Holy Bad Casting , BATMAN!!!

July 21, 2008

See the picture above? That is to show you ,I have Batman creditability( even if it was taken in February of 1976). The man in tights is the original Caped Crusader ,Adam West and the little girl that he handing his microphone to ,is none other than yours truly at age 3. Photographs don’t lie. It is plain to see he was quite taken with me(I guess he was able to overlook the horrible shoes I was rockin at the time)and in turn I liked him too. That photo shows the precise moment Batman became my favorite superhero and has remained in that position until yesterday when I saw the movie “The Dark Knight.”

I have always considered myself a HUGE fan of the series. I have seen all the movies with the exception of “Batman Begins” and LOVED the television series.I have been loyal through all the changes in the one behind the mask,even if I liked some better than others. Michael Keaton‘s version is the one I liked the best. The first Batman movie with him is my favorite of all the movies. It had the best cast and even had Prince on the soundtrack. In my opinion, anything is better when you put a little Prince in it. The other movies even if they weren’t as good didn’t stop my unwavering devotion.

So when I went to the movies yesterday, I was certain I would leave there with a smile ,but instead I left there wanting to write to Warner Bros. and demand that they tell me what would have possessed them to put Christian Bale in this role??He was so awful as Batman it ruined the movie for me.I don’t think he knows what he’s doing.For example, when he dons the Batman costume he changes his voice to sound scary.Why??? He sounded like a little kid trying out his new monster voice. It came off as weird,and totally ridiculous .I cringed every time I heard him speak, but that’s really the only memorable thing about him in the movie.Otherwise he just faded into the background. You really don’t find yourself rooting for him to defeat the villains. In fact, I found myself hoping maybe they would kill him off and put us both out of our misery.

The rest of the cast did a great job and saved the movie from being a total disaster, especially Heath Ledger. I didn’t think of Jack Nicholson or Cesar Romero once, which says everything about his portrayal of The Joker. It’s a shame that he was lost to this world so soon. He was an amazing actor and really the only reason I don’t see “The Dark Knight”, as a total waste of two and a half hours of my life.



  1. Loved Adam West when Batman was camp and fun. The movies have never done it for me I’m afraid ………

  2. Adam West use to be my favorite Batman too! Until I heard the story behind meeting him years later and how he try to get my mother to go back to his hotel room with him.

  3. Anyone a fan of campy Batman media is not really a fan of the franchise. Read the decades of comic books. Especially, the last few decades. Campy died long ago.

    The Adam West TV show and the lame 1980’s Batman movies cannot hold the jock of Nolan’s “Begins” or “Dark Knight.”

    At least Bale has balls and engages the enemy. Keaton played dead in just about every action scene in his movie. I have never seen a gutless Batman in the comic books, so I do not need to watch one on the big screen.

  4. WOW! Way to disagree with me….anonymously…Oops I mean Anonymous.

  5. I watched the Dark Knight today and I thought it was pretty good. I like Christian Bale as Batman, but yeah, I hear what you’re saying about the voice. I’m not a big fan of Maggie Gyllenhaal. She brings me down.

  6. DB,

    Well I disagree with you about Christian Bale,I just don’t like him in the role at all. Now I did like him in American Psycho,just not as Batman.
    I totally agree with you about Maggie Gyllenhaal ,I don’t understand casting her either.Yuck!!

  7. This isn’t a matter of casting, this is a matter of Christian Bale being a horrible actor. The only role he could ever pull off is something like Batman where the character has almost no personality. He bombed “Begins” though and I’m assuming he’ll bomb “Dark Knight”. Haven’t seen it yet though.

  8. I agree with you Sully ,that Christian Bale is a horrible actor. I just heard that he got arrested for assaulting his mother and sister!So add to the list bad actor,bad son and bad brother….I’m sure the list will continue!!!

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