If You Can’t Write About It…..

September 22, 2008

Sing about it!!

She Don’t Want Nobody Near Lyrics

Artist(Band):Counting Crows

She don’t want nobody near

But you can’t get away from that

They appear and disappear

And they all get strings attached

Pretty soon they’ve got you hanging on the line

Pretty soon they’re singin’ one by one, the same old rhyme

They say, “I’m all right, I just can’t get home tonight.”

She don’t want nobody home

’Cause it’s a little too crowded there

She don’t want to be alone

So they just keep pourin’ in

Pretty soon they’ve got her headed for the door

She comes home to find that they’re not hangin’ round no more

She says, “I’m all right, you just can’t get home tonight.”

Don’t you wonder what she looks like in the light?

She says “I’m all right, I just can’t get home tonight.”

Pretty whitewashed lies, endless alibis,

And reasons that need cleanin’ every night

Half a world away, you can’t wash away

The stain of deceivin’

And the things that you could not believe in

Well, she don’t want no one around

’Cause she don’t want anybody to see

What she looks like when she’s down

’Cause that’s a really sad place to be

Pretty soon she gets them crawling up the walls

Then she wonders why they beg her please, then never call

She says, “I’m okay, it’s all right, hey, look who’s on TV tonight.”

She says, “I’m all right, I just can’t get home tonight.”

Don’t you wonder why it’s dark outside at night?

She says “I’m all right, I just can’t get home tonight.”

She says “I’m all right, I just can’t get home tonight.”



  1. I wish I was musical – I’d love to write some lyrics – it’s a fantastic way of expressing ‘stuff’

  2. I agree DP. Adam Duritz the lead singer for the Counting Crows is an amazing lyricist. I have always identified with his lyrics.

  3. I read this and think of some of the things you’ve said in the past…I’m wondering what it’s all about and if she ever will “get home tonight.” 😉

  4. That remains to be seen Don. You know sometimes I can get everything out with a few strokes on the keyboard and other times I couldn’t form a proper sentence if my life depended on it. It’s times like that I turn to music and let it speak for me. Sounds weird,I know.

  5. Sometimes music just says things that we didn’t think were able to be expressed and we hear a song we identify with at just the right time.

  6. I agree,Jules.

  7. Been missing you. Home is wherever people care about you, so you’re home ‘here’.

  8. Thank you ,Bill. I really appreciate your kindness.

  9. I’m not even going to try to read anything into this. Just going to say I hope everything is well, or gets well soon.

  10. Thanks ,Erebus.

  11. Nyx was gift, do as you please with her. Be sorry about nothing, and you have not insulted me. Take care of yourself first.

  12. Thanks,Erebus.

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