Picture This……..

September 6, 2008

Still feeling shitty ,but just got some news that did put a smile on my sick face. I found out that I’m getting pictures for my blog taken by a professional photographer ,for my birthday!! Woo Hoo!! This information is a win win for me. One, because I hate surprises. I’ve always had this “thing”, where I need to know everything in advance ,so I can prepare to feel excited or disappointed either one it doesn’t matter, I just need to know everything.NO SURPRISES!!! And win number two, is because I have had some ideas stirring in my head for a while now, about the picture I want to create to represent my blog and I finally see it coming to fruition. :o)

Although,I don’t know how well my idea will translate into words ,I’ll give you the gist of my idea.I want a picture that depicts my description,”Letting my insanity show like a bad panty line.”So what I pictured is this, me in a strait jacket,showing off my panty line ,my granny panty line to be exact. I thought these panties look about picture perfect. Whatcha think? Sexy huh?

Sorry to all the pervs out there ,I’m not going for the whole sex pot look ,I can’t pull that off to save my life.But I can do a really good, insanely funny look……just wait and see.

I think my idea will be perfect,though I am open to suggestions ,just tell me what you think before October,14Th,that’s my birthday and picture day!!!!



  1. Those pants look a tad risque …. now don’t catch a chill!

  2. It think it would be superbly insane! Do it!

  3. DP,
    Don’t worry I will be wearing a jacket too!

    That’s what I plan on doing,Erebus. I don’t know if the idea sounded right on the post,but in my head it is perfect.

  4. Whatever. Something about the mental image I have of you in those panties though is disturbing. You remind me of a young Teri Garr in your photos, but now? With that image in my head it should be interesting! Happy Birthday. My brother’s is on the 14th of Oct. too…

  5. A young Teri Garr….Gosh I haven’t heard that name in forever,Don.

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes!!Your brother must be one hell of a guy!

  6. I think it’s hilarious! You are too funny.

  7. Thanks ,Juliet!

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