Help! I Think I Just Got SPAMMED!

August 28, 2008

I had the weirdest thing happen to me last night. I received a comment from some woman asking me to write a review for her product(she felt her product was perfect for my blog).I got so excited ,I told everyone in my house to come read this comment I got, which excited the whole fam. Being caught up in all this excitement, I made the stupid mistake of clicking on the woman’s name ,in front of everyone. And to all our surprise,it led to a site that sells penis rings! Now I’m creative with my parenting,but explaining why someone would want to put a ring around their member was a little tough,especially with being in a state of shock myself.

Shocked because I didn’t understand why someone would look at my blog and think “Hey she would be perfect for helping us peddle our penile hugging devices”. I don’t know ,am I just in denial and am really just viewed as “The unaware slut of the blogging world”? I don’t think I write about loving the old penis that often, and I’m sure that I don’t have any pictures on here, of me wearing my “Little penises need love too” t-shirt. So what would have possessed this woman to see me as the perfect spokes model for her product ,is something I can’t wrap my mind around.
Besides,what my mind needed to wrap around first was,how to explain this handy little item to my children.But after some pretty quick thinking on my part, I explained to my children,that in other countries, people wear rings around other appendages besides their fingers. And the reason they do this is to show a sign of sickness ,so people will know to stay away for them. OK ,so maybe it wasn’t the most convincing story I ever made up to get out of an uncomfortable situation ,but it was late and I believe it might have worked. Although,I won’t really know for sure until, the next time we are around mixed company.That is the time they normally use ,to shock and awe their parents. So we will have to wait and see.

As for this woman’s product,(OK ,so I did go and check it out once, I got the kids to bed) it wasn’t even a quality made ring.Not that I’m a connoisseur of crotch jewelry, but I do know good craftsmanship when I see it. This product looked more like a zip tie ,than any sort of ring and the damn thing was extremely pricey ($39.95 +shipping),for something I could probably whip up myself in my garage,if I ever wanted to inflict more pain on my husband than I did the last time when I put a ring on his finger and made him promise me “til death do us part.” I’ll admit that spending a lifetime with me is quite a torturous experience in itself,without the whole cutting off the circulation to your manhood thing.That’s just a little to much for one man to handle.

The whole thing was ridiculously weird and left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. So please tell me that this woman’s comment was left on every blog in the Blogosphere, and I was just one of the countless victims of an equal opportunity offender… that would make me feel so much better.



  1. I don’t know with whom the old gal left her sly little slice of spammo, but I certainly hope that none of the guys in your life get sick. That foil ring in your hand may be needed. I don’t know why you were targeted. Perhaps she liked your looks. Hmmm.

  2. I don’t know what her reasoning was ,Don.
    Have you gotten any spam on your blog?

  3. I’ve hardly had any spam and all rather boring …… count yourself blessed and parade yourself with a ring of confidence ……. *groan*

  4. Ahh… Hold on let me clear the tears from my eyes. I can’t say that I had this happen to me on any of the blogs I’ve had.

    Don’t let my wife know about that t-shirt, She’ll want one!

  5. Ring of confidence sounds a lot better than a ring of…….well you know what I mean,DP.

    Did I make you cry Hatter? I hope they were happy tears and not ones because you’ve had the same thing happen to you….I know it can be painful.
    As for the T-shirt….I made it with my own two hands.

  6. Hmmm, you so crack me up, GirlFriend. I don’t know that it was spam as much as peeps trying to get some free advertising from someone who is obviously well versed in the art and craftsmanship of genitalia jewelry. Bonez has been asked to represent everything from horror movies, Irish beer, Australian comedians who like to dress like medieval executioners and chop things on video, aspiring authors touting their vanity published works, and on and on but never… never… have we been privileged to represent such a prestigious and ingenious product idea. You are so lucky!

  7. So you have to tell me Tony….did you represent these people’s “crafts” on Bonez?? If you did,I’m sure you did an impeccable job.

    If you want to I can email the lady and tell her to send you the device.But,you do realize that her device, doesn’t look anything like the ring I’m holding in the pictures. Mine was made by a girl with to much wishful thinkin.

  8. I’m still laughing about the image I got of T calling the whole family to the computer to see her proud moment. As she clicks on the site and it takes a moment to load….BAAM! Jaws drop strait to the floor. As her husband puts his head down and walks out before laughing his ass off, she’s trying to come up with what it is to tell the kids (good one! I would have never thought of that.)
    LOL That’s just to funny!

  9. That’s a little freaky,Hatter.You called it just like it happened,the only difference is that everyone(with the exception of me) almost peed themselves with laughter.

  10. Oh yeah, I’ve got *spam*. LOL On the WordPress though I have something that catches most of it. It’s the ones that LOOK real.

    Like, Hi Monica – just crusin’ around and spotted your blog. Then their link is PORN or VIAGRA or something I don’t wanna see! 🙂

    Just keep a close watch. 🙂

  11. WOW,Monica…so you do know what I’m talking about. Thank you for making me feel not so alone!!

  12. Weenie bling. Now that’s sure to give me a different dream.

    Oh, and that thing your holding. Kong called and wants his peni…umm…I mean pinky ring back 😉

  13. LOL, Erebus…it is a little exaggerated ,I know.

  14. Penis ring, huh ? Hell, I just use a radiator hose clamp. It’s much cheaper, and just as effective.

  15. Thanks for the visual ,Heff.

  16. Thinkin ~ You are SO not alone. LOL 🙂 Hugs!

  17. Thanks Monica…you are just the sweetest!

  18. I have recived spam from the same person I believe. In fact I bought one of her friendly zip tie cock rings which should be called a chinese penis trap. I could not remove the damn thing, it turned blue and then finally my penis fell off. What should I do?

  19. p.s. I presume from the looks of your photos in this post that you are possibly a size-queen?

  20. Wow! Someone crazier than me. Love your blog.

  21. Glad I could make you feel good about yourself, D.O.M.
    Thanks for the compliment…I think?

  22. Static…when I first read you comment I thought you called me “queen size” and I was glad your penis fell off.

  23. Yeah..you are not a lone…

  24. Did you get the comment too,Umbul?

  25. Love your blog, and don’t worry, I keep getting comment-spams of short porn stories about pantyhose fetish fantasies. Like you- I have no idea why I was the lucky winner of such spam. Goddesses rarely wear pantyhose and I have no photos up of me wearing panythose or doing anything “else” with pantyhose. I deleted all but one, which I kept in my “waiting for approval” que – Just in case! (You never know what kind of mood I might be in some days).

    Awesome blogging girl, by the way.

  26. I think I would rather have pantyhose fetish spam,Erika.Not that I wear pantyhose that often either,but at least I could use them if I wanted to.Penis rings are a totally different story!

    Thanks for the compliments on my blog and congratulations on your calendar win!!That’s really exciting!!

  27. Crotch Jewelry is a term that shall stay with me until I die.


  28. Well Andrew ,just remember where you heard the term from first.

  29. Yikes

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