Look What I Made!!

August 6, 2008

Being that it’s Wordless Wednesday,I thought I would share with you my daughter’s writing instead of my own (It’s her profile off her myspace page.)Even though the words are definitely hers,they will show you what I helped create,made my life’s work,and one of the things I’m most proud of in my life….my children.

“My name is Samm. I LIKE TO DANCE!

I do a badass cartwheel.

If I was black, I’d want to be Tina Turner, hands down.I’m seventeen and an upcoming senior. I drive a red VW bug… it’s rad.I have the best boyfriend in the entire galaxy and I absolutely adore him. He is incredible. ❤ I've reached a point in my life where I realize that I cannot depend on anyone else other than myself. I don't understand girls who have low self confidence and spend all their time imagining life with a vampire boy or as characters on shitty tv series. I do not partake in illegal activities, other that hitting mailboxes (which is a federal offense).I enjoy baking cupcakes.I take pride in having self confidence.I don't believe in organized religion but I definitely have morals and they play a role in all the decisions that I make. I'm extremely independent. I value intelligence above everything. My family is absolutely wonderful, no matter how dysfunctional they may be. I drool, frequently.I never answer my phone. I have boy toes. I have a very bizarre sense of humor. Working with little kids is my passion and that is what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. I love theater, I always have. Braces make me look like I'm twelve.I worry way too much.I could clothe an entire army.My zune is named Henry. I'm sensitive. I adore the ocean. Little things make me happy, like front parking spaces or sprinkle donuts. I can sing you almost every song that comes on the radio. I do a really good retard impression, almost too good. I've heard that I'm nice and I've also heard that I'm a bitch… I like to think I'm a combination, maybe a teensy bit more of the latter. I go to sleep early. I'm deathly afraid of needles. School is extremely important to me, I love learning new things.I could live off of grilled cheese, cupcakes, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I obviously like talking about myself. I have a true sense of who I am and who I truly want to be."



  1. Hi there! I saw you came through to my site and I just had to pay you a visit!

    I’m so glad I did. Your daughter’s about me… or Myspace thingy was absolutely WONDERUL!

    Okay, my fav? “… other than hitting mailboxes (which is a federal offense). I enjoy baking cupcakes!”

    I love your daughter!

    Come by anytime! I’ll be back. 😉


  2. Thank you Zyriana, I love her too! Mailboxes seem to be attracted to her car when she drives,it’s crazy.I probably should have gotten her a 4wheel drive truck.

  3. “I have boy toes” – an explanation please……..

  4. You're daughter is such a refreshing and outgoing character! You've done a wonderful job to raise a girl witch such confidence and beliefs in herself & the people around her 🙂

  5. Daddy Papersurfer…when she wakes up I’ll have her explain it to you.

    Thank you Spoz!

  6. OK. So my dad has the manliest toes in the entire world. I’m talking big and fat and just look like you would want to say “those are guys toes.” Most girls have dainty thin little toes, not me… I’m not that lucky. Just about the only physical attribute that I got from my dad is my toes. They are almost identical to his feet except smaller and hairless.

  7. Sammmmmmmmmmmm – there could have been far worse things you could have inherited I’m sure. I have ‘chipolata’ fingers, short and stubby, and my kids are very relieved that they haven’t……. when I say ‘kids’ they are actually older than your Mum I mean ……. oh never mind – tee hee

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