July 29, 2008

In all honesty,I like to live in denial about the world we inhabit ,which is why I don’t watch the news on television.Watching the news can be quite depressing because they hardly ever report on positive events that have happened and just tend to focus on the destruction of the world at large. So, I turn the channel every time I see that it’s coming on…I don’t need another thing that leaves me feeling anxious.

A couple weeks ago though when I was flipping through the channels I saw a big picture on the screen of just the cutest little girl and decided to listen to what they had to say about her. I was thinking maybe that she won a contest for cutest toddler or even a beauty pageant,but that wasn’t what I heard. What was said was that she’s missing and has been since June 9Th. Ugh, the thought of that left me feeling sick,being a mother myself.

My heart went out to the little girl’s mother until, the story went on to say that little girl’s mother is now in jail being held on child neglect charges since she didn’t notify the authorities about her daughter’s disappearance for over a month! The grandmother of the little girl has said that the car the mother was driving smelled like decomposition. Not to mention that character witnesses for the mother have all labeled her a liar and she proceeds to prove them right, considering everything she has told the police has come back as a false statement. All the signs seem to lead to the mother having something to do with the little girl’s disappearance and leads me to wonder how does this happen?

I mean, even if the signs are wrong and the mother is innocent ,why did she wait so long to contact the authorities? God forbid one of my children were ever to go missing for even an hour ,I would be going crazy trying to find them and enlisting all the help I could to find them. Hell, even if one of my pets went missing for more than a couple of days I would be out looking for them and posting “Have you seen this dog?” posters up all over the neighborhood. I would think it would be a natural reaction to “freak out until found” ,if faced with a missing person especially a child.

The whole story just hit me hard and leaves me feeling angry,sad, and scared. There are people out there like this and in my opinion should have never been blessed with a child. You know in America ,you have to get a license to carry a gun, catch a fish ,or even drive a car,but anyone can be a parent. That makes no sense to me,but what does make perfect sense to me now is why I don’t watch the news.



  1. … i know Xactly the story yer speakin’ of… it’s been most disturbing and mind twisting… it truly is… and the ph recording w/the grandma, aren’t helping the entire matter… makes it even more outta focus… so deeply wretched it is…. peace

  2. The phone recordings are extremely disturbing,joolian!
    Just a very disturbing situation.

  3. Unfortunately some people are just sick disgusting selfish maniacs. Just from the details you’ve given in this entry, it clearly points towards the mother being behind the disappearance. Utterly disgusting. That’s really all I can say.

  4. True Sully. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the little girl is still alive.

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