July 31, 2008

I found out today, that I am superstitious about the number 13. This is a new superstition for me ,that I just realized I had when I saw that I only posted 13 posts in July. This being the last day of the month,I freaked a little knowing I have less than twenty-four hours to correct this problem.I don’t need or want the bad luck that is suppose to come with the number 13 haunting my blog. I have enough bad luck without it.
Now,I wouldn’t say I’m an overly superstitious person. I only pick up pennies for luck and the occasional four leaf clover. I refuse to, cross a black cat’s path, walk under ladders ,break mirrors, or step on cracks…unless I’m pissed at my mother. Oh and I only cross my fingers if I really really want something to come true. Other than those though,I’m not superstitious. Are you?



  1. what is with 13, its everywhere,
    and I have heard it is some kind of magic, occult, super number of power,

  2. Shea, are you saying that the number 13 is a good thing? I’ve always heard it’s an omen for bad luck.

  3. I haven’t got any superstitions – touch wood

  4. Oh I have to add that one to my list ,Daddy Papersurfer.
    I wonder what the origin to that superstition is?

  5. Found it…..

    Knock On Wood – The theory behind this little beauty is that knocking on wood scares off evil spirits. Typically used when “tempting fate” (as in “I’ve never…), knocking on wood is supposed to keep the bad spirits from proving you wrong. Its also been suggested that knocking on wood follows old mythology that trees attract good spirits. Thus, touch wood and you’ll bring yourself good luck.

    Hmmmm you learn something new everyday!

  6. I would say I’m mildy superstitious… I don’t avoid the number 13, but I do knock on wood a lot. I make a joke about knocking on my head if there’s no wood anywhere, but let me tell you, if I don’t do the knocking motion, I’m pretty nervous lemme tell ya 😉

  7. I can understand where you’re coming from Jeanne.

  8. With some of the things I’ve seen and with some of the luck I’ve had… I’m pretty superstitious! Grew up with a Bohemian grandmother who believed in everything from throwing salt over your shoulder to not hanging anything on a doorknob (it invites death in)

  9. I have never heard of the doorknob superstition before,Endless Dreamer,but I’m making a mental note to check all my doorknobs tonight.

  10. Uhm.. I think you may be a *little* superstitious! There’s one thing that really bugs me, and that is if I open any kind of packet upside down. It kind of hangs over my head for a good week and I get so anxious about it. But I grew up with VERY superstitious parents..

  11. What is suppose to happen if you rip open a packet upside down ,Spoz? I’ve never heard of that one.

  12. You know… I have no idea. I just remember when I was young I opened a packet of potato chips upside down and my step father said ‘ooooh thats bad luck…’ and from then onwards he would say it and I just never thought about questioning it..

  13. Spoz….I tried finding the meaning behind that superstition online….I didn’t find anything.

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