The Results Are In……

September 9, 2008

After reviewing the comments on my last post, about which celebrity I look like. I took the advice of DB (which is NOT something I wouldn’t recommend people do)and decided to go to Myheritage.com .Just to see who, the computer thinks I resembles. I figured why not trust the thing you spend most of your time with. So here are the results…..

<a title="MyHeritage – free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" href="http://www.myheritage.com/collage&quot; target="_blank" alt="MyHeritage – free family trees, genealogy and face recognition”>

MyHeritage: Family treesGenealogyCelebritiesCollageMorph

OK, so I don’t think I look much like any of the answers(I could never pass for Asian).But at least they’re a little better than Cyndi Lauper ,or Courtney Love.

Go check it out yourself ,and tell me who it says you look like.



  1. The computer is wrong. It’s Terri Friggin’ Garr (albeit 20+ years ago)! Ok, Naomi Watts will do.
    Says I look like Spanky from The Little Rascals. Always did like that little kid’s beanie.

  2. Yeah Don….well it got you wrong too! Chuck Norris all the way!!

  3. I ran this celeb collage. You gotta see my #1 look-a-like. Sorry, it ain’t Chuck…

  4. OK Don after looking at your results…the my heritage thing must be broke…you don’t look a thing like Angelina Jolie. LOL!!

  5. Believe that? 83% face recognition? Next time somebody tells me to go f*ck myself, I’ll give it my best shot!

  6. My first match was Christina Ritchie. Actually I don’t know if that’s how you spell her last name. I don’t look a thing like her though. I think it’s just the way our heads were positioned in the pics. Oh well.

  7. My matches were Bob Marley? I’m not even black. Jamie Lee Curtis? Last time I checked, I had a penis. Puccini? Flattering, and I am musical. And finally, and exactly what my wife said, Jason Hawes from that show Ghost Hunters.

  8. LOL,Don…..don’t give me a visual.

  9. You mean the girl who played Wednesday in the “Addams Family” movie,Juliet? She’s really pretty.

  10. Erebus…It is plain to see after everyone’s answers that, the My Heritage thing doesn’t see color or gender,when it gives you your answer.
    Bob Marley rocks though!

  11. Not bad, not bad at all.

    I don’t know about the Asian, but Biel and Watts, that’s some good stuff.

  12. Did you try it out with your own picture,Sully??

  13. Oh yes I agree, she’s really pretty. It’s just not what I look like.

  14. Well I’m sure you’re beautiful too,Juliet!

  15. To me you look MUCH more like Naomi Watts in the sample photographs (60%) but what do I know? I’m no computer. I think you would have gotten a slew of different answers if you had chosen a different photo of yourself. How about my fave, the Joker?

  16. I tried the Joker picture and it said it didn’t recognize any faces in the picture,Tony.

    Did you try it out??

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