Keep My Nose Out Of Your Business

February 10, 2009

So I went to have a CT scan done of my nose yesterday,and made the mistake of telling people that I hoped the results would show that I have a deviated septum so I could get the nose job that I’ve always wanted. I was amazed by the reactions I got and to find out that a lot of people are so against plastic surgery. I heard everything from “You better be careful , you could end up looking like Michael Jackson.” to my favorite,”Why do you want plastic surgery,you’ve already got a husband?” Isn’t that some shit!?!I know,I couldn’t believe it myself.I don’t know about you but I don’t see plastic surgery as a bad thing. Sure, people can go too far with it,like Michael Jackson,I think he has had a couple too many nose jobs,but for someone who named their kid Blanket,and still likes to have sleepovers with prepubescent boys…I think his love of nose jobs is the least of his problems.
As for the idea that being married should some how make me lose my desire for much needed self-change,well that’s just preposterous. Tell me what the ring on my finger has to do with the nose on my face? Nothing,right!? You know what,fuck em! I don’t care what anyone says I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I do get an insurance covered nose job,and why? Because it will make me feel better. Hell, I think the only other thing that would make me feel as good would be if people would learn that…..



  1. Oh damn..that’s one hell of a rant… 🙂 All I got to say is do what makes YOU happy and screw the rest !!!

  2. get a good doctor all right:)

  3. Thanks,Dani!!

    I sure will,Alexis-Marie!

  4. Wha?

  5. Disgustingly gross picture of Jacko. I say do your own thing, but don’t come out of it looking like a cat. Or Joan Van Ark.

  6. You go girl! It’s your freakin nose, tits, chin and ass. If you want to uplift, sculpt, and suck all of those you go for it.

  7. Duct tape,LL,duct tape.

    I promise I won’t,MWAP. LOL!

    LOL! Thanks,Ettarose!

  8. When I look at the picture of MJ it makes me want to stay clear of anyone making claims they can fix anything!

  9. True,NNGAQOAT. But I think that his is a case of way too many nose jobs,and too much money too!

  10. Wedding ring as a nose ring? – just a thought ……tee hee

  11. I think Hindu people actually do that,DP.

  12. Good luck – hope your septum is a complete deviant!

  13. LOL!Awwww thank you,The Jules!! Me too,me too!!

  14. I’m a naturally nervous person so I worry any time anyone, no matter how qualified, takes a knife to me unless it’s medically necessary. Besides, looking at your picture I doubt you could improve on what you’ve already got.

  15. Awww,Joel,you are just too sweet. If I have the surgery it will be medically needed if I have a deviated septum.So it’s a win win!

  16. I FANTASIZE about someone clocking me in the face (on purpose or accident, doesn’t matter) and then having to get the nose job I’ve always wanted! Get outta my brain, lady!! 🙂

  17. So you understand,Sassafrasjunction!?! Well thanks for the advice of looking to get punched if the deviated septum doesn’t go my way!

  18. Omg. I love that saying. Never heard it before but will have to memorize it now because it’s priceless.

    Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.

    So saying that the next time somebody needs to just shut the hell up!

  19. I love it too,Jules!!

  20. Rock on Thinkinfyou. No ones fucking business but your own. I hate it when people judge over something that might make you feel better.

    I’ve always told my wife I didn’t think she needed a boob job. But I also tell her to just go and get one, if that’s what she wants. Like I’m gonna complain if she gets bigger boobs?! Not likely…like ever.

  21. Exactly,Tim!! Keep your fingers crossed that my septum is beyond deviated!!!! :~)

  22. It has been so long since I have browsed the blogging world. Life has been getting in the way lately.

    I gotta tell ya – I clicked on your blog and that smile came to my face. Thank you for always making me smile. As for the plastic surgery critics – SCREW THEM

    Do what feels right and good for you. If I could afford it and wasn’t such a wuss to boot, I’d be the liposuction queen!

    keep writing

  23. Life has the tendency to do that sometimes,D. I hope everything is OK with you and yours.

    I’m glad I made ya smile!

  24. Go for it…knock yourself out! Hell, while you are at it ask them to do a little boob job and a tummy tuck. Not that you need them of course, but it doesn’t hurt to get as much done now than when you get older.

  25. I would love the boob job,Don,but I don’t have a need for a tummy tuck yet.Thank you!!

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