Taking Time To Stop And SMELL

July 4, 2008

I think I might have been a dog in a previous life (if there is such a thing) and have started to channel that life. Not that I have the urge to walk on all fours, sniff other people’s backsides, or lick myself in weird places, but I have developed a slight obsession with the smell of things. Dogs being the species that have the greatest sense of smell, and my new fascination with scent, just makes me wonder if I’m Lassie reincarnated.

I think the sense of smell, is the most under appreciated gift of all our human senses. I believe it’s because most people when they think of smelling something, they think of a bad smell. Most of us (or at least the people that I’ve been in contact with in my human life) have the tendency to make it a point to make others aware of a scent when it’s something that smells really horrible. As in, someone saying “Yuck, did you smell that? What was that? Ugh!”or something along those lines. I’m sure most of us have heard people say a statement like that before and probably have said something similar themselves to someone. So as you can see, olfaction (the fancy name for the sense of smell) gets a bad rap.

I will confess that, yes I was once one of the many people that disregarded the sense of smell as a sense I could do without. Take it or leave it ,my life would go on the same as always, but then this year came and brought with it nasty sinus problems ,that completely wiped out my sense of smell and left me nasal challenged. I couldn’t believe how much I missed being able to smell something and I realized quickly how valuable this sense was to my well being. I found that ,I was at a loss when I went to the store to buy new shampoo(which I always open and sniff the top of the bottle ,looking for the kind with the best fragrance ),eating something lost all it joy(because the sense of taste is like the sense of smell’s tag along little brother ),and I would forget to apply deodorant or perfume for days ,which didn’t help me much in social circles . Plus if my house would have caught on fire I wouldn’t have known until I saw flames. These things were all very detrimental to my life, so I made it my mission to clear up my sinuses and never take my sense of smell for granted again.

I can say since that day, I have been on a crusade for people to appreciate their gift of scent good or bad. I have learned so many things about the importance of olfaction, a lot came from this website, it’s really very interesting and I believe will make you a supporter too. I have become a true believer in aromatherapy and am obsessed with The Bath and Body Works aromatherapy line, especially the Eucalyptus Spearmint Stress Relief kind. It smells incredible and leaves me feeling content and well moisturized. Another smelly product that I absolutely LOVE is Smencils. Smencils are gourmet scented pencils that are made from recycled newspaper. How cool of a idea is that? They come in ten different yummy scents that, I believe will make even a kid that hates to write want to pick up a pencil. Mark my word this company will be a huge success. I also have a rather large infatuation with The Yankee Candle Company candles. My house smells wonderful twenty four seven now and I’m now not afraid if the candle started a fire that I wouldn’t be able to smell the smoke, due to my keen sense of smell .

Perhaps, I wasn’t a dog in a previous life and I have just developed a new respect for something that doesn’t reveal it true value until it’s gone. Who knows? All I do know is that I take my time now and really appreciate the way something smells and have decided not to worry that I’m reverting back to my former canine self ,unless I start to sprout a tail.



  1. U Smell Great!!

    Alfred Sung??


  2. I like the sense of smell – mine has deteriorated because I’m very naughty and smoke cigars ……. still never mind ……

  3. DP…you’re very naughty AND smoke cigars? Two different things?? I thought if you were very naughty ,you would go blind. I had no idea it would affect your sense of smell too! WOW! You learn something new every day.

  4. Don’t worry, you are not becoming a dog. You are probably just ovulating. Heck, that may be even more scary.

  5. ekim…you either read that fact off the website I linked to, or you have a woman in your life and are speaking from experience.

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