Sex Talk Times Have Changed

October 9, 2008

I remember when I was younger watching a little German lady named, Dr.Ruth on all the different talk shows talking about sex. She would get on and talk about anything and everything to do with sex openly and honestly in the coolest German accent. I can remember being somewhat shocked and laughing because I have never heard such words spoken on television before.

Times have really changed because,today not only do you hear the words for your genitalia spoken in scientific or slang terms on the television ,but there are also tons of commercials dedicated to helping your genitalia either grow or stop itching,it doesn’t matter what the problem is, there is a product for you,and you can find these products commercials airing on any given channel day or night.

Now I don’t know if it’s because, I pride myself on having excellent vaginal health that I don’t listen to the commercials that claim to help the limp or itchy, or maybe I’ve just become desensitized to anyone talking about anything sexual whether it be anatomically or position in the media ,nothing seems to keep my attention. That was until today I stumbled upon a video that claimed to be a video of “The Urban Dr. Ruth.”This woman is a motivational speaker out of Atlanta,who started with a public access show about sex and now has become a Youtube sensation.Being that I thought that I knew everything there was to know about sex(well at least as much as I wanted to know),I decided it wouldn’t hurt to watch.So I pressed play and sat there the whole time saying ,”WOW!” I can’t believe the things she said, and not because what she said wasn’t the truth,it was in urban terms,but because the woman sitting beside her was her mother!!I was shocked because I couldn’t imagine talking about “hitting the walls and working the middle” with my mother in the same room,much less in a direct conversation with her.I guess times have changed and I wonder what Dr.Ruth would say.



  1. She would probably say something like “Vunderful!” 🙂 I thought of more, but I’m not good at translating accents into words.

  2. LOL!Erebus….I can hear her saying that in my head.

  3. That lady is hot.

  4. Or she might say, “Vell eets about time darlink!”

    The move to more open talk about sexuality is a good thing for adults. One has to treat children differently, answering what they ask, but not forcing them to take in more than they’re ready for. Dr. Bill lol

  5. She is isn’t she!?!

  6. Bill,
    Maybe you need to start your own sex talk show. I’m sure you’d be a huge hit!!

  7. WoW! She gave me so much to think about…no more sex without a shrimp platter! I don’t think her mother is in as much danger as she seems to believe she is. Gone are the days when we blushed at Kotex commercials.

  8. Those are words to live by,Eve. Besides you are only asking for what 2.99. That some cheap shrimp too!

  9. I still look at goddesses but I can’t remember why …….. oh well

  10. It probably better you don’t remember ,DP!

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