Where’s A Phonebooth When You Need One?

October 1, 2008

I thought I would take today and reveal what I wish was just my alter ego.I wear glasses and not just for a great disguise against my archenemies.No, unlike Clark Kent if I whipped off my glasses and changed my outfit,whether in a phone booth or secluded area, I don’t become a superhero.In fact when I have tried that little trick in the past, I tend to look a hell of a lot more like a naked Helen Keller than a man of steel when someone finds me .Believe me it can be quite embarrassing.



  1. Oh! I don’t know why you’re wishing yourself glassless. You are adorable in that picture!

  2. I take it you don’t have to wear glasses,Jules. I just hate not being able to see without them.

  3. I wear them too. If I was younger I’d look into laser eye surgery. Doesn’t seem worth it now, but would be for you IF you really hate the glasses. You look sexy!

  4. Can you see without them ,Bill? I have to fumble for mine every morning.I’ve thought about lasik ,but it’s not covered under insurance yet and I can’t see (no pun intended)spending that much money out of pocket.

  5. Without the glasses, you’re a pretty woman. With the glasses, you look beautiful, mysterious, sexy, smart and cool.
    Sure, I’m a suck-up but I’m an honest suck-up 🙂

  6. Jules is right, very adorable! Makes me want to pinch your cheek…LOL.

    And welcome back from the abyss.

  7. Thank you ,Ekim,but you forget to mention blind in your description.

    Yes,I’m back from the abyss and was really excited to hear your baby news!!I can’t even explain how happy I am for you and your wife!!

  8. Thanks thinkinfyou! Probably won’t be a baby though. We are thinking more along the lines of between 5 and 8. That age range is one of the least adopted, and I won’t be in my 60’s when the kid graduates HS.

  9. I know the feeling T. I can see shapes without mine but that’s about it but finding a photo of me with em on is not going to happen. I know of maybe 3 on the net that are hidden away 🙂

    I do have to agree with Ekims post.

  10. Erebus,when I say baby,it could be a child of any age. I have an 18 year old baby myself.

    Finally someone agreeing with me on the whole glasses thing,thanks Hatter! Have you thought about Lasik??

  11. I thought about it, but that’s about it. I look at it this way I’m 31 why bother with it and if I go blind I get a cool cane and a dog. LOL

    I know that’s not right.

  12. LOL! I never thought of it that way.My luck though, I would get a seeing eye dog that bites.The cane might be nice though…to hit people with!

  13. “Look mommy! It’s Teri Garr with glasses. Ooooh.”
    “No Skippy it’s Superman in drag.”
    Cute picture either way methinks!

  14. You must have meant Clark Kent in drag,Don. I don’t think my cape shows in this picture.

  15. Why do you always taunt us readers with such erotic imagery? A naked Helen Keller, indeed! I am beside myself standing with an over-stimulated libido from your verbal debauchery. Shame, shame, shame!

  16. Tony,
    You are not alone.Helen Keller was one sexy bitch.I mean the way she would mumble incoherently and thrash around,sound like any man’s wet dream.There is no shame in that!

  17. I hate wearing glasses too. The worst part is waking up and not being able to see crap until you put them on.

    At least your glasses are cute and stylish. You look really good in them.

  18. Thank you ,Kim. I can relate to not being able to see before putting them on. Can you imagine what life would be like for a lot of people if glasses weren’t invented? People would be bumping into everything!

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