Are You My Type?

July 30, 2008

I have found that when people describe themselves , they get half their descriptions from what others have told them that they are. For example ….oh you are so cute,funny,stupid, smart, sexy,retarded,lazy,strong,pretty,etc.I believe these things help mold how we view ourselves.Especially if we have been told that we are the same adjectives over and over again our whole lives. Believe me in my life I have had tons of people voice their opinions of how they see me most of the time with a mixture of adjectives and expletives.

I’m used to people and their warped views of yours truly. I have been able to brush it off as, they must be jealous or maybe I just didn’t show them my good side. Either way it took a while but I have learned to not let people’s insults get to me. I actually thought I was getting really good about developing a thicker skin. That is until a couple months ago when a new neighbor of mine told me he saw me as a”Type A” personality. Now at first I didn’t know whether to take this as a compliment or as a slam,because this was a totally new term for someone describe me as. So I ask him to elaborate on what exactly he meant by “Type A”. You could tell asking for clarity in his comment made him slightly uncomfortable ,because he couldn’t find to words to explain. Instead he just said “you know it’s not a bad thing” and well when someone says that you know….. it is a BAD thing.
I left that conversation and found myself puzzled. I thought to myself, a type A personality, what the hell is that supposed to mean?!? He doesn’t even know me that well!! Is this how I come off as a first impression?!?! UGH! I don’t want to include this in my self description! I couldn’t believe how quick my thicker skin melted off my body and no sooner than it did ,I found myself on my computer looking up type A personality characteristics,which are aggressive,inconsiderate, hostile and competitive to name a few.I didn’t see that I fit the criteria ,but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I need to know for certain if this was something that maybe I overlooked all these years. So I took an online quiz to diagnose my personality just to make sure.

The results came in and well the new neighbor was mistaken. I don’t have a type A personality. The test showed that I’m actually a type AB personality,which tend to have characteristics of both A and B. With my new found knowledge,I made sure I tracked him down the next day and told him he was totally WRONG in his description of me! Which unfortunately, is exactly what a type A personality would do and I knew this before the words even escaped my mouth. It didn’t matter though,my need for vindication was a lot stronger than the fact that I knew he probably walked away thinking I was insane, which is fine. Because I have been called insane by many before and am still not sure if I am or not. I’m still waiting on those results.



  1. Definitely bonkers …… but in a good way – tee hee

  2. Daddy Papersurfer….but in a good way sounds just as bad as “it’s not a bad thing”

  3. I thought the Fact U Tracked him down was perhaps a wee bit Type A!!

    U got some Rockin’ Tunez here girl*

    I remember that old Korn Vid with the Bullet flyin thru the Yard*

    U never hear of Fred Durst no mo*

  4. No you don’t Billy Warhol and I loved Limp Bizkit!

  5. Yeah, I’m going to agree with billywarhol, “Tracked him down” is certainly a Type A action. If the test says you’re AB, at least we know now which is more dominant.

  6. Your opinion is jaded “theagentcy”..your name gave you away!

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