August 13, 2008

Some people in my house are happier than others, at the start of football season. My son is the happiest out of the bunch. He’s just ecstatic about the whole thing, playing football and watching it.Me? Uh not so much. It’s not that I don’t enjoy football. It use to be my favorite sport to watch,but my love for the game definitely changed since he started playing.

His first practice, was a real eye opener for me. All the other moms were standing around placing bets, on which bones their child would break this season. I couldn’t believe, how nonchalantly they talked about their children being broken,like it was no big deal. Their conversation made me wonder if they let their children play with knives too. Who knows,but the thought of my son being hurt, makes me ill and I don’t think that will be changing.Plus it doesn’t help matters that all the kids tower over my baby (the picture below proves my point). I don’t like it at all! The whole thing makes me very uneasy.

But I know that,being a mother means,being a full-time dream supporter. No matter whether their dreams leave you sick to your stomach or not. So I guess I need to suck it up, dust off the old pom poms , and just hope that he’ll make it through the season with his bones intact and that I won’t have a nervous breakdown.



  1. He’ll be fine. I played PeeWee through College growing up – and can account for all my mothers gray hair. With the right coaches, he’ll get good ethics, and a healthy life style.

  2. I do think sports are good for kids,Erebus. But football has a lot more contact than other sports. It’s just frightening to watch. Plus the parents and coaches you find in kids football (at least down south) most are scary ,aggressive, and almost look inbred.

  3. My son played. Never had an injury. When he got to high school though, I wasn’t so certain about his future in football. He stopped growing at about 6’1″. The others were up around 6’3″ or better and out weighed him 30 or 40 lbs. He played tenth grade and stopped. Guess he got some sense knocked into him.

  4. Well count yourself lucky Don. My son just loves the game and everything about it. I don’t know if that will ever change.So I’m hoping to convince him to either be a kicker or a commentator.

  5. Geez–you just made a great case for SOCCER.

    I mean, it’s really boring but if the little nippers don’t get hurt I guess boring is GOOD.

  6. I do don’t I,Zen Wizard.
    Unfortunately football is a lot bigger than Soccer around here.

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