A Song Showdown!

May 13, 2009

You know there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get a song stuck in my head.It usually happens sometime in the early morning and I end up spending the better part of my day singing and dancing away. I’m not complaining though, considering I don’t see a better way to spend life than dancing it away. The only part lately that I’ve been having a little bit of trouble with is since last week I’ve had to conflicting songs in my head,and one has yet to reign supreme. So with that I decided to have a virtual battle of the bands on my blog and let you decided which song you like better.

Song number one is “Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3. The song is quite catchy and the video is adorable as fuck. Lyrically they make me laugh anyone who comes up with lines like “You tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef ,that I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t fucking scared of him.”and “Shush Girl,Shut your lips, do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.”, wins a huge gold star in my book….just genius and will have you shakin your moneymaker even if you’re broke. I love it but I wanna know what you think.

3OH!3 – Dont Trust Me (Official Video) – 3OH!3

Song number two is just as catchy. The only thing I don’t like is that there are some Spanish speaking parts that I have to botch my way through seeing as my Spanish isn’t as caliente as it used to be. Still I find myself putting on my best thick Spanish accent and just going for it. Believe me, it’s quite addicting too! I’ll let you decide though what you think….too many pain killers or are you screaming Ay Papi too?

So there you have it… my battle of the bands this week. Tell me what you think and if you don’t like either one, tell me what song you’ve got stuck in your cranium and maybe we’ll have to battle them out too!



  1. Hmm…looking through your playlist above, it doesn’t appear that you have the absolutely WORST taste in music ever seen, so I’m not sure how to account for these two songs. Yeah, I’m going with the painkillers.

  2. Shawn,I find it funny you make fun of my musical taste but you don’t give any of your own.Give me something to come back with!

  3. Wellll…my guilty pleasure is 80s hair metal, so yeah, glass houses and all that.

  4. I’m going to stop with you now,Shawn.You make it wayyy to easy to blow your house down. I love 80’s hair band shit too but I know well enough to leave that shit in the closet!

  5. I’m gonna go with Option C, the pain killers, on those songs… ha! Sorry.

    However, that being said, from your play list I really like Chevelle (Send the Pain Below).

    Also, I notice the Pearl Jam trac. Interesting ‘me fact’: When my wife and I were dating, we shared an apartment in San Diego (1985) where we lived down the hall from Eddie Vedder and his girlfriend, at the time, Beth. In those days they were just “Eddie and Beth down the hall”. Who knew?

    Pretty exciting, huh? Yeah. I know.

  6. Hey isn’t it a little early in the week for this post so soon after your boob job? I mean you must have copious amounts of armpit hair to trim down with the weed whacker and all by now..how can you type when you can’t raise your arms not only because of the pain, but because the pit hair is too heavy?

    You must be using some secret, “I just had a boob job and I’ll have my tax preparer post to my blog while I heal” deal, right?

    Speakin’ of boobs btw, how they hanging?


  7. I definitely liked the first one better. It was hilarious and catchy.

  8. I love Chevelle too,Bill. My musical taste change with the day.I love everything,or well at least I’m open to listen to anything with a beat.
    Your Eddie Vedder fact is really cool.So tell me, was he a nice guy?

  9. I am able to shave now,Static. Actually I’m doing quite well. I got my stitches out yesterday and have to massage them into place. I’m really quite surprised after a week and now I haven’t been on pain killers for a couple days that I feel this good!

  10. JULIET!!!! Where is your blog!?! I checked the other day and it was gone! I hope you’re not leaving the blogging world….I’d miss ya too much!

  11. Your secret is safe with me =)

    ps that happens to me alot- stuck songs in the noggin!

  12. Damned! What the hell did the boob doc do to your head? You have those songs stuck in your head huh? I thought Oscar Meyer B-O-L-O-G-N-A was tiring. Go see a shrink. Now!

  13. Do you love it or hate it,Noe Noe Girl?

  14. LOL! I don’t need to see a shrink,Don! Besides…I’ve been banned from most of them in town :o)

  15. Damn you Damn you.. I now have the second song stuck in my head.. spanish words included.. Not that I’m making sense of them..

    Oh, and I’m also a non-secret 80’s hair band lover.. and a hard metal lover.. believe it or not.. Nothin like driving down the freeway blaring out D.O.P.E.’s Die… I aim it at every bad driver out there..

  16. Supposedly the Spanish lyrics are quite dirty,Nipsy. Not that I would know and even if I did understand,I’d still sing along.

    My love for 80’s music is no secret really to anyone.I’m a child of the 80’s how can you not love the music!?!

  17. Ok Number 1 is funny because the words are a crack up but No 2 (no doody punz please) gets me thinking I have rythm which is always scarey so i say HAVE A BATTLE slick chick!!! Will you be playing air guitar with them? where do we buy tickets?

  18. I didn’t care to much for the second video myself. Granted, I will say it was a little catchy, but, not catchy enough for me to want to catch whatever it has, lol. As for the first video, though, it totally cracked me up. Not something I would normally listen to but, yeah, it was a hoot so I enjoyed it. However, about that 80’s hair metal music you all happened to mention; now “that’s” more my cup of tea. Woohoo!!

    PS: I sure do LOVE your blog, it’s super! 😉

  19. Actually I’m an awesome air guitar player,Surverygirl….but I won’t be pulling my pretend Fender out for this one!

  20. I think I like the first one better myself,Misstified. What’s your favorite 80’s metal band? Maybe next week I’ll have to battle out two from the 80’s.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the blog love and the visit!!

  21. Apparently the second vid isn’t available in my country/domain ….. oh well. I haven’t got anything rolling around in my head at the moment …… except the pea of course ……

  22. Well at least a solo pea doesn’t make much noise…must be nice in your head,DP!

  23. I like the one by the pit bull one best, but I like 30H3 okay, when I can’t understand what they’re saying.

  24. LOL! Margo,so you like em better when you can’t understand them….I feel that way about a lot of things!!

  25. Eddie Vedder…, yes, as I remember it, a nice guy. Best as I recall, I was in their apartment once and bumped into them in the hallway on occasion. I didn’t even know that we had lived down the hall from THAT particular “Eddie” until a few years later when a friend that had lived there with us told me who he had gone on to become…

    Oh…, and you did, indirectly, infect me with the Swine Chevelle all day. Have had that song in my head from the moment I got up. So, though not one of your…interesting… choices, you infected me with song all the same.

    O’contagious one…

  26. O’contagious one…thankfully I’ve never been referred to as such before,Bill.

    My interesting tastes for this week were just two new songs that seem to stick with me for awhile. They are both fun and silly songs and after the week I had last week, I needed something light. Normally my musical taste span the spectrum staying a little longer with music that seem to be fill with passion.You know the kind where you can feel what the person is singing about whether it’s love,pain,loss,or anger….you feel it. Just had a much needed change of pace this week.
    So go to sleep tonight Bill, and hope that your slumber will cure your Swine Chevelle sickness.If it doesn’t though….just be thankful it doesn’t itch!!

  27. Sweet Josaphina! You’d listen to those on purpose?

    Oh… BTW, that’s Portuguese, not Spanish. Perhaps that’s why you no comprende…

  28. Yes I would,LL. You have to be open to all music…well at least that’s my motto.

    Really Portuguese? You,from Idaho knew that? Amazing!

  29. Okay, since you like so many of the same artists I do, I had high expectations here.

    “Don’t Trust Me”…… I hate it but I’m not in hate with it.

    Since you’re under the influence of Percocet, try “The Sweater Song” by Weezer. 🙂

  30. Sorry to disappoint you ,Marsha. But,we do have something else in common….I LOVE Weezer too!!!

  31. I've had a song stuck in my head for about six months, though I must warn you it's white trash as hell, but that's just how I roll.

    I doubt the link will work but is shure is catchy

  32. I love Hank Williams,FreakSmack! Any red blooded American does!

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