboobs after all! Or I could show you funnier pictures! LOL!

  59. TCC,LL,and Mr.New Dilemma,
    Yes,I’ve noticed the damn content warning on my blog…..I’m writing a new post to address this injustice!

  60. Its the last one, simply because the file name is week 1. But then again were you to lift your shoulders that high in that short time? LOL

  61. Maybe,maybe not,Chica! LOL!

  62. You look like Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter sitting in that orange Mercury Bobcat

  63. LOL! FreakSmack,maybe that’s who I’ll be for Halloween this year!

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