Don’t Be A Gator Hater!

November 7, 2008

I thought I would take the time today and fill you in on some Thinkinfyou must know info. I am a HUGE college football fan. Well actually I’m a huge fan of the best team in college football right now, The Florida Gators. They rock,and everyone knows it.And if you didn’t… you do now.

I have plenty of facts to back this statement up,and show you just why the Gators are the most amazing college football team out there today.So you don’t just think I’m going off at the mouth about something I don’t know anything about.Let me lay out the facts for you. First, we have an amazing quarterback in Tim Tebow or as he’s better known as “Superman”.Tim won the Heisman last year in his Sophmore year for all the greatest he embodies,and is up for another shot at it again this year….he’s just that good.Next is our dynamic defense that is made up of Dustin Doe, Joe Haden, and Brandon Spikes to name a few.They are so good they’ve been known to make a grown man cry. Then we have a special teams division,that is top ranked in all the land. Not to mention a strength of schedule that would make other teams not in the SEC ,tuck their tails, and run for their lives.
My lists of reasons for Gator greatness could go on and on,but I think one of the most important things about them , is the name of the team .Listen to how it sounds…..The Florida Gators. WOW,you have to admit that name is enough to invoke fear into the hearts of the fearless. Seriously,take anyone you know and ask them would they like to fight an alligator? I’ll betcha the answer would be No,or Yes but only if they’re lying. See what I’m talking about? It’s all about the name. Not enough for you? Fine,lets take for example the other team names in the top ten in college football right now,and what their names say about them……

1. Alabama “The Crimson Tide”,well I don’t know about you but I have a “crimson tide” that flows outta me once a month and I handle it with no problem.

2.Texas Tech “The Red Raiders”,OK what the hell is that,just a man with a stupid mask on? Have you seen him? He looks like the love child of Yosemite Sam and The Hamburglar.Frightening huh?

3.Penn State “The Nittany Lions” ROAR!!! Please! Honestly, most lions that you’ve heard about in books are tawny,scrawny, and cowardly, right? These lions are no exception! Sure they tout themselves as “The Kings of the Jungle”,but that’s only to hide the fact that they are just a bunch of big pussies. MEOW!

4.Texas ” The Texas Longhorns”, and who doesn’t eat one of those a couple of times a week? Seriously,you’ve gotta bring something more than meat to this table.

5.Well that would be us the Florida Gators misplaced at #5.

6.Oklahoma “The Sooners” ,do you know how many people don’t know what a sooner is? Why not pick a name that people recognize as a force to be reckoned with? Their best bet for a winning team,is to change that name “sooner” rather than later.

7.USC “The Trojans”, I don’t know for me that name conjures up an image of a protective coating over a bunch of uppity dicks…..well come to think of it, that name might be fitting for them.

8.Utah ” The Utes” OK, Indians. I don’t think I need to give a history lesson on what happened to all the Indians long ago, do I?

9.Oklahoma State “The Cowboys” The only way a cowboy has ever scared me, is with their horrible fashion sense. How come nobody told them chaps went out of fashion years ago?

10.Boise State “The Broncos” ,definition- an untamed my little pony. Enough said.

OK after my wrap up of the top ten team’s names, you have to agree with me. The Gators have the best team name out there, not to mention the most awesome fans around!! Woo Hoo! GO GATORS!!



  1. LMAO…thanks for the football lesson. Oh, you know I love gators.

    I love my gator shoes and my gator belt and…hehehe just kidding! 😀

  2. LOL! Angie, I bet your shoes and your belt will last forever,and were probably quite expensive. Gators aren’t cheap!!

  3. Aren’t they also the inventors of Gatorade?

  4. Why yes Jules,they did. They got it all, brains and brawn!!

  5. You have some valid reasoning in your list. But still…the colors and cartoon’ish look of your team mascot don’t exactly inspire fear. (:

  6. I love football players, Tough and strong, seriously. veRY VERY hot.
    Glad you posted about it.
    I haven’t thought about men in a very very long time

  7. Looks can be deceiving,Erebus. Take a look at the teeth on that thing.It wouldn’t just leave a puncture wound if it decided to bite.It would rip your whole damn leg off.They’re very vicious creatures.

  8. Well Clarisse,I’m glad I could help then.

  9. My upsets of the week: Lsu-24 v. Bama-20 and Vandy-27 v. Gators-24!

  10. VANDY! You’ve gotta be kidding me,Don. Give me a break!Vandy hasn’t beat us in YEARS!!
    I sure as hell hope you didn’t bet on your picks for upsets.Because you’ll lose your ass!
    I say Alabama will pull it out,ending it as Bama-28v.LSU-14.
    As for my boys vs. Vandy,final score Gators-48v.Vandy-10….and I’m being nice!!

  11. You know how to throw down on the competition! awesome! 🙂

  12. Thank you,Chat Blanc! Although I don’t know if I would call any of those teams “competition.” :o)

  13. I don’t know…they all sound scary to me, considering my husband’s college mascot was “the Engineers.” 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my site today–you did remind me how truly lucky I am. 🙂

  14. Mrs.Mouthy,
    Your blog just sent me back today, to when my children were little. I miss those days more than I could ever explain. Kids grow up wayyy to quick.Keep making hand turkeys for as long as you can!!

  15. I went to school at UF. Class of 99. And, boy, do they love their Gator football there. In fact, I’ve gotten jobs just because I was a gator. That’s how dedicated the Gator Nation is. SEC Champs? Hmmmm… That’s coming up now. But you know that already.

  16. Yes I do ,Mike! Go Gators!!!

  17. Tim Tebow stole that Heisman last year… we all know it should have gone to D-Mac! I’m all for him getting it this year but last year that was just out and out stealing and that is just wrong!!!

  18. Superman doesn’t steal,Krissi…..he’s just that good!! LOL!

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