Love Thy Neighbor…..Uh, Not So Much

July 24, 2008
When my husband and I moved into our house seventeen years ago, there wasn’t another house around ours for as far as the eye could see and I hated that fact. I wanted to live in a neighborhood filled with homes and of course those homes would be inhabited with wonderful people.Over time ,houses started popping up all around ours and my wish came true. We have made some life long friends that started out as just our neighbors. Unfortunately with the passing of time, some of those people have since moved away and their replacements…..well lets just say I won’t be borrowing a cup of sugar from them any time soon.

I find it amazing how quickly you can go from loving the place you live, to the next week wanting to move so bad, that a cardboard box sounds more appealing than the place you call home. My feelings changed about three years ago, and after I tell you about the incident that changed them . I believe you’ll be wanting to help me pack.

It all started on a Monday morning. I was busy getting my children ready for school ,and was waiting for the little neighbor girl that we carpooled with everyday, to show up. It was my job to take the kids to school in the morning and her parents picked them up in the afternoon. The little girl’s parents are some of the lifelong friends that I spoke of earlier, just great neighbors and even better friends.
In the hustle of helping everyone get ready for the day, I didn’t think twice when I heard the front door open. That was until I heard what could only be described as the sound of The Bumpus Hounds(from “A Christmas Story”) let loose in my house. The sound startled me so I walked out toward the front door and to my surprise saw not only the little girl but two pit bulls that pushed their way in the front door too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only person in my house that must have noticed the clatter ,because my pugs were following close behind me. When the pit bulls saw my dogs, all hell broke loose right in the middle of my living room. In the midst of trying to protect my children ,the little neighbor girl, and my dogs ,one of the pit bulls got a hold of my leg and proceeded to bite me. I don’t think I’ve been more freaked out in my life.My husband freed me, somehow grabbed a hold of both dogs ,got them out of our house and put them in our backyard. I was pissed at first,that he put them in my backyard. I didn’t want those dogs anywhere in my vicinity. Until he told me that,if you been bit by a dog you have to keep the animal so Animal Control can make sure it doesn’t have rabies.Otherwise if they can’t find the animal that bit you,you are in for the treat of a series of rabies shots yourself. I hate shots and he knows this, so I shut up.

I decided to go back inside my house and wait for Animal Control to come. About fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it, assuming it was Animal Control coming to take “the hounds of hell” away. Only when I opened the door ,I saw a white trash woman,that looked like she was more rabid that her dogs, standing in my doorway.As soon as she saw the door crack, she started yelling and cursing at me about why in the hell did I have her babies in my backyard and that I’d better give them back now!! Normally I’m not a confrontational person and in a different situation I probably would have apologized to her like I did something wrong. This time though,maybe cause I was running on pure adrenaline or because I was pissed about having to keep sopping up blood from running down my leg, I let her have it. I told her that she just better back off ,because one of her dogs just bit me ,so she could forget about getting her “babies” back until Animal Control came. Of course she didn’t take to kindly to this. She became much more aggressive than her dogs and I thought I was about to get bit again. Thankfully at that moment, Animal Control finally showed up and it distracted her. She went running out to the truck.Probably thinking beating me to them was going to help her case. I didn’t even try to beat her to them, her dogs came in my house,IN MY HOUSE, and bit me. I knew once they saw the bite on my leg, that I was having a hard time standing on. She wouldn’t have a leg to stand on either for her case and I was right. Her dogs got quarantined and I got told that I had twenty four hours to get a tetanus shot. I wasn’t a happy camper and after much complaining on my part, I got the shot.Eventually my leg healed and she got her dogs back with a hefty fine.

End of story right? Or so you would think,but you would be wrong. Because till this day when she passed my house she rolls down her window of her car and proceeds to yell obscenities at me like she has tourettes.Mind you now that I’m not running on adrenaline anymore and am not bleeding,so I don’t say anything back. It doesn’t matter ,three years later she still continues. Plus she loves to tear up my yard with her car, whenever she gets a hair up her ass. And if that’s not enough, she also enjoys calling code enforcement on me whenever I change anything around the house,just hoping I’ll get fined(which I never have)

After all this time,I feel this woman still has it out for me over something her dogs did, and I just don’t understand. I could have done a lot more to this woman and her dogs. I could have sued her easily or had her “babies” put to sleep. I didn’t do any of that. Sometimes I think I should have. Her dogs got out again last year and ripped a neighbor’s dog’s leg through a fence. They messed that dog up pretty bad. What did she do? She sent the dogs to live with a friend , so Animal Control couldn’t find them. I wish she would have left with them,but that wish didn’t come true. So now I just find myself wishing that she’ll either move, or I’ll come across a really nice cardboard box that my family and I could call home.



  1. If those are her ‘babies’ I think I can imagine the father …..

  2. LOL! Isn’t that the truth!

  3. But you didn’t sue her for the dogs attacking you in your home in the first place? The dog that bit you should have been put down.

  4. I know ,I know Hugh Briss..Hindsight is 20/20. You would think so but they give the dog two chances,that’s why she sent it away after it almost ripped the neighbor’s dogs leg off.

  5. I feel so sorry for you having to deal with such a person, – she is worse than her aggressive dogs (actually, I should probably be more sorry for her, because I doubt that she is having a happy life with such an attitude). You, to the contrary, seem to be a very very nice person (and very patient and tolerant as well), – so I am sure that no matter where you live, you will have a wonderful happy life :o) And I really enjoy reading your blog!


  6. Thank you Natalie Galitzine for your kind words.

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