Mastering ME!!!

September 29, 2008

After mastering the art of self destruction,I’m back and better than EVER!My dark days taught me a lot about myself,that I don’t think brighter days would have allowed me to see.So I guess that makes me more like a fungus than a plant,considering I need damp dark places in order to grow. I’m OK with that,because if you look at it, a fungus is a lot harder to kill than a damn house plant.So I say ,get out the Fu*king bleach bit*ches if you want me gone,because I’m hellbent on flourishing!!

For so long I have let other people’s perception of me shape my life and in turn shape me and how I saw things. Last week during the darkness I was overcome with voices that I realized after awhile weren’t my own ,they were just memories of other people opinions of me.Opinions that made me feel insignificant and made them feel better about themselves.Some people are sick that way and get off on putting other people down,unfortunately I’ve tended to collect people like that my whole life.Last week I decided to sell them off,instead of selling my soul anymore,and it’s the best decision I made in a long time. I figure even if I’m left all alone,at least they left me with a rockstar.

I’m finally taking the time to see me for who I really am,not the good for nothing loser I was convinced by others for too long that I was. I know I am no where near perfect but I’m a damn good work in progress that one day will prove to all the neigh sayers that they were all wrong… spite fuels me.So I say to all of them ,take a good look at this face,because you will see it again one day….smiling!



  1. I actually like the new look. Well, it just gives me ideas. Love the attitude…Don’t that slip away.

  2. I don’t think I look any different,Don. Maybe the new attitude just shines through more. This attitude fits me sooo much better,the other one was a little too tight in the crotch!

  3. glad you made it though the dark T.

  4. Thanks,Hatter!

  5. One word: Niiice!

  6. OK – down to the important stuff – is that a box of matches on your head?

  7. Thanks,Jules!

    DP,no it’s my IPOD,music is never far from me and sometimes I even accessorize with it.

  8. I thought that’s what it was! But after reading DBs post, I to thought it looked like a matchbook. 🙂

  9. A matchbox? LOL! My luck I would set my hair on fire!!

  10. I meant DP not DB. See what happens when I post a comment that early.

  11. WOW,that’s pretty bad,Hatter…considering the B is no where near the P on the keyboard.LOL!

  12. And they have a blog! 🙂
    Thank god for Firefox spell check.

    No I had DBs site pulled up on the other tab. I think that’s what happened. (Lets just go with that)

  13. Well if that’s what happened,then it all makes perfect sense now. I know whenever I spend to much time on DB blog it tends to bring out the inner retard in me too,and misspelling is just the half of it….consider yourself warned Hatter!!

  14. You found some sunshine and it was inside you all the time :>) You know, my own personal feeling is that I'd a whole lot sooner be loved a lot by a few people than love a little by a lot of people. Rock on and keep your attitude up!

  15. I really want to make a “tight in the crotch” joke, but I’m far too classy for things like that.

  16. I think it’s more like piss and vinegar,Bill.Either way I’m feeling much better :o)

  17. Well then I guess that means things are changing for everyone DB. When did you start developing some class?

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