A Dream Redesigned

October 4, 2008

Well I’m back from the concert with a clean criminal record,which is a good thing. I didn’t meet Adam Duritz and surprisingly enough ,I don’t see that as a bad thing.Let me explain why…. You see when I got to the concert last night I was bound and determined in my mission to meet the man, until I found myself in a line of groupies that were showing their breasts to any stage hand that would glance their way.There were two girls that right before the Maroon Five part of the concert that were letting a camera man film them flashing their breasts and yes they did get backstage to meet Maroon 5 ,but returned ten minutes later, with one drum stick to split for their efforts. You should have seen them both holding on to the drumstick together like it was an Olympic medal,without one thought of the fact that they just exposed themselves on FILM for all the world to see ,for years to come and for what……a fu*cking drumstick!! It was in that moment I realize how different I am from these girls, and not just because I seemed to be the only one suffering from personal boob shame,or because unlike them, I tend to carry some self-respect and a brain with me at all times. No, it’s because my reasons for wanting to meet Adam Duritz is not for wanting to put a nice notch in my bedpost,it’s because his music has affected my life for years now, and I carry such high respect and admiration for his gifts. And in that lies the difference .

I’m not giving up hope that the day will come that I’ll be able to express my appreciation for his contribution to my life. I’ve just decided that I’m going to take a different approach,a approach that I won’t feel guilt about in the morning. You see The Counting Crows have a charity called The Greybird Foundation ,it’s a really cool charity that helps out other charities in your community with the money they bring in through ticket sales,merchandise,memorabilia ebay auctions ,and meet & greets. How cool is that,not only is he a phenomenal musician, but he’s a humanitarian too! Which was enough for me to decide to take some of my “resurrect my breasts fund” and the next time they come in concert, I’m going to buy a meet & greet pass through Greybird, to make my dream come true, and hopefully help someone else reach theirs.



  1. Sorry you didn’t get your dream T. But you had a great time right?

  2. I had an awesome time,Hatter. All the band were phenomenal and sounded just as good live as they do when recorded. Plus I had amazing seats….did you see how close I was to the stage!?!

  3. Glad to hear you had such a good time at the concert!!! Love the dress too. SUPER cute!

  4. Thanks,Jules. The dress is one of my favorites. I love hot pink!

  5. Without appearing too personal you could save money with regards to your “resurrect my breasts fund”.

    Tie some thin but attractive string to your left ‘nip’, pass the string behind your neck and then attach to your right ‘nip’. Adjust length until you are satisfied with the anti-gravitational effect – do you think this might work? – tee hee.

    [OK going now …….. whooooosh]

  6. Excellent photos! You didn’t get to meet him, but look how close you got!

    Glad you had a really good time.

  7. Yes, I had a blast Erebus. I got incredible pictures of both bands. I would have posted more of them,but I already think I post to many pictures on my blog.

  8. Sounds like maybe you’re getting some of the “lost soul” back in place. Ya know? Nice story…

  9. I don’t know about a “lost soul” ,Don. I think it was more like a “confused soul.”

  10. Looks: Sexy!
    Attitude: Right on

    Those guys might fiddle with girls who give it up, but they sure don’t respect them.

  11. Thanks,Bill!
    You know,they didn’t “fiddle” with them to long . They were back out in ten minutes.Which doesn’t say much for either party!

  12. That just sounds like a more painful version of a brassiere,DP.
    Nah, I want a permanent effect!

  13. I think you just did express your appreciation for his work by making your readers aware of his charity. Nice work.

  14. Thanks,Ekim.
    I would still like to show my appreciation in person though,and have no doubt I will the next time they come to FL.

  15. Is that a DRINK in your hand?!?! I am so happy that you finally got to see him! You must still have permagrin, I havent heard from you since you called and let me listen to the “noise”. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that you had such a great time. SMOOCHES!!

  16. Uh….I was holding that drink for some random stranger. You know me, I look totally trustworthy!:o)
    Sorry all you heard was noise on the phone,next time you gotta come with me.I’ll call you soon and tell you all about it!

  17. Girl,
    Glad you had fun and you looked precious! Can I borrow that dress?

  18. Thank you ,Eve. I also have the same dress in green. Which one do you want to borrow??

  19. I love love love your pics. You look fabulous as always! I miss you sooooo much. I'm glad you got to see Adam, but know we need to go HARD ROCK and mosh around, you know punch and kick people. Guaranteed to make you happy!!!
    I Love You & Miss You tons!

  20. Andrea,

    Thank you and your on for a Hard Rock concert. Punching and kicking sounds good for the soul,plus with me being a south paw…they’ll never see it coming..HIYA!!!!
    I miss and love ya bunches!!!

  21. Hey you’re cute.

  22. Thanks,Dr.Zibbs!

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