July 15, 2008

I pen this blog under the name “Thinkinfyou“, which isn’t the name my momma gave me. I get a kick out of it every time someone mistakenly refers to me as “Thinking OF you”, thinking that I made a mistake when I was creating my blog. Thinkinfyou is not a typo, it truly is part of what I consider my dream. The name is actually Thinkin F You . The significance behind the name lies in an idea, I came up with years ago that has unfortunately stayed in the dream section of my life, until the funds come available for me to make it a reality. With all my hope ,one day Thinkin F You won’t just be the name of some random blogger, it will become a household name .Until that day,I’ve decided that it will remain my pen name.

The whole name thing got me thinking ,nobody who reads this blog actually knows my real first name . Well maybe the random family member or friend that I have shared my blog with like a highly excitable 5 year old who just came home with a impressive piece of macaroni art. Although nobody I have ever shown it to, has left with the feeling of enthusiasm I thought they would. Instead, they talk to me in a voice, that you would take with someone who is totally irrational, in a very slow and nervous tone like “Wow… you did this….OK ….well good for you (enter my actual name here)” kind of stuff. It’s bothersome ,but whatever! The good thing about that is, I know they didn’t become avid readers of my blog ,so I’m free to talk about them all I want here and also put out this question to the readers I have that don’t know me.

What I want to know is ,what do I look like my name should be? If you don’t know me personal but have seen my picture(they litter the whole blog ,so they’re kinda hard to miss) what do you look at the picture and think? For example, she looks like a Mary, Betty, Gladys, Ruth, Bob ,etc. Kind of like the game Rumpelstiltskin played in the story with the same title, only I can’t grant you the wish of being able to turn straw into gold and I won’t be stealing any children.

In all honesty there is no prize for your guess,I’m just curious .Because,even as a kid I really didn’t like my name and didn’t think it match what I looked like. I can remember wishing my mother would have named me Jennifer. Don’t ask me why ,but I spent two years trying to convince people that it was my given name . I think most people at some point in their lives wished for a different name.So if you would so much oblige me and answer the question of what you think my name is and feel free to tell me what you wished yours would have been.




  1. Obviously your real name is Archibald and you drive a huge truck all over the world whilst drinking beer and eating burghers …… now ask me a difficult question……..

  2. Close but no cigar DP!

  3. Hmm. Well I know what it isn’t. That sort of helps. Let’s say…Margaret.

  4. Everyone, I’ve done some investigating into the real owner behind this blog.

    “Her” real name is Ken and he lives in his mom’s basement. He just copied some pics of a good looking blond chick he could pretend to be from flickr, just to increase his blog traffic.

    You should be ashamed, Ken.

  5. Sully, MARGARET????? Well at least with that said,. I feel better about my actual name.

    As for you Jeffrey Ellis…that thought is freakin hilarious but totally untrue.My mom doesn’t like me enough, to let me live in her basement.Plus the traffic to my blog is pitiful!

  6. Alright alright. You said you thought it didn’t suit you. Margaret doesn’t suit you at all. So that’s my reasoning.

    Lemme try again…Beth?

  7. Sully,Sully,Sully….Let me just say your guesses are not making us fast friends. Margaret and now BETH…your answers are getting worse not better.

  8. Vera or possibly Edith ……. *whistles innocently*

  9. Vera?… Nope Edith?… Thankfully NOT…Edith is the name of my EX step monster!! YUCK!!!

  10. you know at one point in my life i wanted to be called nene’! please for the love of god dont ask why! if i were to guess your name from the pictures you have posted maybe kristin or hannah! as for the comment that someone left about your name being beth, eh not so much! i knew some beths in school and i thought they were skanks!! (god i hope your name isnt beth!) i also read your poop story and i want you to know that, that was the most outragious but creative thing i have ever heard of and i would have been your friend if you would have gone to my high school! keep up the wonderful writing, it makes me feel normal!!!!!

  11. Lisa?





    It’s gotta be one of those…

  12. OK Sully I have to say it…. YOU SUCK!!!

    Thank you so much Anonymous!!!

    Keep Guessin!!!

  13. Friggin’ cute would be my Guess*

    very odd cuz I just asked U what yer EL Namo is – bizarre*

    i dunno Hazel??

    that was my Grade 7 History Teacher*

    Waltzing Matilda?

    Apple of my Eye??

    I Give Up*

  14. Thank you for being so sweet Billy Warhol,but WOW you give up very easily!

  15. oh brother what i won’t do fer a Cute Blondie********







    Betty Ann*






    oh god I’m going Jerry Springer Trailer Park Trash + I was planning to ask U “Do I get a Kiss?”










    I’m running thru all my Ex gf’s now!!

    Tell MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!



  16. WOW!After that many Ex girlfriends I hope you got tested, especially dating someone named toots (that can’t be good)
    Unfortunately Billy Warhol….I don’t share my name with any of your ex’s

  17. I wanna play…








    That’s all I got. I have a pretty horrible name, so don’t feel bad. It happens. Parents are mean.

  18. DB,

    If you think your name is horrible ,what would you want your name to be??

    BTW my actual name most would consider a really pretty name. I’m just really hard to please.

    Keep Guessing!!

  19. Well dear, your blog traffic may be pathetic but you just got about ten times as many comments as I ever do.

  20. Jeffrey Ellis,
    Thanks for trying to make me feel better but, as you can see half the comments are my own. :o(

  21. I heard my mom wanted to name me Dallas or Rusty and my dad talked her out of it. So I guess my name could have been a lot worse. I guess Dale isn’t all that bad.

  22. Dallas? WOW your mom must be a die hard Texan! I like the name Dale. I don’t think it’s bad at all. If you could change it what would you want your name to be??

  23. Flower?




    Now my head hurts!

  24. Hatter,
    I take it as you think I look like a 60’s love child. WOW and thankful no none of those names are what I go by.LOL

  25. Thinking outside the box. thats all 🙂

  26. Well I would have to agree with you there! LOL!

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