Making My Momma Proud!!

August 27, 2008

I’m pretty much in shock today. I received my second blog award!! Can you believe it?? I can’t, and I can bet ya, my mother won’t be able to believe it either, when I hand her a print out of this award to put up on her refrigerator ,right along side my first blog award. I can’t wait, my siblings are going to be soooo jealous. I mean here they are, all highly successful ,well educated people with good jobs,BUT, do they have any awards hanging on Mom’s fridge? I think not!! I’m just so excited ,I wanna scream “Who’s the loser now,B*tches!?!”

And I owe all my excitement to Don, over at Beyond Left Field for giving me this award. Don thank you so much, you have no idea how far receiving this award, is going to travel for me. The way I look at it,you not only boosted my self esteem with this award, you also just saved me tons of time I would have wasted, on trying to think of the perfect Christmas present for my siblings. This made up my mind, they are all getting,framed signed copies of my award.Just to serve as a gentle reminder of my awesomeness!! Thanks again!!
So,after printing out copies of the award,for gifts and such.It is now time, that I pass it on to someone I deem as deserving. And being a woman of my word, the last/first time I received an award ,I promised that if I ever got another award I would pass it on to Hatter,over at Hatter’s World. His blog rocks and is quite ingenious. It is a blog/great resource for independent bands to get their talent seen.How selfless and awesome is that!?! Go,check it out!!



  1. Wow today is a big day for me my little girl turns 6, 11 years at the same job(personal best), and now this.
    LOL.”selfless and awesome” two words I’ve never seen together to describe anything of mine. Lets see where did I put that speech? Oh well, Thanks T you are a woman of your word. Even though I didn’t think my blog is worthy of an award Thanks.

    I’m printing mine up right now to place on my desk at work (where most of my posting is done from.) Just to give a big F.U. to my co-workers.
    Thanks T

  2. Hatter….you deserve it!!
    Tell your little girl ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Congrats on holding down the job(I’ve never been much good at that).
    I think it’s very important to give a big F.U to deserving people,so print that sh*t up and tell em where to go.

    I hope that you have some fun with this and have a great day!!!

  3. I love money saving ideas …… why had I never thought of doing that? – you kids ……….

  4. I don’t really think of it as a way to save money,DP.
    I thought it would be a lovely way to share my joy with them.

  5. Ok, we hang our blog awards on the ‘fridge ? How old are we again ?

  6. Old enough to know better,but just to young to care,Heff.

  7. You go girl! LOL Get a shelf!

    hee hee

  8. I just might have to ,Monica!!

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