Merry Sickmas!

December 19, 2008

This holiday season has been like no other in Thinkinfyou family history,and I sure hope the trend that has colored this Christmas season doesn’t become tradition in our house.Now normally we celebrate the holidays like most people by putting up our Christmas tree,stringing twinkling lights over anything that doesn’t move quick enough,baking cookies,wrapping presents,and spreading holiday cheer on even unexpected strangers….we really get into the season.

Unfortunately this year I have done none of the above because I have been too busy partaking in the horrifying wonder I now so unlovingly refer to as, Sickmas. Sickmas season came quick this year, starting the day after Thanksgiving,when the first of my three children came down with a week long medication required illness,that he was kind enough to share with his two other siblings. He is such a giver that way. And although his illness was quite time consuming and costly, it wasn’t creative enough for his sisters,so they stepped it up a notch and added to the list of symptoms throwing in twice the amount of vomiting, spiking fevers ,and doubling the duration of the funk for good measure I assume.

This new found holiday in our family has left me quite exhausted and unprepared for Christmas that is now only six days away. I’ve been freaking out about how much I have to accomplish in such a short time to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true,that I made myself sick in the process.So I had no choice other than to go to the medicine cabinet that is stocked with enough flu medicines that could keep a meth lab in business for months, and down some Nyquil in hopes of finding some relief for my mind and flu symptoms combined.About thirty minutes into a Nyquil induced high I had an epiphany, I thought I’m not going to worry about creating the perfect Christmas anymore.I’ll do what I can ,but if it doesn’t get done,there is always tons of empty prescription bottles,clean bedpans,and boxes of tissues around that I can wrap up ,and put under the tree on Christmas morning.And when my children unwrap them and start to cry because a pill bottle is no where near the fun that the new bike they wanted would have been,I’ll just have to look at them and explain that Santa gave them the priceless gift of health this year,so they should be fucking happy. Ah,yes this should be a joyous Sickmas indeed!



  1. LMAO. Your last line made me squirt water through my nose. Better than from somewhere else I suppose.

    Throw some NatGeo pictures of 3rd world starving children in there for good measure.

  2. I’m glad my sick reality made you laugh,Erebus.

    I wish it was a joke!!

  3. Awwww…sorry. Follow the Nyquil with a shot of your favorite liquor. It won’t cure shit, but you’ll not care.

  4. Ah. Sorry you’re sick, T.

  5. I’m not much of a drinker,Don. I’m such a light weight that just the Nyquil will do me in.

  6. Thanks,Jules!

  7. Welcome to our holiday. This has been the way our Christmas has been for awhile now… Every year we say that we are going to start shopping earlier and earlier then something happens that puts us behind.

    But trust me it gets easier after they find out about Santa. Then you can tell them before Christmas their not getting shit so just stay in bed!

    Hope you feel better

  8. Get well soon! And Merry Sickmas!

  9. I don’t think my kids believe in Santa anymore,Hatter.They are 18,13,and 11 yrs.old. They just know better than to ruin the dream for me.Plus,I’ve warned them if they do,Repo Santa will come and take all their presents away.

  10. Thanks,Joel! Merry Unsickmas to you!

  11. LMAO

    You poor thing. I’m so sorry that you are having to celebrate Sickmas. That really sucks!

    I hope you are feeling better. I’m telepathically sending you what’s left of my energy (which isn’t much – sorry) so you can get done what needs to get done.

    Happy Holidays Sweetie! :o)

  12. Thanks,Angie!
    I’m(knock on wood)feeling a little better,and getting some stuff done. I tend to be an overdoer,and a perfectionist to boot,which never makes for a relaxing holiday season anyways.So being sick is just an added stressful bonus.

  13. Oh hell honey, being sick gives you some idea of how I feel just THINKING of Christmas. I only WISH I was sick (temporarily and fully recovered on Dec 26) so that everyone who we see once a year would either GET sick by being around me, or choose to stay away.

  14. We must be related ,Dana Wyzard! I’m feeling better,just haven’t told anybody yet,maybe they’ll get the hint and stay away!!

  15. Just think, you will feel so great just in time to clean up all the garbage from the presents, oh and don’t forget Christmas dinner and all the clean up. Aren’t you glad you’re feeling better? Ha ha.

  16. Ugh! Thinking of all that,makes me sick to my stomach again!! Thanks for the reminder,Ettarose!!

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