A Splash Of Color

October 22, 2008

I’m suffering from a severe case of writer’s block today.So I decided to try a different art form,and considering I can’t paint,sculpt,or draw a decent stickman,I had to use myself as the canvas.

I have been thinking for awhile of changing up the pictures on my blog.What do you think, should I use all the colors of the rainbow to redecorate,or hope my writer’s block passes soon?



  1. What gives? You forgot to stick some up your nose!

    Try a little of both. From past experience with other blogs, a new format can work wonders for writers block.

  2. Wicked awesome! How funny would it have been if someone came knocking when you had all those pencils in your hair?!

  3. Wicked awesome! Wouldn’t it have been funny if someone would have come calling when you had all those pencils in your hair?!

  4. I did have a couple pictures with pencils up my nose and out of my ears,Erebus. I’m still not sure what I want to do yet.

  5. Jules,if it was someone I knew they wouldn’t have been surprised.

  6. There is an echo in here.

    There is an echo in here.

  7. OK Erebus….I have no idea what you are talking about.

  8. Go to your page,not your dash board. Open your comments like you would at another blog site and see what I mean.

  9. Lol, I knew that was going to happen when my first post didn’t go through.

  10. I think you should redecorate with pictures of me.

  11. Leave Jules alone,Erebus. She’s not feeling well.

  12. Only if you smile,DB!

  13. I think your work on the pics is awesome. Or is it it just that you’re awesome? Not sure, but they look amazing.

  14. I got a new photo program,Bill!! It’s really cool. I love color, and this program you can change the color to any color you want. I was trying to depict “Writing Quiets The Voices In My Head”, but after I took the pictures, I wished I’d named my blog “Simply Me.”

  15. T,
    I like it! I like all the colors..you could be the blog formerly known as wqtvimh….what program is that? I’m probably too stupid to work it. Bill, make a funny thing with her stabbin’ somethin’!

  16. It’s some sort of version of Photoshop. It is really complicated because it has so many tools you can use. The coloring was simple though,just a click of a button and BAM I look like the little blueberry girl from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

  17. I actually like the first two pictures a lot. I don’t think that it hurts at all to change your site layout/look a little from time to time. Just don’t change it as much as I do mine. Hell, I don’t think half of the people know where they are when they come to it, and then they leave and go visit an Oral Robert’s site or something.

  18. T,
    When I git writer’s block, you know what help? Krunk up the jamz and have u a dance break. Try it and see if that don’t help.

  19. I like those …… you don’t look at all deranged …. and that’s the main thing

  20. I don’t know what I want to do yet,Don. Do you regret changing your layout?

  21. Eve,you and I are on the same wavelength…I’ve had my Ipod on all day,and am actually writing now!!

  22. LOL,DP,but that’s the look I was going for!!

  23. You are absolutely ADORABLE! I love the pics you crazy gal!

  24. Thank you so much,Angie!
    How about this..zyxwvutsr, that’s as far as I’ve gotten trying to master your awe inspiring gift for Gramps!

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