Busy Today Making Dreams Come True!!

October 20, 2008
Well my birthday might hate me,but I couldn’t be more excited that my son’s birthday still loves him.Today is my son Spencer’s 11th birthday.I have always made it a rule around our house that on your birthday the day is yours to do with it anything you want.Being that Spencer is the biggest fan of The Florida Gators,for the past two years he’s spent his birthday strutting around the stadium soaking in anything and everything orange and blue. Today was no exception. He got to run up and down the stadium stairs, toss his football around the field a couple of times,visit the training facility to see all the trophies (National Championship and Heisman alike),practice his best Heisman pose,and………….
meet his hero,The Florida Gators star quarterback Tim Tebow,A.K.A Superman. I’ve never seen Spencer so shocked before, and he said he’s never had a better day. Mission Accomplished!!



  1. That’s awesome. My sons 12th birthday is on Halloween. Perhaps I’ll have him meet Frankenstein…

  2. A Halloween birthday must be great,VE.
    Are you a college football fan?

  3. 11th birthday, huh? Hell, I wouldn’t mind doing that on my next one!

  4. It’s actually a lot of fun,Don. The whole campus is beautiful!!Plus it’s FREE!!

  5. I think somebody needs an awesome mom award!

  6. Awww thank you,Jules! I truly feel my children are the award! They ROCK!! :o)

  7. Yup, we should start calling you SuperMom – cause that was a SUPER BIRTHDAY!

  8. Terri,
    OK, you win the “My Mom Rawks” contest! What a fun day for Spencer and what a cutie he is….now, must find way to hide this post from my sons, 12 and 7.
    And thanks for the stumble, grl..
    hearts and kittens!

  9. Spencer would agree with you,Bill. He said it was his best birthday EVER!!

  10. Thank you Eve,but I don’t deserve the award,it’s just tradition in my family that your birthday is YOUR day.We live quite close to the University,which is a plus for Spence because I swear that kid bleeds orange and blue. Meeting Tebow wasn’t planned,it was more like being at the right place at the right time. Talk about a nice guy too. He took all the pictures we wanted,talked to Spence (who could hardly speak himself)for a good 10 minutes,and signed his football for him.
    I’m just thrilled that he had a big dream of his come true!

  11. That really awesome! It’s great they make things so accessible too. Sounds like you have a future Gator on your hands.

  12. What a lovely Mum! [Mom in American of course ……]

  13. Mum,Mom….either one…I answer to both,probably more than my own name too,DP.

  14. The University is great ,Erebus. There is no doubt about it,Spencer will go there one day.

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