WAIT!!! I’m Not Ready For This!!!!

July 3, 2008
I can remember when I was a child, how slowly time seemed to pass. How even an afternoon seemed to take an eternity to fade into night. The gradual passing of time must be a gift of childhood. Because as an adult ,my days are a blur only appearing to last for mere seconds. Before I know it years have passed, without really taking the time to cherish them before they’ve expired. I guess I still must have the mentality of a child ,when it comes to thinking that I have a never ending supply of time. That is until something happens and the fact of how fleeting time actually is hits me and knocks me back into my adult reality.

The latest sucker punch of time at warp speed reality hit today, when I went to the mailbox and my daughter’s senior picture proofs were laying in it. How can this be? How can I have one more year left (and a year filled with tons of senior activities, that will without a doubt pass twice as quick),until she leaves my house and ventures off to college? It seems like just yesterday I was getting her ready to start kindergarten. I remember teaching her, how to count to a hundred, how to say and recognize her ABC’s ,she could identify all her colors and shapes, she could write her name, and read most of “Green Eggs And Ham” by herself, you name it! I prepared her until she was at the top of the kindergarten game. I made sure to give her tons of helpful advice on how to succeed in school like, a picture can still be beautiful even if you don’t stay between the lines, always try your best, don’t EVER under any circumstances stick a crayon up your nose, be a leader not a follower and stay away from the kid that eats the paste, etc.

Still on the first day of kindergarten, no matter how much I thought I’d prepared her and myself for her to go to school; I cried my eyes out after dropping her off. It was very difficult leaving her in a place full of strangers for the afternoon, so leaving her at a college for at least four years is more than likely going to be a much more daunting task. There are just tons of emotions that run through me when ,I think of this child that I have protected, loved, and taught for the last eighteen years, finally taking off on her own without my daily safety net and flying. How do people handle this fact of life?? Of that I’m not sure and know I can’t waste the time pondering on it. I do know, I need to take the time left, put it to good use, by just spending quality time building memories with her and maybe just adding a little along the way to the list of advice I started giving her back in kindergarten. Which when looking back, she did listen and use to her advantage. None of her friends have ever been paste eaters. So, maybe just that thought right there, can help bring me comfort that she’ll be just fine and so will I, in time.



  1. My little darlings are 40 & 41 and they still ask me for help and advice. It is now a two way street though, as there are loads of things that they know and I don’t – it’s quite nice really ……

  2. That actually sounds quite nice, DP. I’ll have to remember you said that, and keep my fingers crossed I’ll feel the same way one day.

  3. I ask my father stuff and I’m 45+

  4. Congrats to your daughter for making it through HS without any face tattoos or eyebrow piercings. She doesn’t look hung over in that picture so that’s good. You must have done a good job so congratulations to you too.

  5. That’s wonderful Jeremy Jacobs,I’m sure your father loves that fact.

    Thank you sully sullivan.I find all those things amazing myself,and still wonder sometimes if she was switched at birth.

  6. I’m sure you will ……. probably – tee hee

  7. I’m 52 and my daughter is 22.She is working. We often sit together around midnight( we both sleep late) share a cup of coffee and discuss about life.
    I have lot to tell her about my milestones of experiences.
    We have a common blog site. She writes as ‘The Crazy Apothecary’.
    She is my best friend.

  8. That’s a beautiful thing, maddy3m!

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