My Sense of Humor Still Has Peach Fuzz

January 26, 2009

Looking back over my old blog entries,I have come to the conclusion that instead of becoming a better writer over time, I’ve developed the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy.Yes,it’s true. I don’t know when this happened,but it’s plain to see that I no longer try to wow people with a plethora of funny things, now it’s all just penis and poop for me. What must this say about me? Don’t answer that question! Just trust that I’m aware that I’ve gotta find a way to expand my humor range and push myself through this phase of humor puberty I seem to be stuck in.

But, I think I need help figuring out what else is funny? If you think about it, it’s safe taking pot shots at poop because you can’t offend it.And as for penis well we all know they just like attention whether it’s good or bad doesn’t matter as long as it’s not forgotten about.So what else is there? I don’t know. I have scoured my brain and everything that I’ve come up with isn’t funny in my eyes.

Like first,I thought maybe I could be one of those people who post LOLz Cats everyday of the fucking week until their blog starts to resemble a dirty litter box.For some reason people love that shit…I don’t get it. You see for me a LOLZ Cats blog would never work because every time I see one instead of thinking, oh that little kitty is so cute, I start thinking how I’d like to start a campaign to spay and neuter the fucking LOLZ Cats so they’ll stop multiplying . I’ve even contemplated calling up Bob Barker and see if he wants in on the deal,now that he’s not hosting The Price Is Right.I’m sure he has some free time. The only thing that has stopped me is that I know there are some dangers with this plan like I’d have to worry about being felt up by the old geezer.Ewww! I think Rod Roddy being dead and all, has a better chance of making me”Cum on down” my leg. I guess I’m not ready to take a wrinkled one for the team,or to start posting LOLz Cats. Then I thought about putting my own personal spin on political humor,but there’s a couple problems with that idea. For one,I hate politics. And for two,I think making fun of politicians is sort of like making fun of everyone’s stupidity,not just the politicians. Honestly aren’t we the people who put them in office to begin with? When you look at it that way,it’s not so funny is it?
OK how about if I started channeling the witty mommy blogger that must be inside me somewhere? I mean, come on I popped three children out of my lady love hole,surely there must be a mommy blogger inside me somewhere! Right? Well on second thought, my children mirror my humor perfectly,it really wouldn’t change much of the funny on here. Plus, I’d have to worry about having Children and Family Services called on me because my children’s love of bodily function humor goes above and beyond normal,and who wants to deal with that again? Not me!I’m at a loss,and am still stuck in my prepubescence boy mind.So if you wouldn’t mind helping me out… tell me, what do you think is funny? And if it’s anything like the image below….maybe we could start a support group.



  1. lol!
    Channel those thoughts then!!
    Just pick a topic and write!! 😛

  2. I’ll try,Clarisse!!

  3. HA!

  4. Funneh commentz, I haz it.


  5. LOL!Tiggy,that’s a great LOLz Cats impression!

  6. Danm! I thought I was the only one with that penis suit! Oh, wait. I just noticed that one is the “small” size. I have a different one, sorry.

    I am sure you can make us laugh with any subject. Great pics by the way.

  7. C~ Dont change a thing~I like you the way you are! Plus coming here wouldnt be the same!
    Now about that costume….?

  8. I can’t even imagine what the larger size suit would look like,Dwayne. I’m sure it’s a hit with the ladies though.

  9. Awww thank you,NNG!

  10. OH. MY. GOD. He’s growing dicks like worts. How utterly terrifying. Does he expect vaginas and/or hairy a-holes (depending on his preference) to flock to him in packs like a blow up doll?

    I seriously want to know where you would buy something like that? Who makes this shit?

  11. My guess would be someone with a twelve year old boy’s sense of humor,Jules.

  12. Man what a dick wad! HA!

    I love your sense of humor ya perv. 😉

  13. My most popular posts have been on poop. It’s a subject you can’t go wrong with. I think we’re all 12-year-old boys deep down, yes, even the girls. 😉

  14. See I am like you, anything with poop or penis is funny. Peni are really funny when you turn them upside down and make them wiggle. Cracks me up!

  15. Thanks,Trukindog…..I think.

    So what you’re saying,UnfinishedRambler, is that we are all fecalfeliacs,right?

    Ettarose, you have to be careful doing that, Hun. Those things spit!

  16. You can’t go wrong with poop, I always say.

  17. You’re a man after my own heart,Sean!

  18. The reason that humor works is because deep down, all Blog readers revert to 12 year old boys.

    We get the Beavis and Butthead “huh huh” chuckle going, and point fingers and laugh at stuff that “normal” folks just wouldn’t be caught DEAD doing.

    Thus, it works, and works VERY well.

    I’ve gotta say, you’re even more 12 than I am.. Are you sure you’re not 13, and lying about your age like a typical woman? *wink*

    Great post!!

  19. Uh,no I’m not 13 physically,Jormengrund. Mentally,maybe,but physically,no way.

  20. I was going to leave you a comment this a.m., but my ‘puter was wonkey. Now I forgot what it was. I’ll leave this one. Some Pinoy left it for me at BC. “I enjoy your site plz. I kissed your blog. Hope you to return and do same.”

  21. I get comment like that too at BC,Don. They weird me out!

  22. First, where the hell are you surfing to, to find pictures like “Dick Boy” there? Thanks for showing us what “Buzz Lightyear” looks like without the space suit on.

    I don’t think you really ever loose the 12 year old boy inside of us all. I remember when Jack Ass the Movie came out. We were living in Miami, and went to see it on a whim. We were surrounded by 80 somethings, laughing their asses off right along with us. Though we didn’t need to suck on oxygen in between laughs.

  23. I don’t remember what I googled to find him,Tim. All I know is as soon as I saw it,I was sold!

    So you are saying that there’s no hope for me?

  24. I’d rather have a 12 year old boy’s sense of humor than none at all – which describes a lot of people I know. You don’t have to change a thing to keep people reading. But if you do, I’m sure it will still be great.


  25. I don’t understand people with no sense of humor.I think I would rather lose a limb, than lose the warped one I have.

  26. slapstick is funny. like when the human trips and spills his dinner on the floor, thats both funny and enormously satisfying.

  27. I wonder if that would translate well to print,Nooter? I’m definitely clumsy.Maybe I just need to have a camera follow me around for awhile.

  28. Screw everyone else and what they think!! Poo is always funny.

  29. Somehow I knew that you’d understand,THH! Thank you!!!

  30. I was going to leave a funny comment but I am weirdly turned on by that dildo suit… can’t think straight.

  31. I’m thinking I need that support group.

  32. I know,Bee. The testicles on his chin are enough to make any woman a little hot and bothered….you are not alone!!

  33. OK,Dani. We gotta come up with a name for it.

  34. Just keep posting pictures as funny as that and you will be set.

    I do know what you mean I have resorted to the same thing on so many levels. I feel like I am in middle school again. A place I never wanted to be again.

    As some genius wrote on my blog when I apologized for nearly going down the mommy blog road. “who cares as long as it is funny?”

    As for the cats. Preachin’ to the choir sister except for Daisy the Curly Cat. That one is wonderful.

  35. Thanks for the comment,Jen. I’ll have to check that one out.

  36. But they’re so small…was this the bargain dick suit?

    You did a great funny covering LOLZ Cats. I’m guessing you could be funny on most subjects.

  37. Thanks,VE!

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    i can also have your blog URL linked to my site if you want so to increase your blog traffic.

    I’ve also dropped you an Ecard. 😉

    thanks! keep it up!

  39. Thanks for the visit,Ranran.

  40. I tried a wee bit of political humor when Obama got elected and I thought I was going to be gunned down! As far as I’m concerned, I wish they’d either shut the mommy blogs down or require that they blog in the back room where we don’t accidentally run into them while looking for something INTERESTING.

  41. That statement,Dana,makes me want to stick to poop jokes.

  42. One of my most-commented blogs was actually about my need to shave the cat’s ass.
    True. And I had been afraid to post it!
    Some people’s kids.

  43. So do you think people liked it for the ass or cat part,Pearl?

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