I Love The 80’s!…..There I Said It!

October 7, 2008
A couple of weeks ago I attended a candle party,which was something new for me.I don’t normally like to sit around with a bunch of women and discuss “home decor”,it’s just not my thing .But after a couple near death threats from my dear friend who was throwing the party (Love ya Bec) I decided I must go,because what would my children do without their mother?So,I got ready and headed to the party, I was only there maybe five minutes before one of my children called my cell phone ,which totally proves my point that they can’t live without their mother. My cell phone starts blaring out ,”Call Me” by Blondie, which is my normal ringtone.Even though I tried to answer as quick as possible , it was still enough time for Debbie Harry to sing out half the chorus. The girl sitting next to me took this opportunity to turn to me and said” WOW your ring tone really dates you”,and for a second I felt embarrassed by my taste in music,which is nothing new for me.

You see, I am a HUGE lover of 80’s music and have been since,well… the 80’s. I know this isn’t something popular to admit, considering most people think that 80’s music has no substance,but I disagree.80’s music taught me tons of life lessons that I would have never learned if I hadn’t listened. Seriously think about it, where would you be today if “Men Without Hats” wouldn’t have come out with the “Safety Dance” ,how would you know how to pick your friends? In the wise words of the song they teach you ” if your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance well they’re no friends of mine”,those right there, are words to live by.Not mention what that video did for midgets everywhere,in my eyes Mini Me owes all his success to the “safety dance” midget. I don’t know about you ,but before “ Flock Of Seagulls” came out with ” I Ran”, I only ran short distances,but after their intelligent teachings I realize I could run all night and day and still I couldn’t get away. I can say that I learned how to handle all my problems from listening to Devo….go ahead ask me anything and I’ll show you how you can “whip it ,whip it good.”

Really it’s all in how you choose to hear something and the message it sends.My mother was never good at detecting the hidden messages in songs,for example when it was time for me to get married and I thought Billy Idol‘s “Rebel Yell” would be the perfect song for my first dance as a married woman,she about shit herself. I can remember her saying stuff like ” Your grandparents are going to be there….you don’t want them to see you as some sort of whore ,do you?” And with my new baby in my lap, I had to explain to her the beautiful love song that is “Rebel Yell.”

That right there is a love song. The way he says “Id sell my soul for you, babe .For money to burn, for you ,I’d give you all and have none, babe Just a, just a, just a, just a ,To have you here by me” not only is that a song of love but,I betcha any money those lyrics would be admissible in any divorce court proceedings as well. That right there is a win win…. it’s good music to shake your ass to or a handy little helper if shit goes sour. Ha, and my mother thought I was stupid. Just thinking ahead Mom ,just thinking ahead!

I hope me taking my time to express my views on the value of 80’s music has made some of you “80’s haters” see the light. The music isn’t bad, it’s just misunderstood. Do me a favor and give it a listen again.If you still don’t hear the meaningful messages of plenty that are laced through the decade of the 80’s ,tell me about it and I’ll interpret the song for you,because I’m a giver of useless knowledge, and a proud child of the 80’s.


  1. My iPod is filled with 80’s music. I graduated HS in 84 after all. No 80’s hater here.

    But I do hope you didn’t learn any lessons from Spandau Ballet’s “True”. Or if you did, it was a good and short lived experience šŸ˜‰

  2. True was never one of my favorites. I knew people who loved that song,but for me…not so much!
    Glad to hear your an 80’s lover ,Erebus….it’s not such a bad thing!

  3. Glad to know I’m not the only child of the 80’s around the blogosphere!

  4. For some reason you being a child of the 80’s shocks me,Jeffrey Ellis! Because most of your song parodies are from other decades.

  5. rrrr Now I have 80s songs going through my head! The 80s also brought Trash metal, Rap, and some others I can’t think of right now (7:30 am). Oh yeah! and big hair šŸ™‚

  6. Sorry about that, Hatter.I just had to let my 80’s love show(even though I don’t rock big hair anymore.)

  7. Ya wanna feel good? Really? The Rolling Stones “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction-1965!(’66?) That’s the stuff I like, and not because my dad told me about it either! -Chuck-

  8. Ah…that song is like the story of my life,Don. That’s a good one,but my favorite Stones hit has to be “Emotional Rescue.”

  9. Well if we are going Stone songs then

    “Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…”

    Sympathy for the Devil all the way.

  10. Please to meet you,Hatter.
    Hope you guessed my name,oh yeah!!

  11. I was working so hard all through the 80's I remember nothing about the music. But the 60's! I lived for the music then. Glad you stuck to your guns though, for your first married dance song. Ya only get to do that dance once :>)

  12. That’s unless you get divorced ,Bill. Then you can always pick a new song for your next marriage.

    Tell me what your favorite song from the 60’s was.

  13. I was barely around in the 80’s but I love the music. Maybe it helped that I had three music obsessed older sisters but I have my own healthy obsession with that decade of music. I’m not picky though. I’ll listen to anything except death metal or techno.

  14. When you think of 80’s music Jules,what band do you think of?

  15. I like stuff from all decades going back to the ……… never mind !!!!!!

  16. I like all decades of music too,DP. I think the 80’s though is the decade that gets no respect.

  17. Well my very first thought was Poison but that was because Brett Michael was my first celebrity crush…which is kind of worrying as a four year old that I was attracted to a guy covered in girly make-up.

    Anyway…lol, but um….so hair bands from Bon Jovi to Poison to Motley Crue, Culture Club, Madonna, A-HA, The Breakfast Club soundtrack, Michael Jackson when he was awesome, Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody is my song)…..and I’m getting really carried away aren’t I?

    I shall now have to whip out my 80’s tunes and dance on my bed singing into my hairbrush.

  18. Brett Michaels!!! LOL! Jules,that does show you were really young back then.
    I loved all the other bands/people you named. I say pull out the hairbrush and have a good time!

  19. I spent the early part of the 80’s in New York City. I’d work till 11 PM, go clubbing until 3 AM. Go home, get a couple hours of sleep, and do it all again.

    I miss the 80’s.

    Maybe I just miss having stamina.

  20. That sounds like loads of fun,LPF.

    I miss the 80’s,and my youth too!

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