All Good Things Come In Threes……Let’s Make It Four!

August 18, 2008

The last couple of days have been filled with firsts for me, three to be exact. Although, all three can’t be considered MY firsts, they still affected me and have left me in quite a state of bliss. First #1 was experiencing my nephew Kayden’s first birthday.

I just love being an aunt and that probably has something to do with being one, to four of the cutest kids in the world. Whatever the reason ,I have found being an aunt to be, one of my favorite roles I have ever played in my life . I can’t even tell you how excited I was to be a part of his first birthday celebration.

First #2……Today was the first day of school for my children and we were ALL ready for school to start again.Summer was wayyyy to long and boring this year. I was really scared that if it would have went on much longer ,someone would have gotten seriously hurt. Now, normally we are a very close family but there is such a thing as to much “family time.” This first , leaves me soooo happy and hopeful that maybe now,I can add more words to my daily vocabulary other than , NO, STOP, and QUIT.First #3 shocked me the most. I received my first blog award today!!!! I couldn’t believe it ,and it left me speechless. Which is odd for me, considering for as long as I can remember I have practiced my acceptance speech just in case I would ever need one,(I’m a big believer in being prepared in life).To the point,for about a year I was so serious about my acceptance speech skills, I made one for my answering machine message, thanking everyone, even the bill collectors in my monologue. Of course no one left me a message back complimenting me on my oratorical talent ,so I deleted the message and went back to just saying “I’m not home right now.”

In hindsight , I really wish I would have kept that message.Because this morning when I went to Zyriana.com and saw that she awarded me The Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award ,I was so stunned, I couldn’t find the words to express my gratitude.
You see, at the start of my blog I had a lot of apprehension .Because ,this blog represents me, broken down raw ,and true. I really wasn’t sure how I would come off, sharing my feelings and thoughts with a world full of strangers.But, I decided to hold nothing back and because of that decision, I didn’t expect much, if any acceptance in this world. So receiving this award really hit me in a deep meaningful place and left me so thankful for the kindness of strangers. Strangers, that have in a very short time ,become my friends.So Monica ,thank you so much for giving me this award,accepting me, and being someone I consider my friend.

There is a stipulation to getting this award, and that is, you have to pass it on to other bloggers that you deem worthy of this award. This was a very hard decision for me to make. There are so many blogs/bloggers out there that are perfect for this award, but I decided to keep with the “firsts theme” of this post and pass it on to people that have been my “firsts” in the blog world. These blogs deserve this award for more, than just being a part of my blog firsts list. Each one is very well written and have a slightly addicting appeal. And the awards go to……….

#1. Daddy Papersurfer for being the first commenter on my blog and in turn strengthened my love for everything British.

#2. DMLD for being my first female reader and understanding my “mothering skills.”

#3. DB over at The Medium Bus for being the first person I offended greatly,but was kind enough to give me a chance to redeem myself.

#4. Tony over at Bonez, for giving me my first blog review and using a picture of me that showed my true colors.

So,there you have it, my list of Brillante Weblog Preemio 2008 winners. Go check ’em out!



  1. Thoroughly deserved – you write very well and allow fascinating glimpses [still waiting for the VPL though – tee hee]…….. and thank you for passing it my way, you are a treasure, and you know what I do with these awards don’t you!!!!! I’m buffing as I speak *hugs*

  2. I and the Bonez Crew are very honored to receive this prestigious reward. Thank you very much for considering us worthy to be on such a short list of notable firsts in your blogging life. Now, the passing it on part is what we will struggle with as we are a bunch of award mongering, selfish *bleep* *bleep* of *bleep* in the *bleep* deep blue sea. Again, thank you and may you be touched by his noodly appendage.

  3. You are both so welcome and deserving! Although the buffing, and noodly appendage comments got me a little scared!
    I hope you both enjoy and know that I’m eternally grateful for your kindness.

  4. You deserve it lady. HUGE hugs from over here!

    Oh, and I would SO love to hear that telephone message!!!! LOL That is so kewl! See you should have kept it!!

    Love and Light and thank you for the wonderful read into your life. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much again,Zyriana.

    As for the telephone message I thought it was a very original idea. Of course it was a little over done ,kind of like Sally Field’s acceptance speech.

  6. Congrats T you deserve it. This site has been a great read for the short time I’ve been coming here. But I do have one question. How do you keep the voices quiet when writing? Mine keep getting louder. LOL


  7. Thank you Hatter!

    As for quieting the voices,I think I have trained them to listen ,when I write.
    It’s kind of like I run a daycare center in my head and when I write they must think it’s story time.

    BTW… I really enjoy your blog too! I love the concept of allowing band a place to let their talents be seen. Trust me if I get another award that I have to pass on…you’ll be on the list!

  8. I believe that the award is well deserved for you. Yet again, I envy your originality in writing and things that you do (ie. the cell phone incident with your son, the tooth fairy incident with middle child and now the answering machine message.) I only with I was that creative. Thank you again for nominating me as well. Like you, when starting to blog it was more for my own sanity in a crazy life. It’s nice to have at least one faithful reader – although my posts have been few and far between lately. I am so glad I found your blog, even though we live worlds apart, I feel like I have finally found another female who is on the same type of wavelength as me. KUDOS TO YOU!
    Happy Writing

  9. Congratulations to YOU,DMLD!!
    You deserve this award and I hope you keep writing!! Readers will come.You’ve got what it takes.

  10. “I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy.” Yep you are. Congrats kiddo. Keep ’em coming!

  11. Thanks Don!!

  12. Right back at you!!! I didn’t know if I could re-nominate you, but I couldn’t find anywhere that said I couldn’t so kudos to you for getting 2 awards!


  13. Oh wow!! Thank you so much DMLD!!

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